Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Shower

My sister in law just had a baby shower, (and no one told me any information about it, like time, date, or place). I was able to view some of the pictures online, and I was glad I didn't go because, just looking at the pictures made me cry.
You see, Heidi Anne is my 4th pregnancy. The other three didn't make it past 10 weeks. So when I made it to 12 weeks we were thrilled, she was going make it! I was told by family they would throw a baby shower for me to celebrate the first grandchild. They chose April, then pushed it back to May, and then June, and then Heidi Anne was born in July. I was told they would throw it after she was born, then pushed again to her blessing day. Nothing came of it. We had hoped that Christmas would be special, the first grandchild, but nothing what all of my friends said would happen. Christmas to me was always about Children and seeing the joy that they have in experiencing it, but Heidi Anne was once again left out while others got all the fun things.
It just hurts that not all life (even in the same family) is celebrated with the same joy. I just feel like Heidi Anne got royally screwed on this.
She is OUR precious baby girl, the only one I will ever have, she was my ONLY pregnancy I will have ever experienced. And I missed out on those basic and silly rites of passage and milestones. And I don't know why. But when another has all those silly and fun things done, its like Heidi Anne isn't a good enough grandchild. Or the grandchild that should have come later, or to the wrong person even. I know this seems petty and just jealous, but it hurts that no one cares about Heidi Anne, Heidi Anne has gone through a hard first year and has to go without. We have wanted to get her so much but cannot afford and it hurt because we know how much is spent on Heidi Anne verses the other grandchild. We are hurt, we feel hurt for Heidi Anne.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Home Improvments & Little Car Show

Char did some home imporvments today, put together 4 bookselves YEAH! I have a thing of not liking gold or gold colored metals, I am a silver or brushed nickle kind of gal. Well, we have a dresser and 2 nightstands with gold-ish nobbs. Since he was in the repair kick today he replaced the nobbs. I love it. Before is to the left side and after is the right. :) We also went to a little car show that was held at a local parking lot. It was pretty neat, however, there is going to be a big car show next week, which we will be going to. I believe this show was more of a preview of what there will be next weekend.

Tire Blow Out

I wasn't able to get this on last week, so I'll do it now. Last Sunday (Father's Day) we went to visit our families, since its a two hour drive back home we left at 8:30ish. Well on our way back our tire blew out. YIKES!
There we were driving down the interstate, we ran over road debris. Next thing we know we smell burned rubber. Char pulled over to the shoulder, sure enough we were missing a nice piece of tire. The inside center part.
So I called my sister at 9:00 pm, because, while we had a spare (doughnut) tire & a jack, we didn't have a tire iron--that's a whole nother story. At 9:15 my sister & my dad came to help. So Char and my Dad began to try to replace the tire, only to find the tire iron didn't fit the lug nuts.
I called 9-1-1 for the highway patrol, then asked them for flat tire assistance and we were missing a metric tire iron. While Char was on the cell giving them info to find us, my sister had a brilliant idea. She suggested to my dad to ask if we had a weird piece of metal in our glove compartment. So he asked me, I check, and there was. It was the tire iron for our car!
(Turns out she had this same issue not to long ago). I cancelled the 9-1-1 request for help, Char and my Dad changed the tire in no time.
I followed my sisters' advice of not to look at the replacement tire. Well, once we were safely home in our garage (at 11:30 pm) I took a look. I am glad I listened to her, that tire was sooooo tiny compared to the other tires I would have freaked the whole drive home!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art Show

We went to the local art show on Saturday, and walked around for 2 hours! There were over 150 artist there. I got visit my old boss Eric Dowdle http://www.dowdlefolkart.com/store/index.php which is now a tradition to visit him every year at the art show.
Another cool thing about this art show is the artist demonstrate their skills as well. So he as able to talk to the artist and ask questions and watch them do their work. Breadin really likes the artwork depicting wildlife or landscape shots. He loved the wood burning art as well as the carving. He has a thing for wood work I think. The woodworkers were super nice and explained to him how they do their craft and little odds and ends about woodwork. We got a few funny shots of Brea with some statues. And of him trying some stilts. It was fun just looking around and seeing what other people can create.
Brea Learning What Goes Up--Must Come Down, What A Good Sport He Is!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The day began at 11:45 last night, because the Dr told us Heidi Anne couldn't have anything to eat after midnight (and since she likes to be feed at 12 am, 3am, and 6 am we were a little worried). So we gave her 6 oz and prayed that would keep her happy. Luckily it did.
SO at 5:30 this morning, we got up, ready, Char took me to work by 6:15 and was in the hospital at 6:30. They waited in the waiting room where Heidi played "How close can I get to the trash can before Daddy gets me" game.
They called them back, got her prepped for surgery, and opted for gas anaesthesia since Heidi was fighting the heart monitor cords and there was no way she was going to put up with an IV. They put on socks, which she also fought with a vengeance, and a little hospital gown.
They took her into surgery, put tubes in both ears (which were sooo bad they we surprised they hadn't ruptured yet). 10 minutes later Charles heard some crying and knew right away it was Heidi. He went back and there she was super confused. The nurses tried to give her cold apple juice because "All babies love apple juice". Charles was trying to tell them not this baby, she tossed it away. He convinced them to let him feed her the soy formula she knows and loves, which they diluted so it was water with a hint of formula.
They came home, where is was between super cuddly and kind of cranky.
So Char gave her Tylenol and she became super active!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Weekend :)

We had a busy weekend, which I think is more and more fun. On Saturday we set up the house a bit more (finally unpacked more things and hung up some pictures). We went and visit Charles' sister in her new house.
Then went to our company picnic. In the rain! It's okay, we were all dressed for the weather. Charles did a food relay, and his team came in second place. But it was getting cold and rainy so we left after that.
Next stop Heidi Anne gets Tubes for her ears on Tuesday. Yeah Surgery!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Airshow 2009

We went to the air show this weekend. It was soo fun. We (Char, Heidi Anne, Breadin, and I) meet up with Rhett, Rebekah, Kaikai (my favoritest niece) and Maleia at the Wendy’s near the Air Base around noon. We had some information that the Thunderbirds would be performing around 1-3 pm. Well they didn’t perform until 4:15. It’s okay, we had enough sunscreen packed, and apart from the crowds, (which I think got to all of a bit). We survived.
We took a tour of a Stratotanker (which took 30 mins, but was fun). We saw mock dog fights with World War II planes. A red World War I plane. A couple of really cool parachutes, a bomber plane do stunts, and few F-16s. We did a lot of wandering, just looking at different aircrafts.
After we starting getting to hot, we went and rested under some hangers. Rhett went to Popeye’s, (Yes, there is a Popeye’s on Base!!) Rhett asked us what we wanted to drink, we said Gatorade-since it was hot and we needed the hydration. Well he brought back Sprite; he thought we wanted Gatorade because we didn’t drink caffeine. So we gave him a hard time about that (I am a Coke-Cola girl though and though).
So finally at 4:15 just as it is getting stormy the Thunderbirds perform. It was AESOME!! They would get so close to the ground and go so fast that car alarms went off. The hanger was the perfect spot to watch too, we were away from the crowds, in the shade and had a PERFECT view of the show. It was amazing!

F.Y.I--There are tons of pictures of it on my Facebook.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving and ER Fun

Well we moved over the weekend! Woohoo. Still unpacking though. I just LOVE our house!! I will post pictures when its all (mostly) set up.
However, the real fun was when Heidi Anne had a fever of 104.5 with Motrin & Tylenol in her system. So at 1:00 am on Sunday I made a trip to the ER, we (Heidi Anne & I--since Charles was exhausted from moving and I told him to stay home) were there from 1:00am-5:00am.
Turns out she has yet another ear infection. As soon as her fever broke they let us go home. She is doing tons better now. We go see an ENT doctor on Thursday to see if we can get this little girl some tubes for her ears (because 7 or more ear infections in 10 months is a little to much for my taste.)