Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heidi Anne's Birthday Splash

CAKE TIME with Family and Friends
We celebrated Heidi Anne's 5th birthday a little early this year. Since we will be moving soon I decided she should have a real birthday party; one with cousins, friends, family, the works. We did a Luau / Water Day theme party. It's summer so why not have a fun water filled party outside.
Heidi Anne and Kailah
My sister came up early to help me set up (which helped a ton since Char had to work). We did beach towels as table cloths, I figured it was pretty, heavier then a little vinyl cloth, and made the whole Luau theme stand out. (Take that Pintrest, I had a creative idea all on my own!) Heidi Anne had a blast playing with her cousins while we got the party ready.
To start off the party the kids got a pizza lunch, Sprite to drink, and a lei necklace to help with the Hawaiian theme. It gave us time for more of the kids to arrive and allowed the sunscreen to soak in. On top of that it gave the kids a chance to eat, thus preventing meltdowns due to hunger from occurring later in the party. 
Pizza Time!!
Heidi Anne and Maylie
Kailah and Zoey
Once they were full we let the kids loose. Off they went to go play on the splash pad. As I saw those little boys and girls aged 3-6 playing in the water I thought what a perfect image this was. A bunch of kids running though the water on a summer day. 

Heidi Anne really, really, really wanted a Pinata at her party. Now that was fun to watch. Some of the kids really got into it. You can tell who's been playing baseball or has siblings who play that sport. 

Cheering on Alice
The kids were so sweet to Heidi Anne's cousin, Alice. Alice was having a rough day. When it was her turn to hit the pinata all of the children began chanting "Alice, Alice, Alice...." Alice had the cutest smile while she struck the pinata.
Alice's Turn
I think everyone's favorite part is when the candy spills out and it's a mad dash for the candy and treats. 
 While I was monitoring the pinata, one of the moms, Mrs. Lisa, was recording for me. Apparently, Alice wasn't close enough when the candy came out, so Heidi Anne saved a few pieces and gave them to her. I didn't know that until I watched the video. I made me proud that Heidi Anne looks out for her cousins all on her own. 
Heidi Anne sharing with Alice and Aunt Laura
We have a tradition of doing cupcakes instead of birthday cakes. She picked this pretty Hawaiian flower cupcakes. It was so cute. I love doing cupcakes because you can have some chocolate cakes and vanilla cakes and they are ALL the same size. You avoid the whole "I don't like (chocolate or vanilla)",  "My piece is to big" or "Mine is to little!" "I want the corner piece." 
Hawaiian Flower Cupcake Cake
Blowing Out the Candles
Next it was present time! I think it's funny how excited kids get with opening presents. Sometimes the kids would "help" Heidi Anne unwrap the gift they gave her. They can't wait to show the birthday girl what they got for her. 
Getting Ready To Open Presents!!
Showing Everyone What the Gift Is
Getting Help From Friends
Multitasking: Sucker, Opening Gifts, and Being Polite
Ohh, What is it? 
The rest of the time the kids played with bubbles, ran though the splash pad, or started to dry off. To be honest, I was worried that the kids would be board, or not have fun. At the end of the party many of her friends all said how this was the funnest or "bestest" birthday party they've been to. 
The whole gang, from left to right:
Alice (Cousin), Rykken (Cousin), Skylie, Lance, Dawson, James (my future son-in-law), Zoey, Rekailah (Cousin), Ava, Heidi Anne, Maylie, (Harley left before we did the group photo). 


  1. So cute! I hope you don't mind, but I pinned your beach towel idea to pintrest. It made the party look so FUN!

  2. I don't mind at all! I thought it was a cute touch. :-)


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