Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Yeap, I am getting old, but loving every minute of it!
We celebrated some yesterday, Char's folks took us and his sister out to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse, there was a line but well worth the wait. I was really impressed with how well Heidi Anne did, she was such a good baby. We ran into one of her preschool teachers, the look on Heidi Anne's face was priceless, it was as if she was saying, "Shouldn't you be at pre-school, what are you doing here?" Heidi was playing games with her or "dance" to the music. I think at times she had more patience and fun waiting in line then almost all of the adults waiting.
Dinner was great, (get the pulled pork if you ever go there). Again, Heidi had so much fun watching the servers do line dancing. She would even clap along with them. Really great dinner and we had such a fun time.
For my birthday we got Super Mario Brothers Wii, which is so fun to play. Heidi doesn't see many (if any) cartoons or animation, she can't stop giggling at the funny looks, sounds, and antics from the game. Sometimes it's more fun to watch her watching the game then it is to play it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome Rykken!

Since my sister has already posted the good news, now I can!
My sister had her second child, her first baby boy, on January 4th, 2010. They named him Rykken, he was 8 pounds and 20 inches long. He has so much cute dark hair and he makes the cutest squeaker sounds. He looks exactly like his big sister Kaikai.
I love this picture of the two of them alseep together. Her shirt says "Big Sister" and his says "Little Brother".
We went to drop by and say Hi, it was so fun to hold the little fella. Rekailah had fun playing with Heidi Anne while we visited. They were playing a game of "Follow the Leader" crawling on the floor, going up and down stairs, playing with toys, bouncing on the sofa, and being the silly little girls they are. I still can't believe my Kayla Bug is going to be 2 years old in a few days!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can You Say....

Heidi Anne is getting to the point where you can play "Can You Say..."and she will say it or at least try really hard to say it. That's every ones the new favorite game to play with Heidi Anne now. It's so fun to do! And she says and identifies so much!
Well, not everyone appreciates her new vocal abilities. When the cats get up onto the landings or table when Char or I am out of the room. We suddenly hear, "NO, No, No! Down, Down, Cat!" We come in just as the cats are sulking away. As they pass her they seem to give her a look saying "Darn you and your ability to talk."
She is loving to play pretend right now too! She loves to dance to the Itsy Bitsy Spider, when you get to Out Came The Sun, she spins in these little tight circles, like a baby ballerina.
She loves to cook, mixing things, cutting them, or playing with her tea set (which she got for Christmas). She packs her purse and will say "Bye, Bye" and blow us kisses. She also plays with her baby dolls so sweetly. She says "Babe, Babe", wraps them up in a blanket, cuddles and rocks them. Then she tells us "Shhhhh, nigh, nigh" (night night). Then she kisses them and puts them to bed.

New Years 2010

Yeah, it's the New Year of 2010 (and it was a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve). Since Heidi Anne can't really tell time yet, and Char had work the next day, we just went to bed at our normal time. Technically, it was Midnight in NYC, so it was the New Year in the states. It'll get more fun as she gets older, then we'll stay up until like 10 at night and bang pots and pans. That's when you know you're a parent of a young child, when staying up until Midnight is a terrible waste of sleep time! :)
On New Years Day after Char got off work we went to a family party. Drove through the canyon in a winter storm--we keep doing that, I can't wait for spring when the snow clears the passes and you're able to see more then 100 years clearly in the distance. Poor Heidi Anne was all out of sorts, she didn't get a long enough nap, there were so many "new" people, new things to see, total sensory overload for an 18 month old. She was just overloaded and not her normal charming self. She was happy enough, but if you know Heidi Anne, she wasn't her Sunshiny self.
All in all it was a rather nice day to start the New Year.