Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Daddy Dance

Surprise! This one isn't entirely about Heidi Anne!! However, if you want a cute story, read on.
Be Kind-Rewind:
When I was about Heidi Anne's age my dad was in the Air Force. I keep trying to find this one picture of me. I'm wearing my Dad's beret hat, (complete with 80's fantastic dress), and you can tell from the picture I had been doing some sort of dance. I think it's one of my favorite pictures, in my minds eye I see it clearly.

Anyways, I see a few of those nights perfectly. Every time my dad would come home I would run to the door (Which is why I bet there was a guard gate by the front door). I would block my dad's entrance into the house by standing right behind that gate. I would jump up and down shouting "Do the Daddy Dance!" "Do the Daddy Dance!"

The dance was really the march he would do during a changing of the guard. But to a little girl, those crisp moves, precision steps, it looked like a dance. He would always do it for me.
Fast Forward:
A few weeks ago Heidi Anne was dancing to the radio. A song called "Dance, Baby Dance" came on. I was moved to tears. I thought about how life was coming full circle. How it's my little girl that wants to dance. I think she knows her parents aren't the best at dancing or she just loves to perform, but here are pictures from that day as well as the song.
It's amazing what a you can remember from your childhood. It's scary to, because you never know what parts they will recall once they are parents themselves. I'm happy to have the Daddy Dance as one of those memories I retained.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moving Boxes + Paint = 1 Happy Child

Heidi Anne LOVES anything to do with crafts. She loves playdough, painting, coloring, you name it, as you remember from the Summerfest post, "Summerfest Tradition (Minus Dad)" she loves to see others' artwork.
 My sister and brother in law got her an wonderful paint set for her birthday.
She used it the very next day. I didn't want her to paint on the canvas just yet and we lacked any good painting paper. I grabbed some of the cardboard moving boxes instead. I figured, why not, we have a lot of them.
People always say kids have more fun with the boxes - I think this picture proves that saying.
Who knows, this might make finding things once we move a little easier. I can just see it "Dear, where are the pots and pans?"  "Oh, they are in the box with the big rainbow and flowers."  "Ohh, found it, thanks!"

Monday, June 24, 2013

Heidi Anne's New Binoculars

One of the things Heidi Anne got for her birthday was a mini explorer set. (More on the party shortly to come!)
 She got it from Grandma and PopPop, it has binoculars, magnifying glass, and some bubbles.
 As soon as we got home from her party she wanted to open the binoculars right away. She spent quite some time bird watching from our window
As you can see, she LOVES them. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heidi Anne's Birthday Splash

CAKE TIME with Family and Friends
We celebrated Heidi Anne's 5th birthday a little early this year. Since we will be moving soon I decided she should have a real birthday party; one with cousins, friends, family, the works. We did a Luau / Water Day theme party. It's summer so why not have a fun water filled party outside.
Heidi Anne and Kailah
My sister came up early to help me set up (which helped a ton since Char had to work). We did beach towels as table cloths, I figured it was pretty, heavier then a little vinyl cloth, and made the whole Luau theme stand out. (Take that Pintrest, I had a creative idea all on my own!) Heidi Anne had a blast playing with her cousins while we got the party ready.
To start off the party the kids got a pizza lunch, Sprite to drink, and a lei necklace to help with the Hawaiian theme. It gave us time for more of the kids to arrive and allowed the sunscreen to soak in. On top of that it gave the kids a chance to eat, thus preventing meltdowns due to hunger from occurring later in the party. 
Pizza Time!!
Heidi Anne and Maylie
Kailah and Zoey
Once they were full we let the kids loose. Off they went to go play on the splash pad. As I saw those little boys and girls aged 3-6 playing in the water I thought what a perfect image this was. A bunch of kids running though the water on a summer day. 

Heidi Anne really, really, really wanted a Pinata at her party. Now that was fun to watch. Some of the kids really got into it. You can tell who's been playing baseball or has siblings who play that sport. 

Cheering on Alice
The kids were so sweet to Heidi Anne's cousin, Alice. Alice was having a rough day. When it was her turn to hit the pinata all of the children began chanting "Alice, Alice, Alice...." Alice had the cutest smile while she struck the pinata.
Alice's Turn
I think everyone's favorite part is when the candy spills out and it's a mad dash for the candy and treats. 
 While I was monitoring the pinata, one of the moms, Mrs. Lisa, was recording for me. Apparently, Alice wasn't close enough when the candy came out, so Heidi Anne saved a few pieces and gave them to her. I didn't know that until I watched the video. I made me proud that Heidi Anne looks out for her cousins all on her own. 
Heidi Anne sharing with Alice and Aunt Laura
We have a tradition of doing cupcakes instead of birthday cakes. She picked this pretty Hawaiian flower cupcakes. It was so cute. I love doing cupcakes because you can have some chocolate cakes and vanilla cakes and they are ALL the same size. You avoid the whole "I don't like (chocolate or vanilla)",  "My piece is to big" or "Mine is to little!" "I want the corner piece." 
Hawaiian Flower Cupcake Cake
Blowing Out the Candles
Next it was present time! I think it's funny how excited kids get with opening presents. Sometimes the kids would "help" Heidi Anne unwrap the gift they gave her. They can't wait to show the birthday girl what they got for her. 
Getting Ready To Open Presents!!
Showing Everyone What the Gift Is
Getting Help From Friends
Multitasking: Sucker, Opening Gifts, and Being Polite
Ohh, What is it? 
The rest of the time the kids played with bubbles, ran though the splash pad, or started to dry off. To be honest, I was worried that the kids would be board, or not have fun. At the end of the party many of her friends all said how this was the funnest or "bestest" birthday party they've been to. 
The whole gang, from left to right:
Alice (Cousin), Rykken (Cousin), Skylie, Lance, Dawson, James (my future son-in-law), Zoey, Rekailah (Cousin), Ava, Heidi Anne, Maylie, (Harley left before we did the group photo). 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summerfest Tradition (Minus Daddad)

Since we first moved to Logan we have a tradition of going to the  Summer-fest Art Fair every summer. It's sad to think this may have been our last Summerfest. It was also a bit sad that Char had school, work, school, work, and work. (Being gone from 6:00 am to Midnight does that I guess).

The two of us still managed to have a lot of fun. She found some beautiful metal work that she fell in love with. She thought this butterfly was the coolest thing ever. She adored the metal work. She told the artist "You must love what you do, because you make a lot of art. My Momma gets board with her quilting if she has to make too many of the same blocks. You made tons of art on metal, which must be hard work - so you must love it!
The artist then showed her his favorite art pieces or how some of the paces could change colors in the different lighting. 
We wandered around and Heidi Anne got to help some of the artist get set up for the show (we mistakenly went about an hour earlier then the show was really supposed to start. One of her favorite artist was this nice lady, Heidi Anne loved her art work. Heidi Anne would look at a painting and told the artist it looked like a cloud, that looked like a horse, during a "Bee-U-T-E-F-U-L" sunset. The artist said that's exactly what inspired her to paint it. Heidi Anne told her she could see how much hard work she put into her art. 
Heidi Anne and the "Pretty Artist Lady" 
For the rest of the day and night Heidi Anne talked about the pretty artist lady. She even colored a picture for her and wanted to go back the next day to give her a picture. The next morning, I took her to give the drawing to the artist. Heidi remembered exactly where her booth was, ran to it, and proudly gave the artist her picture. She told the artist "You inspired me to color this and I wanted to give it to you." The artist told Heidi Anne that was the first time she'd ever been given an artwork from someone else. She wanted a picture with her sweet new friend. 
After visiting the "Pretty Artist Lady" we went to the Kids Craft section of the Art Fair, where kids  could make their own bubble wands, cards for Father's Day, among other little crafts. She was in high heaven. The only thing that could have made it better is if they had paints available.
Soo Sleepy...
Then we continued our exploring of the different artist. But she was starting to get a bit tired. We wrapped up our adventure with another tradition, funnel cake. Every year just before we leave the Art Show we get a funnel cake and share it. We go sit under the shade and listen (she dances) to the live music playing. She missed Daddad being there, yet she was more then willing to eat "his share of the cake." 

Watching Artist Get Set-Up

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Brekker" News - New Nephew!!

Yes, I have a new little nephew, Brekker (I did NOT spell "Breaking News" wrong). This little boy was born 5 weeks early, weighing 4 pounds and 15 ounces, 18 inches long. He was born on 6/12 at 4:00 am-ish. 
Maleia - Countdown to Baby
This is my youngest sister Maleia, Brekker's mommy. She went in Tuesday night at 8:00 PM with contractions. My sister Rebekah was by her side in minutes. The doctors sent her home around 2:30 AM. 30 minutes later she was back and now needed an emergency c-section. 
4:00 AM C-Section Wake Up Call
My sister got back up at 3:30 AM, by 4:00AM they were geared up for the ER C-Section. I'll be honest, things were pretty scary for a bit there. My little sister had a rough delivery. Brekker is 5 weeks premature, he had a feeding tube, collapsed lung, was on oxygen, and she was told he might come home in 2 or so weeks. She couldn't even hold him for the first day. 

This little fellow is proof prayers are answered. Just 2 days later his lung is doing better, my sisters have gotten to hold him, he is off oxygen. Earlier this evening Maleia got to feed him - no feeding tube. We went from holding our breath for this newest, littlest member of the family - now we have a collective sigh of relief. Maleia goes home tomorrow (the 15th), which is ironicly when her baby shower was set up to be. SO that way she'd have a month to get everything ready for the little guy. Surprise Mommy, he came a bit early. If things keep improving, Brekker may even get to attend his own shower! He's doing that good. 

Brekker Boy This AM!!
Throughout all this, Heidi Anne has been trying her hardest to go see her new cousin. She is the most baby hungry child I know. The day he was born we had the following conversation:

Heidi Anne: Momma, I want to go see my new baby cousin Brekker. Can we go?
Me: Nope sweetie, he's super little and you are getting over that sinus infection.
Heidi Anne: I'm all better, I won't get him sick. (Then sneezes twice) That wasn't my sinuses Momma, it was... a...allergies. Yes, Allergies. Can we go??

Yesterday she tried again.
Heidi Anne (in a stuffy nose voice): Momma, SueSue always says babies grow like weeds. We're going to miss him growing if we don't go soon...Umm where is a tissue for my nosey? 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: Keep Maleia, Brandon, and Brekker in your prayers, it's still a long, rough, road ahead of them. 
Brekker Boy Just Hours Ago!!
Stay Tuned for More "Brekker News Updates!!" 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Growth Spurt - Heidi Anne Style

A few weeks ago (21 days to be exact), Char took Heidi Anne to the doctor because she was stuffy and sneezy. He said give it two to three weeks to make sure it wasn't allergies. While they were there the doctor measured her at 40 inches. He mentioned to Char that she was a little small for her age. Which has been normal for her.

I guess her body heard or just got tired of always being the smallest one around. Within days she was complaining that her legs hurt, her arms were feeling crazy, her knees were getting "stretched out from the insides". "Yeap, she's sick alright. Great imagination though..." I thought to myself. 

Then her clothes started to shrink. First I tried to up-cycle / re-purpose them. Add a ruffle to a shirt here, 1/2 an inch of pretty ribbon trim there. Next time she put it on, it was somehow still an inch to short. "Dang It! The washer machine is busted or breaking down, it's shrinking everyone's clothes ...somehow.... Meh, that's what the Cold-Cold setting is for I guess." 

After 19 days of this, I kind of had it. I was 100% sure she had an infection and it was making her feel achy all over. She always achy and not her normal happy Heidi self. On top of all the earlier issues, she now had a fever, a nasty little cough, and sounded stuffy all the time, which must be making me cranky and thinking the washer is broken. I called and got her a follow up doctor appointment. 

We go in to the appointment, the nurse weighs her, same weight as 21 days ago. The nurse joked and said "I can tell the future, I predict that you are 40 inches." Heidi Anne smiles and lets out a snort (it was her stuffy nose giggle). Kicks off her shoes, stands against the wall, the nurse measures her. Heidi Anne says "Did you get it right?" The nurse looked a little puzzled. She kindly says to Heidi Anne, "Let's try this again, make sure your heels are right against the wall and that you stay on your feet. No tippy toes." Remeasures her again. This time she is a bit perplexed. She grabs another nurse to verify the height. It's right. Heidi Anne was a little over 42 inches. 

Yes, she had a growth spurt and grew 2 inches (5.18 cm for the metric people out there) in less than 21 days. Which means she grew 0.10 of an inch (or 0.24 cms) every single day. I asked the doctor what the average height is for an almost 5 year old, he checked some stats and told me 41 inches. He told Heidi Anne that for the first time ever in her whole life, she was a little taller than average. She seemed to like the sound of that. The doctor suggested that we have her do some morning and night stretches to help her little muscles and bones. Hopefully this will help her with the aches she's been having. 

On the bright side, at least she decided to grow before we got her school clothes bought. That would have been a costly nightmare. She may have some more growing left in her, I'll just measure her once a week to see if it keeps up. Until then I am looking for any good / cute ideas on how to make her clothing last longer since we're on a tight budget. Anything, upcycle, repurpose, hand me ups. If you have any cute pintrest pins, ideas, links, please leave them on the comments section.  Thank-you!!

P.S--Oh, and yes, she did have a sinus infection on top of all that growing.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Heidi Anne's Butterfly Adventure

A few days ago Heidi Anne and I went on a Butterfly Adventure. One of the perks of living in an agricultural college town is there are some interesting free activities to do. Double bonus, since it's summer, the town is fairly vacant. We went to the Stoke's Nature Center, where they hosted the Butterfly Hunt. 
They had some cute crafts for the kids to do, like a caterpillar to butterfly flip book, tissue butterflies, and fuzzy caterpillars. This is Heidi Anne's tissue butterfly. It's meant to hang in the window so birds to fly into them. They taught about the different butterflies and moths in the valley. 

Then the ranger gave the kids some butterfly nets and let them lose. If any of the kids (or parents) caught a butterfly or moth we took them into the center and the ranger would identify it. 
While we didn't catch a butterfly, we got close! While we were there a total of 3 Monarchs, 2 swallowtails, a swootywing moth, and a few dragon flies (close enough, right) were captured. 
Each time a kid yelled "I GOT ONE!!" Heidi Anne was close behind them as they took the critter into the Nature Center. The ranger would identity it, the other kids would run out, but Heidi Anne always found something new each time we entered the station.  
One time, Heidi Anne found some binoculars. Which lead to her finding                                                                                                    some hummingbirds. 

 Shortly afterwards she returned outside. With her net in hand she was going after anything that moved. (Which included pollen).  
Another buggy was found and rushed inside. This time around Heidi Anne found a display of skulls and bones of local forest animals. She would guess what the animal was and then see the picture underneath. She was pretty accurate. She wanted to know where more bones where, I had to explain that we would have to go to a museum.    
Before we left she had to play with the binoculars one last time. Asked if they really didn't have more bones or fossils. The way home she kept asking when we could go to a museum, when can we get our own binoculars, when could we go camping, a picnic, ect. You can tell it was quite a fun little adventure since she was jumping at the bit to go on a new adventure.