Friday, January 30, 2009

KaiKai 1st B-Day

KaiKai had her first birthday. She was SO cute, my sister had her in the prettiest dress. Which was pink with poka dots. She kept trying to walk and crawl and would trip over it. It was a cupcake party, so instead of one big cake there were cupcakes for everyone. My sister had the kids decorate their own cupcake, which they just LOVED. I think that's the only ways we'll do party cakes from now on.
It was so fun because she knew everyone was there for her party. She was a blast to watch open her presents too. She would try to "read" her cards. Next she would unwrap and scream with delight, giggle and laugh. Try to play with the toy, then a minute later unwrap the next gift.
It was so fun to watch.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Helmet Hair

Heidi~Anne got her helmet today. We're thinking about putting bows or flowers or stickers on it. It'll be cute. She's still getting used to it, but she'll adapt fast. It's the teething that's bothering her right now.
There is a little hole at the top of the helmet. I wish she had more hair (like KaiKai does) because I would do the Pebble's ponytail, it would look soo cute I think. But she doesn't have enough hair, so oh well. Stickers it is :P

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking 4 Pics

This is an APB for Christmas pics. Our camera is dead (it was dying the night before Christmas). Anyhow, we only got a few pics of Heidi-Anne's first Christmas, it was early in the morning too. So if anyone has some Christmas pics of her first Christmas, can you e-mail them, or post them somewhere?
It's kinda of sad to only have a handful for her first Christmas. We got a few but they're with one of her Aunts, and there are more then one out there.
Thanks!!! :)


Heidi has a new trick. Whenever she's happy or excited she spits (makes those raspberry sounds). Only it comes out like she blowing out a candle. Its soo cute, and makes it easy to see her opinion on something.
She also rolls and rolls. We think its her version of crawling, since the crawling seems to hurt her neck. We try to put her on her tummy but as we put her down, she's already twisting. We try to postion her to stay on her tummy with blankets or towels or the boppy, but she wigggles out and gets on her back and rolls around.
We get her helmet any day now. We're just waiting for them to tell us to come get it.