Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Fix It Bug

The Fix-It bug caught Char (and I love it) having done Heidi Anne's bed he is refinshing our bed as well. He orginally did it nearly 5 years ago when we lived back in Aggie Village, in the middle of winter, with no space to really work on it properly.
Now we're out of Aggie Village, there is a garage with Lots of space, yet oddly enough it's nearly July and it's bearly starting to feel like summer, (come to think of it-we hardly got a spring). Well 2 out 3 works for me!! :)

We're working on a few other little things for Heidi Anne's room too, we're thinking of maybe making a room make over/update for her 3rd birthday. It's still staying Pink and Green (she LOVES those colors) and bugs, mainly Butterflies and Dragonflies, and flowers, and just upgrading to a more "Big Girl" versions of them.
Something she'll like until she's 10 or 11. (Then she'll want black walls or something-but thats a battle for 8 years down the road-right now it's Flower Time!!)

I am open to some ideas on her dresser. It was Chars growing up, we wanted to get her a new one, since it's falling apart here and there. But due to other priorities a new dresser is out. Instead its wood glue and spray paint. I was thinking of painting the sides pink, and the face sage green, then getting new handles. Maybe stencil some cute little butterflies or flowers on it too? Just some thoughts--Val any tips? (=^_^=) You name it she can craft it-or Brandon can build it and she can craft it.

As for the rocking chair-I am thinking of just covering up the cushions with some leftover fabric we have-it's Pink (of course) with white poka dots. So maybe it will look like a pink and white lady bug.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Facebook Funnies

We think Rykken is saying "All right, listen! I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder" Cutest niece and nephew ever! 
Rye and K-Bug at the Aquarium 

Really Making The Bed

Heidi Anne is growing up-sad I know. So we've decided she needs a big girl bed. A few years ago we were planning on doing foster care or adoption. We were pretty far into the process that we even got the bunk beds-which can be split into single twin beds. We then got pregant!
Fast forward 3 years-Heidi Anne thinks her toddler bed is for babies, big girls sleep in big beds-and therefore sneeks into our room at night. (Big bed = Big girl--Duh, Silly Momma.)

We deided to we sand and refinsh the one of the bed sets-so she can have her own twin sized Big girl bed. So Char sanded it, (Heidi Anne "Helpped"). 

As you can see we choose white, a cute little girl color. Char came up with the idea to her name "Heidi" in pink on the headboard and paint "Sleepy" on the footboard (just think 7 drawfs). Should we ever want to or need to refinsh the other one, we're going to something cute for the footboard on that bed, too like "Happy or Sunny". (I'm thinking of in a few years we'll be having cousins sleep over or spend the weekend).

I did the little butterflies and the the bees (the bees make the dots for the I's in her name).

It's a shame she didn't like it more..... ^_^
We're thinking her room might need a slight Big Girl Upgrade-Butterflies, Dragonflies, and of course the beloved colors of Pink and Green.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summerfestivus For the Rest of Us

I love Summerfest! Every year on the weekend before Father's Day a big Art's Show comes to our little Valley. Why here? Mainly because the Snowbirds are here and the weather is so nice you can easily wander around for hours and not get hot, get cranky, or go home empty handed.

There are artist from ALL over the country to the local artist we see at the farmers' market. It always amazes me what people can create, I would love to (1) see the world that way and (2) have the ability to share with everyone my view of the world. Then there are those pieces of "Art" that make you think "What were you on again??"
What is really neat about this show is the artist is there and they have to work on their art at the show. So you can talk to them, see how they do it, what inspired them, it's great for kids (and grown ups) to be exposed to sooo many different types of art mediums.
We didn’t get as many pictures as we would like-who knew artist are a little overprotective of their work??
One of my favorites turned out to be pressed flowers art work. Oh, it was just so pretty! (Sorry, no pics-it just wouldn't capture how cute it was). I had a ton of fun talking with the artist-even Heidi Anne seemed to like it too!
We were there for nearly 2 hours-Heidi Anne only got a little board-but that’s because we really liked the photography-we we’re actually appreciating the art. So she made a game out of going in circles around a nearby tree.
Before we left we had to get our annual “Heidi Anne and Dadda at Summerfest” pic. But first we needed a treat. Heidi Anne picked the food station that was pink and looked like a castle. Which worked out great-they had fresh mini doughnuts and a step stool for kids to watch them be made. Once she was feed-she was our little girl we know and love, full of smiles, kisses, and giggles.

"What Missing Doughnut Momma....?"

Dadda Kisses

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Fun

For Father's Day my stepmom Lorrie pulled quite the feat. She and my sister Bekah organized a suprise Father's Day lunch for my Dad. It was the first time in nearly a year all of us had been together at 1 time. It was fun-but hard work. Our trip started up here and drove down to get my younger sister.  Then we meet up with Bekah and her family to make the longer treck to Spanish Fork.
Bekah had a slightly scary moment. As we were driving down the Interstate they just suddenly pulled off to the side of the road. So we pulled over too. Turns out right in the middle of a rain storm (while on the Interstate) their windshield wippers died on them. Scary. They were able to get to a gas station. Luckily it was just a lose bolt-not a motor like we were worried about. So Rhett fixed it-and off we were.
Lorrie and Bekah finshed getting lunch ready-the theme was Mexian. Fresh tortilla shells, home made chicken & beef, home made guacamoles, and my fresh fruit that Bekah cut up. (No one trusts me with sharp objects for some reason).
We just ate, talked, and watched the kids have fun together. Had some dessert and watched them play some more. All in all a good day I would say.
Kaikai and Heidi Anne
They Match!! I Love My Nephew
Reverse London Bridge is Falling Down??
Heidi Anne, Kaikai, Breadin Playing
My sister's gift for Dad for Father's Day

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finding the Phantom

We have found the Phantom that has been plaguing me and my timeline has been removed. It is nice to finally have an answer and to know what it is you're up against. From what I was told, most people aren't given the diagnosis until-well-it's way too late to be of any use for them to know what it was.
In Feb, I was informed I was starting to suffer from some liver damage. That little foot in the door was just enough, within a week-my mild damage begun to spiral out into failure. By March I was given 3-6 months-nothing could be done.
We didn’t buy that and neither did my good doctor. Every week he told me to keep having hope, not to give in.
Since March every few days another blood test, scan, Dr appts, just trying to solve the mystery before it was to late. (Side note—the hospital up here is not certified to run lots of the genetic tests-I would know-I was the first one ever to be tested for things at the hospital).
About 2 weeks ago, the 6th or 7th Doctor told me there was nothing more he could do. He said to just go home and enjoy what time I had. (Yes-I did go to work later that day-My thoughts were “Either I will beat this and I’ll be behind in work OR I might not and someone will have extra work dumped on them at the last minute”).
So I made another appointment with another Dr for 2 days later. This Dr and my “good” Dr collaborated, reviewed all the labs, scans, notes, and figured my body was attacking my liver to the point of nearly killing it.

Basically (in a nutshell) I have the weirdest luck. Last summer I had the fun hospital stay-and they never figured out what caused it, so the doctors have been trying different meds to see what works and doesn’t. Well one of them triggered some mild damage, which lead to the domino effect.

I am now getting some new meds-they are a little on the scary side-one of the side effects is lymphoma. However, as my Dr said, they can treat lymphoma-he’s yet to find a cure for death.

After many weeks, appts, tests, prayers, sleepless nights, its nice to have a name and a battle plan. It might not have been what I wanted-but at least I got something-I don’t have a time limit (that I’m aware of) and I can live with that. ^_^

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Angels in Disguise

In dealing with the scary times that have befallen us in the past few months, (and they are more scary then many know or are just finding out) there have been some people that are truly angels in disguise. No, I am not going to name names and oust those who are especially Saint like people. You, I, and the good Lord knows what you've done. In many cases-Just you and the Lord--I most likely don't even know~But I thank you all the same  ^_^
So many have been there to give a kind word, lift us up when we have fallen, and generally been the kind of people Jesus would want you to be... I am talking to you!
I am not soo Saintly as you good people so I can say this--those who have had mean words...well you can just roast marshmallows when the time comes.... (Having now said that-I will be making those marshmallows with you ;P ,  I'll bring the gram crackers.)

It has been hard accepting all the support, meals, and all the kindness. Mostly because I was and still am in denial on how bad off I really am and how super close call it's been. I often think that I should not be the one getting all these wonderful kindnesses or help, that there are many out there that need it more then I.
(Really hard to have liver failure when so many disasters seem to happen or friends have little ones and you think "A new mommy needs more help"). Yet, I am blessed with friends and loved ones who love me and my family and know there are enough prayers and good will to go around. Thank-you for all the help and support, and prayers. Trust me, the doctors are shocked by how well I am doing and how I haven't ended up in the hospital and turned Snookie Orange.

Always A Rainbow Nonetheless
I'll have an update on the Phantom soon and the treatments we'll be starting, and the "behind the scenes" of what's been going on. Then you'll see how much your help, (even just a little card or finger puppets for Heidi Anne), have been life savors and rainbows in the storm.
There is a saying "Sometimes He calms the Storm, Sometimes He calms the Sailor"-Sooo I look for the Rainbows in both cases-because you never know which situation you may be in, but you'll get a Rainbow nonetheless.

PS. Even my little Heidi Anne has started to say "Sit down Momma".~Another little Angel-but worst disguise ever, we ALL knew she was one all along.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Toddlers and Doctors Offices

Another Dr. Adveture-At 7:45 AM
Just because you're at a doctors office doesn't mean you and your child have to be board, or whip out Angry Birds for the little one (or yourself) to be saved from said boredom. Here are a few little things I have learned to make Toddlers + Doctors Offices = 100% Survivable, if not even Lots of fun, depends on the reason for the doctor appointment. 

1. The Great Outdoors??-Normally doctors offices have lovely greenery outside that is just calling a for a toddler to explorer. If you're able to-utilize this instead of just waiting in the waiting room. (Which is normally all germy anyways). If you're doing this, let the receptionist know and make sure they have your cell phone-so they can call you when the room is ready.

I see Dori, I see Nemo, I see Gabby
2. Fish Tanks-Who doesn't love Finding Nemo the movie-and when a little kid can Really find Nemo or Dori or the other Cast members in a doctors office-it's a movie come true. Heidi Anne loves to make up names for the "extras" (fish that are not in the movie but seem to somehow end up in the same fish tank as them).
It's just fun to watch Heidi Anne watch the fish.

3. The Magazines-Sometimes they have good magazines for kids, like Highlights or Family Circle, to read to kids or play games with them. I have Heidi Anne play counting or color games if I find an article I really like.
I'll Just Take This With Me......
Side note-If you find a good magazine in the waiting room-take it to the back room with you. Use hand sanitizer like it's going out of style when done reading magazines.
Me: "Heidi Anne, count how many flowers are on this page?" She counts--I read and think "Wow, I can do that with paper baking cups, straws, and old scrapbook paper-Cute!)
Heidi Anne: Proudly shouts out of  "nowhere" "6, Momma, 6!!"
Me: Good! How many purple flowers? (Hmmm, she's counting to fast, better write down this website...)

4. If you have brought crayons with you- It's fun to trace hands on the butcher paper on the examination tables then color them-and Heidi Anne likes to do it as well. Don't worry-they have to be replaced after each patient anyways. So live a little.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sushi Group Date

Lisa, Me, Maya, Jamin, Ronnie (White shirt), Cori-Taking Pics
Cori-She Was Taking Pics

My team at work consists of some great food conasours. One person in particular is Lisa. She knows the best places to eat (and what to get there) anywhere here in the Valley and down in SLC. 
She normally puts together these Lunch Dates-she gathers as many people as she can and gets them to expand their taste bud horizians, she's done Korean Barbaque, Ka'min (a Tahi place), Elements, today details one such experiance-Happy Sushi. 
We had everyone on our team here, even Cori who is on Materinity, and Stacy (who was in our thoughts so I had a peice of sushi just for you Stacy-it was a sacrifice I know ;D ).
Stacy-We Missed You! 
We all had Miso soup, which is really good, and even has bits of tofu and little bits of seaweed or leeks-I forget. You just stir then drink it.

We got Edemame-Soybeans.I think Edemame translates to Super Yummy!! Heidi Anne on the other hand calls them "Green Corn". I think they look more like peas-or lima beans when they are out of the pod-but to her it's "Green Corn". Hey, she eats them and they're healthy. But Happy Sushi makes them TONS better. 
 Edemame and Miso-So Good!
Ronnie even tried the Ramen Noodle soup-which was appearently super spicey. It looked really good-minus the fact that it might be spicey. (To me pepper can be to spicey at times-so don't take my word for it on the spicey factor).
Lisa came up with the idea that everyone order their favorite sushi-if they've had it before. Then we would all try 1 of everyones favorite sushi. Think of it like a sample of everyone one else's favorite sushi. Normally with sushi you stick with what you know (you don't want to get 8-10 peices of something you might not like). But this way-you just sample 1 or 2 peices and lots of us found a new favorite.
Sushi Surprise..It's So Pretty
I love to just watch them make the sushi it's like watching an artist in the works, I love the presentation they put into the food-it's truely an artform I swear!

Then before we left, the owner suprised Lisa with Mushi-It's pink heaven-that comes in many other flavors.
I am sooo going to have hunt it down and find more of it. You must try this, it's like an ice cream / truffle mix. Ohhhhh sooo good!

I just wish we could of had some fun, honestly, always soooo up tight ^_^ ; It was fun to just get out during a super busy day, to be with other grown ups, and Double Bonus-1 hour with no work talk. Now that alone was well worth it.

So if you ever need a good resturant suggestion or want to explore the local spots-ask Lisa-she knows where to go.

Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Be Tired But Still Fun

Being tired doesn't mean you can't be a fun Momma. I just save up my energy for the Big Adventures. However, we do at least 30 minuites of book reading a night and she's almost old enough to start playing games. We only have a few games and most of them are a bit too old for her, (ie-Clue, Life- just a little advavanced) but she loves to play Candyland. Great game, teaches her to take turns, colors, and sharing. I've invited my own version of Cooties-but with Mr. Potato Head. Basically, we play Mr. Potato head, but we collect different pieces and put them in weird spots. SO I just realized it's really just playing Mr. Potato Head and I just tell myself it's like Cooties. (I may need to rethink this game or get the real one sometime...) Mr. Cootie Potato Head works for now ^( . . )^
Side Note-Ever notice that Sharing always seems to go in the childs' favor, when the child brings up sharing?
Example; "Daddy you should share. Can I have some of your muffin, please?"--It's like a preemptive guilt trip by a toddler. Even worse, if You, (the parent), don't share, you send the message that they, (the child) do not have to share either. So you must share, in order to practice what you preach.

Every little child has a movie or book they must have over and over. Lucky for me, I like them too. We don't watch much TV, but we watch a lot of movies. At the end of the day once her walks with Daddy are done, books are read, and she's ready for bed we watch a movie. All three of us cuddle up together for movies. Sometimes she gets to be in the middle, sometimes she picks a lap, or she lays over both of us, curled up with her blank.Char and I like movies but Heidi Anne Loves them. Which is why Netfilx is soooo wonderful. We watch a lot of different movies, right now her favorites are:
~ Spirited Away                   ~Meet the Robinsons
~Ponyo                                 ~Beauty and the Beast
~My Neighbor Tuturo       ~Toy Story (1-3)
~Shrek                                 ~Monsters v. Aliens
~Tangled                              ~Princess and the Frog
~Kung Fu Panda                 ~Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
~Cars                                   ~Emperor's New Groove
~Pretty Much any Pixar   ~Pretty much any Studio Ghibli

~~~Anything Simpsons~~~~