Monday, July 28, 2008


So as we have visited various different people there are some rules with newborns that need to be observed that should not have to be spoken.
1. The parents are the parents and their word is the end of the argument, the rules they make you keep end of question. if you teach them bad behaviors at your house then they will have bad behaviors at our house.
2. With children keep talking to them positively, no negative comments about parents or other people.
3. Do not pressure other family members into having kids, it causes resentment towards that couple and child that is not needed.
4. Reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior by not making a big deal out of something that is small.
5. Don't expect to be entertained, it is a new born they don't do things that most other babies do, they sleep, eat and need diapers changed. They don't play games well and talking happens later in their life, please keep projections to yourself.
6. Parents are in what is called new baby fog, it causes parents to be more forgetful, sleepy and sometimes irritable. Be understanding, it takes time for a baby to sleep through the night.
7. Don't take things personal, be understanding and realize new parents are going through Hell trying to get a baby to sleep through the night.
8. Apply the Kindergarten rule, If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.
9. Stay open to learning. Research is constantly expanding knowledge about what is most effective. For example, recent research pokes holes in the old theory that you'll spoil a baby if you pick them up when they cry. SIDS is a real fear for millions of parents each year nearly 3,000 die each year from this. Stay curious and join your kids in learning all you can.
10. Remember that the most powerful teaching anyone can do is by example. In a time when children are desperately in need of adults who will teach them virtue, let your life be that lesson.
11. Do not to take over and do things your way.
12. Avoid hogging the infant. As much as you love your new grandbaby, it’s important for Mom to bond with her. Your job is to help her do that in whatever way you can.
13. Don’t insist that what worked for you is going to work for her. Go ahead and offer advice, but don’t get upset if it’s rejected.
14. Refrain from bringing up old hurts. Now is a healing time for the family.
15. Avoid inviting several of your friends to see the baby at once. You’ll have plenty of chances to show off your adorable grandbaby when she’s a little older.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not Postpartum Depression

So this week end has been a eye opener on how to live on little or no sleep. Little Heidi is having trouble sleeping because she is growing so fast, she is up every hour to drink and have her diaper changed. While I trick Char into getting a semi good nights sleep I am getting little sleep (I think Charlie is catching on.) He has sense made it so I can get some sleep and naps, this weekend he got up at 1 and stayed up so that I could sleep soundly through the night. He has been a life saver in helping out around here, he has kept things organized and clean so I don't go crazy (ier).
Also, Char took me on a "date" yesterday. We went and got pizza, rented a movie, Definitely Maybe, which was really cute. The baby slept through out the whole movie!!!! It was so exciting and wonderful to have some time with Char alone.
Don't worry I am still happy and healthy! Honestly I sometimes wish Heidi would scream at the top of her lungs at 2 in the morning just to piss off the upstairs neighbours. They are so loud and careless, yet she is too forgiving and refuses to let it bother her for more then a few seconds. However Mommy and Daddy are not so forgiving. (Insert evil laugh)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dead Parents

So the past few days has been filled with all sorts of fun things. we decided since Heidi keeps staining her burp towels/ cloth diapers all sorts of interesting colors that we would tie dye them so that it would not stand out as much.... it worked, for the most part you cannot tell where she spit up/excreted all sorts of substances of various colors.
That however is not what has kept us from taking millions of photos and posting weird sleep deprived blogs, it is the fact that little Heidi has hit a growth spurt, during daytime hrs she eats about every hr on the hr, at night time it is every two hrs. Charlie has insisted that I get a fullish type night sleep that is at least five hrs. But Heidi is just chugging along, every hr today she has had 2 oz of breast milk. I am losing sleep in trying to keep up with little Heidi's demanding tummy, so as a consequence to my health failing we are in accord to bottle feed her formula.... not happy about it but knowing that it needs to be done. It is so hard it feels as though I am a failure as a mother, not being able to do what most mothers can easily do. I know that lots of people I know formula feed and they are not bad mothers but I feel as though I need to do the very best for my baby. It seemed at the hospital that everyone breast feeds and anyone who can't is a bad mother, I kept trying but the baby has a hard time doing it. We have been trying to do pumped milk in bottles, but it is too hard for me to pump then feed, then change, then rock to sleep. No one told me what recovery was supposed to be like, the soreness, the itching, the head aches, the flu like symptoms the bleeding slowing down then speeding up. I had never known I could cry over dropping a burp towel but I can and have. No one told me what bonding with a baby was all about, I thought that once they were out that they would connect with you and there would be lots of love shared. It is that way with Heidi but there are so many doubts.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Picky Baby

So it all started last night about four hrs before Char came home the baby would not go to sleep, she would fuss and was wide awake. It had me worried for a bit, but I got over it and finally when I gave up, Charlie came home, held the baby, fed her a little, and she fell right asleep.

On to today, Charlie was being nice and letting me sleep some, however, baby was not having this sleeping thing and decided to stay up for like 3 hrs until she was fusing up a storm and Char woke me up and had me hold her and she fell right asleep and didn't wake up for 3 hrs. She just likes being held by the opposite person.

Growing Baby

So Little Heidi Anne would not go to sleep last night, she was up for like four hours until Char got home. When he got home from work at around 11 he asked what I had tried. He thought that she might be hungry still, the only problem was that Ihad just feed her like a half an hour ago, so I got him a 2 oz bottle and she guzzled it down with out a problem and then fell right asleep. I was getting concerned so I looked it up and babies go through a growth spurt at about a week old and it lasts for about three days. So she could be drinking me dry for the next three days. I feel like Betsy the cow with my breast pump and that the fact the pump sounds like it moo's at me every so often. Char says that I am probably projecting my insecurity on the pump but it does sound like a moo!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Racist Baby

So Charlie was playing with the baby and bugging me saying that the baby is a hippy, raising a hand and saying power to the people, or down with diapers! but then he went we hail in a german accent and it dawned on us that we have an extremely german white sounding baby i mean Adeliede Annelise, can you get any more white? When Heidi just wasn't white enough.

Sleepy Baby Issues

So we have a baby that loves to sleep, and when she sleeps she is out like a light, nothing wakes her up. While most parents say, wow that is wonderful, she has to feed every so often and waking her up is a bear. We have tried everything, finally my husband picked up the vinyl changing pad we have and put baby in it and she eat like a champ while glaring at daddy for the uncomfortable feeling. She glares at daddy a lot for him waking her up to feed, it is like "is it that time again? five more minutes!" or "YOU JERK DADDY! I wanted another hour of sleep!"

Bath Time

Yesterday was our first bath at home for baby, she was not happy about having to be all wet and miserable, She was crying up a storm. While Daddy was doing that, i was trying to get some pictures and he was trying to protect her modesty. Heidi has this horible problem with going to the bathroom while we are trying to change her, something that my husband has termed Projectile Poo due to this she is getting cleaned up alot more. I was getting worried about the babies hands and feet getting too cold, her sneezing and all that new baby stuff, so my husband charlie looked it all up and Little heidi has brain cancer. He was joking, i think, but then explained why those things happen and was really nice about it because i nearly burst out in tears.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Birth

It all started Saturday July 5th around 7:30 I gave Charlie a call telling him to get ready to come, it was probably was going to start soon. This was a problem because he was 2 hrs away. Later at around 10:30 I called him and told him my contractions were at every 2 minutes and very painful. It took him 1 1/2 hr to convince me that he should come down. he left at 12:00 and got to where I was staying at 2:00 am, it took me 1 hr to convince him that I didn't need to go in, he slept for 2 hrs because he and I were tired, my contractions slowed down and I got some sleep too. I got up at 5:20 to use the restroom and when I came back I asked Charlie for cuddles because I was not feeling good, and all of a sudden I felt a gush of water that went all over the bed, Charlie jumped up just in time only getting a little wet. We then jumped into the car and drove to the hospital thinking we would have our baby girl that day. Oh how wrong we were, we go there and they put us on pitocin at around 9 am and then it started getting uncomfortable. We labored all that day, and on into the night. At around 11:30 it started to get real painful and I started blacking out because of the pain. They had to put on an oxygen mask because I was not getting enough oxygen. Oh yeah did I mention no epidural! From 11-3 I was in the worst pain of my life, I got so bad I was getting delusional talking about black jelly fish and demanding Charlie to put down his book and help me even though he didn’t have a book and was rubbing my back. At around 3 am I felt the need to push, the nurses checked me and I was at a 9.5 and they called the doctor and I started pushing. The doctor got there on time and I got a baby episiotomy, real tiny like. And the baby was out. That is when it got real bad, there was lots of leftovers in the uterus they had to scrape out with no anesthesia stitch me up with out anesthesia and then I started to hemorrhage, they had an anesthesiologist come in to prep me for a hysterectomy but my doctor yelled him away. Nurses were suggesting the crash cart, and calling a code. But they gave me the things that I needed and put me back together. I got two transfusions and a host of other drugs and spiked a fever of 104. The baby on the other hand was quickly put on my chest and whisked away, cleaned, measured and given the right shots. She was 7 lbs and 1 oz and 19.5 inches long, and yellow. They took her to the well baby Nursery and then taken to the NICU to maintain oxygen levels and to bring down the jaundice. She was suffering form a hematoma, low oxygen saturation and being yellow, they ran blood and found an elevated white blood count, and started some medicine to help with the possible infection, gave her a shot to help reverse the effects of the drugs I was give to try to help with the pain during birth. They put her under Belie Lights to help with the jaundice, however it went up still and they were scared and some nice nurse suggested that they take the baby off of IV’s to help flush out the broken blood cells. It took several days in the NICU to help her to get stable. Charlie convinced the doctors that the baby ought to go home and they agreed.vinced the doctors that the baby ought to go home and they agreed.