Friday, November 27, 2015

The Growing Ups of Little Rowan

Babies are amazing! They grow and change so much in such a short time. Rory has learned a ton in what three, maybe four weeks? 
He finally cut his bottom front 2 teeth. He's top two teeth are starting to make their presence known. (Yeah, that means only roughly 14 more to go.) Thanks to his teeth he is starting to eat solid-ish foods. Mainly baby food and these awesome melt-aways. Rowan's doctor wants to wait for him to have more teeth before starting foods like; cheerios, banana's, ect.
He's learned to clap when he wants to hear Patty Cake (which is fairly often). He'll intertwine his fingers when he wants to hear Itsy Bitsy Spider (which is the rest of the time). He can now make his tongue make clicking sounds. Char jokes "Little man, that's the wrong language, we don't speak that." Rory responds with a big grin.  
Rory's favorite things to play with are anything he can bite, paper (he loves to just rip it to shreds), and the wipe container, which he uses as a drum. I've just learned that he also loves to play with plastic measuring cups. Apparently, the handles are perfect to gnaw on and the cup parts make a fun banging noise. 

Finally, he loves a new game, called Peek-a-Boo. He could be in the middle of a crying fit, someone says Boo, he giggles. Then he'll cover his face or just close his eyes, and the endless loop begins (giggles beats crying any day).

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Oh The Things Heidi Anne Thinks

Heidi Anne has been a funny girl lately. I think some of it is we have one on one time now that Rory goes to bed before her. As a result, we've had some very interesting conversations.

Heidi: Mom, If I were Siri I would wait for someone to ask me "Why is it called a hamburger when it isn't made of ham?" I would answer in the mean Siri voice "For...A...Reason!" 

Heidi: Why are John Deers all green? 
Me: (Very confused), What?
Heidi: (Long sigh) Mom, there is a type of deer that is very popular here. They are green and called John Deer. Why are those deer green?
Me: Oh, those deer. Did you know they can also be yellow? 
Heidi: Really? Green and yellow deer live in Wyoming? I love it here! 
Me: Finally told her the truth about John Deere and pulled up some pictures online thanks to Google. 

Heidi: Mom, is Hello Kitty of the Devil?
Me: No, Hello Kitty is not the Devil! Why?
Heidi: Because a girl at school said Hello Kitty is of the Devil. (Long pause) Sooo if it's not evil, does that make Hello Kitty Jesus? 
Me: No! Hello Kitty isn't Jesus! Hello Kitty is just Hello Kitty!
Heidi: But Hello Kitty is good, right? 

The other night I was tucking Heidi Anne into bed. Prayers were said, a book had been read, she was drifting off to sleep when she suddenly sits right up. 
"Mom!" She yells in a hushed voice.
"What?" I reply in the same tone.
"Don't roll over onto your tummy when you sleep. Like ever!"
"Why?" I asked in a puzzled voice.
"Because I don't want you to squish the new baby in your tummy at night. Love you!" With that she dropped off the face of the earth.