Monday, August 31, 2009

Visiting Cousins

We took Heidi Anne to visit her cousins this weekend.
To start off with we went and saw new baby Alice, she is so cute, and makes you forget how fast babies grow. Heidi looked at her like a baby doll. So while I got to hold baby Alice, Heidi got to explore her Aunts house.
Then we went to see Kailah! My sister & husband are super artistic. They did this cute photo shoot of Kailah just before we came over, so I have to show them off! They are sooo cute!
Her shirt reads "I Want A Pony".
Heidi Anne had fun playing and chasing around with Kailah. Heidi started to get a little fussy, so I made the sign for Eat. I didn't notice that Rekailah was watching me, so she went over to her Mom and said "Eat, Eat!!" I had completely forgotten that my sister uses sign language as well with her. It was funny!! My sister, who is super Mom I swear, already had some Mac n' Cheese made, warmed up some for the girls, and they had a nice little snack together.
After being well feed, even Heidi Anne got a little photo shot of her own. Cowgirl-itis I guess.
Next it was off to Grandma's (Char's folks) house. There she got to play and crawl around outside and play with some blocks inside.
Then we went out to dinner with his folks & Aunt Sarah. We had some really good Chinese food. Heidi Anne really liked it too!
What a busy Saturday, I don't care how old you are!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playing Around

I got these pictures of Heidi Anne just playing so I had to post them. I love my little girl! Here she is at the park and playing with her doll.

This is her playing with a fort we made with her!

This is her playing with the air register

She's just soo cute and fun! Everyday is an adventure with her!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Baby Alice

So Char's oldest sister, Emily, had her baby girl this morning, (9 days overdue poor thing).
Her husband Zack called us this morning to let us know they are both doing fine. They named the baby Alice, no middle name as of yet, she was 21 inches long and was over 8 lbs. No pictures.
We'd go down to see her, but I'm still too sick, and from what I remember, newborns and illness don't mix well. So we hope to be able to see them next weekend. Heidi Anne is very much like me, she loves babies!!!
Fun Thoughts
--Alice, from the Old French name Aleydis, itself a short form of the German name Adeleide.
--The meaning of the name Adeleide & Alice is Noble
--Both girls have names from Classical children's books, Alice in Wonderland & Heidi
--Alice is the Patron Saint of the Blind and Paralyzed
--Elise is another spelling of Alice

So the girls have their names and meanings intertwined, and we didn't even try for it!!
Adeleide Annelise & Alice, sooo cute! Can't wait to see her!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sooo Sick

We we've been without Internet for the last few days, but that doesn't really matter because I've been too sick to even post.
So I've been sick with bronchitis, having a really high fever, tried to work on Wednesday, but they sent me home. Spent the rest of Wednesday out of it. Went to work on Thursday, still out of it but working. So here is Friday, feeling a bit better, and now I have internet YEAH!
Now if only my voice would come back.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Any Good Books??

I have a little spear time, but I am looking for some good book suggestions.....
Now I am leaning more towards the mind candy if you will-- (Not really liking the though of the Adult Classics (Jane Austin-ish, Grapes of Wrath, deep messages type things)
-However, Children's Classics's I am open too, anything from Skippy Jon Jones to Anne of Green Gables. (Since Heidi Anne loves to be read aloud.)
-I have read pretty near every Orson Scott Card, Michael Crichton, Stephanie Myers (yeap all 5 of her books).
-I have read a ton of WWII journals and biography's from the home front to all the theaters, and even more recent tales, for example The Lone Survivor (which could make anyone cry).
I am in a slight reading rut and could use a little insight into other authors out there. Amazon is pretty good at Suggestions, but thought other people might have some nice insight as well.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming Winter 2009...

I just found out today (and with my sister's permission I get to post this) that she is having a BOY!! He'll be due in December 2009. He has long legs and was giving the ultrasound tech High Fives. So they'll have their Little Princess (Kayla) and now their little Sport (Ryder).
Congrats!! It'll be fun to have a nephew, and I hope Kayla and Heidi Anne like having a little boy in the family!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Little Daredevil

If you remember, about 4 or so months ago I had to use the bathroom, and came back to the great wipe escaped. After a few chuckles and some candid picture taking I learned my lesson.
Or so I thought, for now I put everything on a fairly high shelf. But she outsmarted me again, for when I had to leave her in the childproof living room for a moment, I came back to find this... So I am just waiting for a baby power or Destine mess in about 3-4 months! :) Hope I have my camera then too!
In case you were not aware, I do not have just any little girl with beautiful blue eyes and pretty little blonde curls, I have a daredevil in disguise. I have proof in this little video of her climbing up the stairs to chase the cats. I think her plan was to "read" to them but it became a chase. However, blogspot won't let me post it. So some pictures will have to do. Here she is at the base of the down stairs....Now she is at the landing, half way there.... Then coming around the bend at the 3/4ths mark! Notice our boring stairs, and her cruising along?
Wish you could see the video, as you can see she is giggling the whole way, but soo much cuter to hear it! Especially her victory laugh once she got to the top! She doesn't look one bit happy at all does she? ;)
We got her a new toddler bed, since she tried so hard to get out of her crib. I just took this picture of her! I guess even little angels need some sleep. (Notice the pile of mats by her bed...another one of her many daily adventures.)

Shout Outs

Well it's been a busy week and I think this is one of busiest weeks in our family!
It's Chars birthday on the 9th (This is Us last year on his birthday)His youngest sister Millie's birthday as well, yeap, 4 years apart to the day.My Bekah and her husband's Wedding Anniversary on the 10th-4 Years Today!! And Coming Soon is Char's Oldest Sister is having baby girl, like any day now.
So Yeah, this week in August is a little packed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Well That Didn't Work

We tried to let Heidi Anne sleep in her crib as a toddler bed, however, it didn't have any railing. To make it safe we put her play mats under the crib. We put her into bed and she promptly rolled off the bed head first. She looked at us shocked at first, then giggled. The second time we put her further from the edge. She rolled off with momentum that time, fell, and again giggled.
It was a losing battle from there.
She would crawl up into her bed, fall off (each time in a different way, head first, rolling off, leaning over, whatever her little 1 year old mind could think of), smiling the whole time she was falling, and giggle at the landing.
We gave up, let her have her fun for a bit, then put the crib railing back on. When we put her back into bed, she rolled against the railing (always testing the boundaries) hit her glow worm and fell asleep.
I think we'll get a real toddler bed with safety rails this weekend.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mild Heart Attack

This morning Heidi Anne gave me a mild heart attack. Char and I were cleaning, Heidi Anne was being good and just playing. Char went into the garage to put some things away. I left her in the house to give him a few more things to put away. I came back in and didn't see her in the living room so I checked the kitchen, and she wasn't there either. So I began to think "Great I am now one of those mom's whose baby gets taken and they say But I was way for only 30 seconds."
I called her name, and I hear giggles, and found her.
She had crawled up the stairs, for the FIRST time EVER, and was playing with the cats on the landing. Now we have to get a new guard gate soon.
Also, since she keeps trying to crawl over the railing on her crib, we are putting it to the toddler bed level. She is trying to help Char with it right now, knocking on the medal and looking under the crib. I love those transitional cribs. Tonight we'll see how she likes the big girl version of her bed. She's growing up!!