Monday, April 29, 2013

Scholarships, For Sell, and the "Shhhhh" Game

Right now it just feels like everything I thought I knew, I don't any more. What grip I had on the world was only in my head. It's amazing what can happen in just a few weeks. I keep wanting to call my Aunt Deb, my Aunt Sharon , my friend Freda, or just chat with some of my other best friends and sisters but even though I am at "stay at home mom" I've barely been home.

With Char going to nursing school we've been researching and applying for any scholarship, grant, or award we come across. A lot of it is submitting paper work, getting forms, filling out forms, doing essays, getting notaries', calling people to make sure they are doing their side of the forms. All of this before May 3rd. It seems like everything has a deadline of May 3rd.  If you can keep us in your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, or all the above - many heart felt thanks. If you know of any grants, scholarships, awards, magic spells, ect please let us know.

Sadly, we're selling the house. under water on it. We "auditioned" 3 different agents. It translates to having to clean the house toughly 3 different times. We were also hit with the reality that we are way under water on the house. We got it 4 years ago for 140 now it's value is around 115. OUCH!! We'll be lucky to just break even. Did I mention OUCH?

Next have been the house showings. We've had 4 so far in 2 weeks. In fact, I am hiding at the library right now while the house is being shown. From years of watching HGTV I can only imagine how they are going. "Gee, this family has poor taste in style." "Why on earth would you paint a little girl's room THIS shade of pink." "Honestly, you would think she would have vacuumed a tad more before we came." I know it's a little self centered, but I never saw an episode where the potential buyers ever went "Amazing, I have got to get her to come give me tips on how to decorate a house!"  

We typically have 2-4 hours notice. Which means any plans Heidi Anne and I had for the day are out the window. I spend time cleaning up the house and then I try to find a place for us to hide out until we can go back home. So far the park and the library have been our favorite places to hang out. We did have to cancel a house showing on Thursday, because Heidi Anne had a fever of 102.3 with Motrin and was delirious. The poor thing burned her leg by getting tangled in the iron cord, knocked it down, then walked right into it. Burning the whole side of her leg.

Friday she was a little better-which was good because we had another house showing. AGGG!!
We went to the library and then to the park for a picnic lunch. I so lucky that she is willing to just go along with the changes - but it's wearing her down. She's my trooper.

She created a game at the library she calls "The Shhhhh Game" Basically, it's a contest between a child and their parents. Is the child who speaks in a normal tone of voice louder then the mom who "yell / whispers" (her words not mine)? Amazingly, the Moms who go "SHHHHH-Thissss isss a library, if you aren't quite we'll leave!" always seem to win.

The parents get two points if they whisper something to the kid that makes the child start to really cry and scream. My guess is a threat of some sort. - Even though I am here (hiding from another house showing), luckily Heidi Anne is at pre-school right now, I find myself still playing this game. Parents are at 10 points and the kids are at 6 points. I'll have to ask my sister in law, who is a librarian, which they find more annoying, the kids or the "yell/whisper" parents.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Heidi Anne's Version of the Birds and Bees

Heidi Anne has started to tell people I'm pregnant. She wants a little sister more then she wants a puppy. Trust me she wants a puppy more then anything - apart from a baby sister. 
A little discussion on a car ride home after pre-school:

Me: "Heidi Anne, why are you telling people I'm going to have a baby?"

"Oh, because that's how you get a sister." (Now this explanation comes from a little blue eyed, sandy blonde haired girl with pig tails in her booster set in the back of the car). 

Me: "What do you mean that's how you get a sister?"

"Oh, that's easy. You see Momma, babies never come by surprise. Kids or other people say "I've gonna have a baby soon! or I'm having a little brother or sister." Then a Momma goes to the hospital. Then she screams because she wants her baby. Soon a nurse comes in with a baby that screams too, and the nurse says "Yeap, it's a match!" So finally, the mommy gets her baby and they come home."

Me: "Oh, Really." 
 "I talked it out with Zoey (her friend) and if I say you're going to have a baby one will magically come."

Me: "Hmmm, well Momma isn't going to have a baby." 
"Not yet...silly. But soon, it's magic." (Insert matter of fact head nod). 
You can't really argue with a four year old about magic now can you? 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Autoimmune Adventures: Life ~ The Jig Saw Puzzle

Life is like a jig saw puzzle. If you focus on just one or two pieces you'll never know what it is you're really looking at. Once you get more and more of the puzzle together you know more and more whats going on. But even once you finish that puzzle, you won't see the beauty of it if you put your nose to it. You have to step back in order to see the whole thing. That applies to all aspects of life; school, work, love, raising a family, overcoming an illness or autoimmune issues, or just having a goal or a hobby, ect.  

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." ~ C.S. Lewis

   I love that quote. It helps me deal with any of the little things that come up in life, it reminds me that hardship or trials in our life make us stronger. Things could be hard now, but tomorrow holds untold possibilities.  You just have to stay looking for the bright side of things. Otherwise you fall into a defeatist mentality - which hurts not only you but those around you who love you and want the best for you.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Facebook Funnies

These were just little comments on my Facebook Page but I wanted to keep them on the blog because I love these little moment of life. After all  isn't that what life is, these fleeting little moments, a cute comment from a child, or random thoughts. 

April 20th
Heidi Anne just giggling away. 
Me: Heidi Anne what is so funny? (Now I am laughing because she is).
Heidi Anne: Nothing. My voice just loves to laugh. So I am laughing. 
When was the last time "your voice just loved to laugh"? 
--The irony of this happening on 4/20 wasn't lost on me.

March 15th 
Where's a camera when you need it?
After 15 minutes of quite in her room I check on her to see she had buttoned herself into a knot in her nightclothes and was trapped on the floor. 
She looks up at me grinning and asking "Hey, Momma - Can I get a little help?"

February 2nd
Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.
― Viktor E. Frankl

January 9th
Me trying to set up new passwords at work: "Your password must contain a capital letter, a number, a emoticon, 8 elements from the periodic table, a plot containing a protagonist and some character development with a surprising ending."

Monday, April 15, 2013

Autoimmune Adventures - Weighty Issues

If you have any autoimmune disorder chances are you've been on Prednisone. Prednisone is interesting, it works, but it has some side effects. The one people see or fear the most is the weight gain. The swollen face, being puffy, or your stomach swells up and you look like one of those starving children pictures (tiny arms and legs but a balloon stomach). I've known people who chose not to take the medication solely because of this side effect.

Trust me I have been there. In the last 36 months I have been anywhere from 100 pounds to 230 pounds and everywhere between. Here are some tips I have on how to deal with the “Yo-yo” weight.

1. I keep all my various sized clothes from the XXL to the Medium. Same with the shoes, lots of shoe sizes. I find it helps with those "Nothing FITS!" Fits. All hung up and ready to go.

2. Have some fun with your hair and make up. Find ways to make yourself feel good about yourself. Different hair cuts or styles can make you look better. Even different shades of make up can improve how you feel about your looks.

3. Hide the scale. Chances are you know about what you weigh and seeing the numbers will only make you feel worse.

4. Eat healthy. The weight will come and go but your habits will stay. Trust me, I know the feeling of "Geez, if I'm going to look this way I might as well enjoy what I eat and just go hog wild with the junk food."

5. Stick with the medication. Again the weight will come and go. Prednisone keeps the autoimmune issues at bay. There are far more serious complication that can arise from not taking care of yourself. Yes, the looks and stares aren't fun, but at least your around to see them. Chances are your better able to move, breath, eat, talk, walk, ect. I'll take the weight gain but being able to walk with my little girl over being tiny but bedridden any day.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Story Time with Sue Sue and the Fairy Godmother

Heidi Anne got a special adventure this week. She's been having what I call "Sue Sue Withdrawals . She misses her old schedule, she misses her friends, the crafts, or just her Sue Sue." I think we were both in tears a few days ago when she just broke down and cried "Momma, I am frustrated. I just want my Sue Sue!!"
I felt so sad for her, her little world must seem like it's falling apart. It's weird to explain Heidi Anne's love of Sue Sue, it's like an extra Aunt with bunches of cousins and almost siblings.
 Anyways, she still gets to see some of her friends at pre-school. (She also had her very first play date ever with her friend Zoey on Saturday) Susan and I get to see each other at drop off and pick up. 

Anyways, we were able to meet up for a special story-time at the library. For Heidi Anne it was an EXTREMELY SPECIAL story-time.

 You should have seen her face and she little squeal of "SUE SUE!! MY FRIENDS!!" The icing on the cake was the "Fairy Godmother" from the ballet Cinderella showed up to read to the girls. 
(Cinderella was supposed to be there according to the flier but the girls didn't know it and one pretty ballerina is more then enough).

 They got two stories read to them, they got to do ballet steps, and hold real pointe shoes. She was in high heaven and hated leaving.