Saturday, October 7, 2017

Wedding Pictures and Lots of Little Stories

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding.
Anastasia on Daddy's shoulders.
There was an ice cream bar at the wedding reception, complete with a soft serve ice cream machine. Here's Heidi Anne topping off her delicious treat. 
Heidi Anne had fun playing on the swing set with other wedding quests. She's pushing a sweet little girl on the swing.
Rowan enjoyed his time on the swing as well. I think this was the happiest he was during the whole day. 
Here's a picture of our not-so-little-anymore family. If you told me 5 years ago we'd have a family of 5, with the 2 youngest being only 11 months apart, I would have laughed at the idea. Yes, our life is a bit busy with 2 toddlers and a 9 year old, even chaotic at points. I just can't imagine it any other way. 
Last Sunday Rowan and Heidi Anne are playing with helicopters, flying them to different destinations in the living room. For example; flying to the sofa, then to Anastasia, next the dog, and on and on. 
When they were done playing Anastasia took both helicopters and would spin the rotors on the tops and tail. Rowan had his "turtle" (Kindle) and could care less, however, Anastasia looks like the cat that ate the canary.
Rowan was content with his Turtle, which was good because Char and I were still recovering from our illnesses. Char's almost better from this never ending fever, I'm still a little on the weak / recovering stages.
On Monday Rowan just couldn't stop spinning in circles and asking to go "UP-side-Down". I got a few videos of his spinning, which is stimming. Sometimes he'd stop, come over to watch the video I just made then spin again. Hit replay and that was my morning. 
Rowan had a good day at at ABA. I get little notes about his day. But I don't get the time to chat with his therapist, thus making some of the stories lack that flourish or background information. For example, the note today read "Rowan had a good day today. He laughed really hard when one of the other therapist sang "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" really goofy." That's all she wrote.

On Tuesday Heidi Anne had guitar lessons. But Char had work at the time Heidi Anne would need to be picked up from her class. He dropped her off to for her lessons. About 30 minutes after they left, I loaded the Littles into the double stroller and we walked a long 2 mile round trip. (We're very dedicated to Heidi Anne's new hobby). The babies were content as long as the stroller was moving. But if we were at a cross walk waiting for cars to pass, they tried to wiggle out of their straps.    
Occasionally, when things happen, I cover my hands over my mouth and say "Oh No!" in an overly dramatic fashion. I typically do this with the Littles' when; they spill, knock down objects or throw toys. Mostly to get the idea across that they did something naughty or mischievous.
Well, Anastasia has started to copy me half the time. She covers her mouth and dramatically says "Oh NO!" I finally got a picture of her doing it. Unfortunately, no video recording, despite how hard I try she can't do it on command (as of yet). 

Rowan loves to look out the window. There's cars, bikes, trucks, airplanes, etc. out there to see. Anastasia doesn't want to be left out of the fun. She'll toddle over as Rowan runs to look outside. There's just 1 tiny problem. Anastasia is way too short to see anything. She's just shy of being as tall as the bottom window sill. Therefore, she ends up just looking at the wall. 
She has at least another 4-6 inches to grow before she can even tip toe to glance out the window. Based on the faces she gives me, I think she knows this fun fact, too.
Rowan was so funny the other morning as I put him in the car. The birds were singing outside. He perked up and said "Tweet, Tweet!" He was so excited when he heard them call back. He yelled out "Again! Again!" Alas, they did not respond to his cries of an encore. 

Life has settled into a new "normal", Rowan has preschool / ABA 3 days a week. Heidi Anne is back in school. Anastasia is...well...Anastasia. Time to shake that up. We've decided it's time for me to get back into the workforce. It's a couple years sooner than I planned (after-all, ABA doesn't pay for itself). Now, I'm job hunting and we're trying to figure out how to juggle everything. Wish me luck! Any tips would be great!!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fevers All Around, Appointments and Playing Pretend!!

On Fever Day 4, also known as Sunday, the babies' fever continue. The doctors won't check on the Littles until they've had a fever over 100.4 for 5 constitutive days.  

Heidi Anne was reading silently on the sofa when Rowan came up and cuddled her. He asked her "Read?". Heidi Anne played along and read a passage of "Hatchet" . She stopped and returned to reading silently. He then demanded "READ, READ, READ!" She read aloud to him for a good 45 minutes. All the while if she so much as paused to catch a breath, Rowan would request "Again! Read!". 

A little later in the day Anastasia copied me in playing with her baby dolls. I'd rock one back and forth and she would "rock" the doll. She even said "Baby" once. 
Hooray!! The Littles' fevers have broken. Which is great because my fever continued. Currently, I'm the only one still suffering from a fever. 

Since Rowan was feeling better we sent him off to ABA. Rowan had an exceptional day compared to Friday. He was listening, paying attention. They've changed his programs and goals a tad since he's completed so many of his tasks. Granted, he's been doing the same goals for nearly 4 months now. 

They've been working on yoga with the kids at pre-school as a coping skill and good exercise. Currently, Rowan is having nothing to do with it. The teachers are trying to get the kids to do poses and Rowan is either sitting in the corner not playing or sprawled flat out on the floor, still not participating. 

Today at ABA they were playing a game where the balloon couldn't touch the floor. Rowan kept missing when he'd try to bop it with his hands. Then he started kicking it instead and he'd keep it in the air.     
Later in the day I had a doctor's appointment. I didn't feel up to driving the distance on my own so I had Char drive and we brought Rowan and Anastasia with us. Yeah, it was a disaster. Both needed snacks and naps and could have done without the 90 minute car ride. Rowan did settle down after the MA showed him that he could color on the touch screen in the exam room. 

On Tuesday, just as my fever was going away Char has begun to suffer from one. It's like playing hot potato here in the house. 
Rowan has begun saying "Monk-EY" when jumping on the sofa. I think he's referring to the "5 Little Monkeys" song. When he says "Monk-EY" while jumping I'll sing the "5 Little Monkeys" song to him. 

Rowan's speech therapist, Jill, brought a doll and accessories for his session. He actually played with the doll! He held it, pretended to give it food and feed it a bottle. Anastasia even said "Baby" and had a turn holding and feeding the baby doll. 

Heidi Anne had guitar lessons for the first time in 2 weeks. The teacher was impressed with how good she did that he gave her 2 songs to learn this week. Mary Had a Little Lamb and Jingle BellsIt was student appreciation day, which meant Heidi Anne got a cupcake, a sucker, and a little prize. 

As we left I noticed a little cat by the door. I picked it up so I could call the owner to let them know where their cat was at. However, when I looked on the collar it read "I live by the school, Please leave alone, Don't take me away." So I pet the cat a little and put it down, leaving it there like the collar requested. 
Wednesday was a little slow. It's been fevers, doctor and therapy appointments nearly every day. I guess some days you can use a break. 

Rowan went to ABA and had a good time. Char's fever got a little worse but was able to go to work. 
Thursday all the kids got flu shots. The nurse asked me "So oldest to youngest?"  I had put a lot of thought into the order of who would gets shots when. I decided Rowan first because he wouldn't have heard anyone else cry out and would be as relaxed as he could be. He looked at me with betrayal as he was injected. He whimpered for quite some time. 
Next was Anastasia because Rowan's cries wouldn't really warn her of impending doom and she forgives easily, (sometimes). I helped the nurse hold Anastasia down. She screamed at the initial poke but quickly stopped crying before it was even Heidi Anne's turn.
Ah, Heidi Anne. I wanted her last because she's horrible with vaccines. She screams and cries so loud with shots that I knew if she freaked out the Littles would too, beyond any doubt. She started to cry when the nurse was applying the alcohol swab yelling "It BURNS!!" The nurse and I were like, "It's just the first part where she's cleaning your skin of any germs. Calm down." Heidi Anne continued to cry from then on. Making the babies (who had settled down at this point) start to freak out with her. I told the nurse dryly "This is why I wanted her last." Finally she was injected, she SCREAMED at first and then as the shot went on, Heidi Anne began laughing. According to her "This time the flu shot wasn't as bad as I remembered!" I had told her in the beginning it wouldn't be bad. Que eye roll from me.   
The next morning Rowan had a reaction to the flu shot, he was sick to his stomach and had a fever (again) of 100.4 F. This boy can't catch a break these last 2 weeks. We kept him home from ABA and I skipped a play date I was going to take Anastasia to. I'm trying to make friends in the area we've moved to and all these moms have at least 1 child with autism around the same age as Rowan and astonishingly enough an NT around Anastasia's age. We'll just go to the next meet up. 

Char was still suffering horribly from a fever now mixed with nasty congestion. I decided to run to the store and take Anastasia with me. This was a big deal because I hate crowds of any sort, I loath shopping and I normally leave the Littles at home to get done quicker. I thought 2 babies would be to much for Char so I took the healthy 1 with me. (I could just see Rowan getting sick at the store-Clean up on aisle 4).  We had a good shopping trip and even brought some lunch home for everyone. 
Char was super sick and went to the doctor's where they determined he had a virus of some sort or another. He called into work because he's still got a high fever and just feels crappy all around. 

Well, Char is still sick and now I've got a fever and feel crummy. It's been a sick filled weekend. Fortunately, all the kids are fit as a fiddle now. If only I had the energy to match theirs. 
Anastasia is just climbing all over the place. Rowan and Heidi Anne are playing with helicopters, flying them to different destinations in the living room. For example; flying to the sofa, then to Anastasia, next the dog, and on and on. 

Anastasia just sneezed and Rowan responded "Bless you" all on his own. We tried to pretend sneeze ourselves but we didn't get a reply from him. He just adores his baby sister.  

Sunday, September 24, 2017

IDEA!, Forts, Sick Kids, Anastasia Speech Therapy

Sorry for the Anastasia overload lately. Heidi Anne only likes her picture to be taken on occasion right now. Rowan is a little whirlwind, constantly moving and hardly ever looks towards the camera. That just leaves little Anastasia. Isn't she adorable though?
Rowan has a new phrase he likes to say. He'll point one finger up in the air and declare "I have IDEA!" Sometime's it'll be shortened to just the word "Idea!", still with his finger pointed upwards. He gets so excited when he says it, I'd love to hear what exactly his ideas are. But alas, we can't at this point. One day we will, perhaps sooner than I expect. Who knows? 
This week has been filled with doctor appointments. Mostly, well visits and a sick kid appointments, that couldn't be put into 1 visit because that would be too easy. Here's Anastasia's view point on being dragged everywhere. She is done. I love that I can start playing with her hair! Now I just need to get tiny scrunchies, some cute clips, maybe a little bow or 2.  
On Tuesday Heidi Anne came home sick from school. We got her a doctors appointment. It turned out to be a nasty cold but we kept her home on Wednesday to be on the safe side. As you can tell by the picture taken Wednesday night she felt much better.  
We rearranged the living room and got some new decorative pillows. I've never had decorative pillows that actually matched the furniture before. (It's the little things that can make you feel like you're finally doing this adult thing right. Oh not the 3 kids. But decorative pillows). Well those suckers weren't on for more than 40 minutes when the kids realized "Hey, I can turn these pretty pillows into a fort!" And so they did.   
On Thursday the babies woke up with fevers over 100.5 F. (I believe they caught whatever Heidi Anne had). Forcing us to cancel their flu shot appointment. Which I'm sure they were heart broken over. Here's Anastasia after the Tylenol kicked in. 

As I'm writing Rowan is pretending to sleep. Complete with snoring sounds. 

Oh, Anastasia tried to play pretend early this afternoon! I was playing on the floor with her baby doll rocking it back and forth. (I play with her toys hoping it encourages her to copy me). Today, she came over, took the doll away and tried to mimic me. It's one of the first times she ever showed interest in playing with her toys "properly". Normally, she just tosses the toys down the stairs or throws them and chases after the object, just to repeat the cycle. 
 Friday was a long day. Anastasia woke up with a fever of 102. Rowan on the other hand was just at 98 degrees. I assumed he was better and sent him off to preschool. 

I came home for Anastasia's first Speech Therapy appointment. We mostly reviewed what she can and can't do, made a game plan complete with goals. Language Comprehension wise she's around a 9 month level. Everything else speech wise, she's around a 12 month old.  Even if we adjust for the 3 month delay, she should be at least a 16 month old level, she's still behind. 

Instead of letting this gap get wider, Jill wants to intervene now. The hope is Anastasia has been focused on gross motor skills that now she can turn her attention to her language development. There is still that possibility that she has autism, as she failed the toddler Mchat again. Yet, we have to wait another 2 months for it to be an "official" concern.    

About 3 hours after I dropped Rowan off at preschool, I get a text saying Rowan has a fever over 101 and was acting very lethargic. I went and picked him up early. I tended to sick babies all afternoon. 
Fast forward to later that night. Suddenly, Rowan's fever spiked to between 103.7 F-104.2 F with Tylenol. (The thermometer kept fluctuating between the two readings.) Char was on call for work, making it difficult for us to try the Emergency Room and it was to late for InstaCare. 

Char made a run to the grocery store to get Motrin, Gatorade, Pedilite, (in varying flavors). In a effort to push some fluids through him. It all must of worked because around 9:30 pm his temperature was around 102.5 F. Still high, but no longer in the seizure / brain damage danger zone. 
Saturday, everyone but Char had a fever at some level. It was mostly spent laying down, resting, making sure everyone was drinking fluids, and full of sick baby cuddles. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Wedding-Lots of Cute Pictures

Last Friday we went to Aunt S's wedding. Heidi Anne and cousins A & H all wore matching beautiful,blue and cream dresses.
I try not to post pictures of the rest of the extended family unless I have permission, which I forgot to ask for. SO here's a lot of cute pictures of my kids while waiting for the bride to come outside for picture time.  
The poor photographer had a hard time getting Anastasia and Rowan to look at the camera. Here's 1 cute shoot of Rowan (out of 20 plus pictures).
I adore this one Char took of Rowan and Heidi Anne walking around and exploring the gardens. 
Here we are at the luncheon. Anastasia and cousin E wore matching dresses. They looked so cute. The babies were obsessed with the carrot cake. The 2 of them had 4 slices total. 
Rowan became restless so Char and I took turn watching him outside. He loved watching the water run down the mill. He also liked running around outdoors.  
Heidi Anne got a flower headpiece. She was so well behaved all day. 
Char took a picture of Anastasia and me in Grandma's backyard as the reception got started. The photographer took a few pictures of all the little families in addition to the big family photos. I don't think our babies looked in her direction a single time. I had been wanting to do family photos for a while and this was the perfect opportunity.  
Here's a picture of my corsage. There was some more rosemary on it but Anastasia pulled it out. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Last Physical Therapy, an OT Session and Guitar Lessons

Anastasia had her last physical therapy appointment this week. She is officially a proficient walker (for toddler standards). Anastasia's been in some form of physical therapy since she was 5 months old. It's nice to move away from this phase of life. She has her torticollis under control, I still message her neck muscles to keep them loose, mostly out of habit. Then she was a late sitter, late crawler, and finally a late walker. That's all behind her now.   

Just as she got out of physical therapy, she's now into speech therapy. That's right, starting next week she'll begin her own speech therapy through Early Intervention. Anastasia is delayed in her speech even if we adjust her age. Instead of letting the gap get wider and wider Rowan's speech therapist, Jill, wants to intervene now. We're hoping that Anastasia has been so focused on things like gross motor skills that she just couldn't devote energy into her language skills. However, now that the physical side is catching up she should be able to work on her speech. 
Anastasia has been inconsolable lately, if she were a a year or so younger I'd say she has colic. That's what its like in the house right now, constant crying. We've tried everything. She started having another crying fit while Rowan's OT, Vicky, was over. Vicky got out a compression vest for Anastasia to try. It's like swaddling but for bigger children to adults. It gives you the wrapped up tight sensation and since it's spandex it doesn't hamper breathing. I think she likes it. As you can tell from the picture she still isn't a fan of her shoes or socks. 

We had a fun experiment for OT. Vicky is working on Rowan's food aversions. What the plan was it to couple something he loves (yogurt in this case) with something uncomfortable (cereal). We crumbled a little bit of dry cereal at a time to his yogurt. Making it slightly lumpy and a little textured. He did so well we added a whole piece of cereal to a bite. To which he instantly gagged. We took a step back and just worked on crumbling cereal again. 

We also used other foods as dippers with the yogurt. We used graham cracker sticks, dried fruit spears, and teddy grahams. The goal is to expose him to new foods via favorite foods. 
Anastasia on the other hand will try ANYTHING. She's going to eat us out of house and home. I think she's just trying to catch up growth wise. Or she has a speedy metabolism and just can't get enough.  

Rowan has been doing amazing with his speech. The other day at ABA he and his friend R kept taking turns repeating what each other said. The therapists joked that they were worried the boys would be caught in an endless loop. 

Rowan's trying to repeat harder words or more words from a sentence. He knows a lot more than he says. For example, I was putting his laundry away and he named the objects on his shirts. "Ball, Tractor, Truck, Fire-ie (fire engine)." Then he points to a shirt and says "Robot!" I told him "I didn't even know you knew that word." He replied "That word."

I think it's amazing how a routine is started. Especially a nap / bedtime routine. It's seriously a series of accidents or you do something different 1 time and the child either hates it with a passion or thinks "I like this change, this is how it must go hence forth!"
Take Rowan's requirements to go down easier: 
1. Must have Cass the dog watching over him
2. Must have a plane or car to cuddle up with
3. Must have his blue & brown pillow
4. Must be wrapped up with his; light green blanket, light blue blanket and the dark green blanket has to be UNDER him. 
5. Have his quilt over him, unless it's nap time. Then no quilt. 
6. Has to be picked up once he's been wrapped up. Twice. He'll say "Up?" You cuddle him a few seconds. He says "Down." Promptly followed by "Up?" again. 
7. Put him down with his head resting on the pillow. 

Nothing will be in the same order when you go to get him. Stuff is every which way in his crib. (Except Cass, Cass will always be by his side). He's a terrible sleeper, constantly moving. I'm not looking forward to him moving to a big boy bed, I'm pretty sure he won't stay put. 

Heidi has officially begun guitar lessons. We decided she needed something of her own and wanted her to learn an instrument / have a hobby. I like the school we're going through. She gets a 30 minute private guitar lesson per week where they work on new cords, how to hold the guitar, different warm up exercises, new songs. 

On top of personal lessons you get at least 30 minutes in the lab, you can spend as much time in lab as many days a week you want. The lab is where the students work on music theory, ear tuning, caring for your instrument, etc. 

Heidi is practicing hard because they have a recital in December she wants to participate in even though she's new. They also have a year end recital in June that everybody performs in. If she works hard enough she can move up a level around June. It takes 8-10 months to reach a new level of skill and you get a medal for every level completed. It just takes a lot of work on her part. I'm encouraging her as much as possible, daily practices and all. So far she's loving it.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Baptism, Vacation, Busy Week

The other day I was pointing at pictures trying to get Rowan to name them for me. He was fairly silent until I pointed to a picture of a flower. I had my hand on the edge of the flower and asked "Rowan, what's this?" Without missing a beat he said "Petal." He was right, I was pointing to the petals in the picture. I told him "Yes!" I then pointed to the center of the flower, asking "What's this?" He replied "Flower." I sometimes forget how literal he can be. Preschool must be paying off!! 

Saturday we were going to Cousin A's baptism and then after that we went off on vacation for the weekend. Just Char and me, Grandma and Grandpa watched Heidi Anne and the littles for us.
Since we had plans and places to be, the kids were dragging their feet to get ready. Simultaneously, we were packing up a few last minute items and loading the car. Anastasia decided right then and there was a perfect time to throw a temper tantrum. (Murphy's Law is a given at our house, I swear.)
I never found out what the tantrum was about. However, I took a page from Rowan's playbook. Play nursery rhymes on the phone for her. Judging by the look on her face it seems to have worked. Finally, she calmed down. We were able to wrap up packing and getting ready.

We all went to Cousin A's baptism. On the way down Rowan was saying "Help? Out? Please? Down?" Pretty much he said every word he knows to voice his displeasure at being in the car seat for an extended period of time. Anything longer than 20 minutes is too much for him right now. Anastasia would randomly giggle, which would make him laugh. Then promptly back to "Help? Out? Down?"

Rowan sat well for the first part of the baptism but then he got rather fidgety. Char would take him out to run around the hallways or check out the classrooms. 
Soon afterwards, Anastasia decided she didn't want to sit still any longer. Char and I tag teamed between the 2. 1 of us (mainly Char) would follow Rowan around as he explored. The other one (mainly me) would bounce Anastasia on our knee, walk around the back of the room with her, occasionally letting her roam around. 
After the baptism the kids got into grandma's car and headed to Aunt E's house for a family gathering. Char and I headed off to Midway to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Yeah, we've been married 11 years as of the 1st of September. Midway is where we went on our honeymoon way back when. 

We try to visit Midway during Labor Day weekend whenever we can because they have Swiss Days. It's like the official end of summer for me. We were lucky enough to have a hotel that offered shuttle service to Swiss Days because this year they charged $5 for parking. 
One thing I have to get is a scone. I love scones. There is always a food vendor that sells scones bigger than a plate. I had eaten a good quarter before I took a picture. 
There are numerous artist that come for Swiss Days. I love strolling around looking at the amazing creations. Normally, I can catch up with an old boss of mine who's an artist, but he wasn't there in person when we visited his booth. There were over 180 booths this year. (I heard that little fun fact on the news). We spent quite a bit of time just meandering around looking at the all there was to offer. Did I mention it was crowded?

We went back to the resort in time to see a wedding underway. We joked if we were dressed more formally we'd crash the wedding. We were right next to the reception area. According to Char it went on until 10:30 / 11:00 pm-ish. I dropped off the face of the Earth around 9:15. I know how to have fun on vacation. 

I almost forgot to tell you, I slept through the night AND slept in until 7:00 am. The next morning we had breakfast at the resort restaurant. I had bread pudding French toast. It was delicious. While we ate we saw some of the wedding party from the night before there as well. 

We choose to visit Park City that morning. I sadly left my phone in the hotel. We went to the outlet mall and window shopped. We walked around a cute little park. Then we went out to a sandwich shop for lunch.  

We went back to Midway. We walked around the resort, looked at the pretty gardens, went to the crater hot springs, to cap it off we walked to the top of the hill surrounding the hot spring. We just ambled around and talked a lot about the past, present, what we hope for the future. It was nice to spend time together and not always chasing the fastest toddler. 

We played with the idea of going back to Park City and see the 8:00 pm showing of Dunkirk. Until I realized, that's late and I'm getting old. I think this meme describes me fairly accurately. 
We drove into Heber for dinner. Funny story. Our Google Maps kept saying "Eber" when it's pronounced "HEE-ber". Heber will forever be referred to as "Eber" from now on. After that we watched a movie in the comfort of our hotel room. 
On our way back home we saw a hot air balloon taking off. I snapped a quick picture. At that exact same time my cousin posted to FaceBook that she had seen a hot air balloon on her way to work. What are the chances?
While it was a much needed vacation this is the face that greeted me when we got to Grandma's house to pick up the kids. (I know, she needs a hair cut or at the very least something done with the hair in her eyes.) I'm trying to train her hair to part on the side, but it keeps going all over the place. 

Tuesday we had speech therapy with Katie. She hasn't seen Rowan in over a month. As of the last time we meet, Rowan wouldn't speak a single word in front of her. Just his humming talk. Today, he was naming barnyard animals, telling her what sounds they make. Trying to repeat whatever word she last spoke. He even played a matching game and some puzzles with her. 
Katie was impressed at his progress. She said his repeating of words or phrases is a great start but now we just have to teach him to vocalize what it is he actually wants instead of "playing parrot". (Her words, not mine. I love that he will even attempt to speak now). 
In other news, a brush fire started near our house. It's burned 6 homes so far and the mandatory evacuation order is just 3 miles from our house. But it would have to burn quite a bit of city streets, 2 hills and numerous houses before it comes close to us. We're just suffering from the nasty smoke filled air. Everyone in the house had coughing fits today / night. 

Well, that was a sleepless night. I kept waking up every 90 minutes - 2 hours to check on the status of the fire. The moon was eerily beautiful last night. It was full, bright, and marigold in color due to the smoke. Currently, the fire is only 5% contained, but it's going away from buildings and the evacuation zones have decreased. Also the interstate and highways have reopened.
Rowan had a shock at pre-school / ABA therapy today. He heard his therapist voice from the other room and started heading towards her. When Shay came around the corner she had a different hair color and new hair cut. Rowan took one glance at her and ran back to me, looking confused at her as she spoke to him. Rowan was like "You SOUND like Shay BUT you look different, yet somehow similar..."

He had a great day at pre-school. Shay's supervisor (Rowan's BACA) was there for her monthly review of his progress. She was blown away at how much he was talking and attentive Rowan was in his tasks. 
While Heidi Anne and Rowan were at school, Anastasia and I ran some errands. Next we came home and played. Then cleaned. Just to play some more when everyone else came home and messed everything up. Ah, life with 2 toddlers. At least they're adorable.