Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had fun with Christmas, Heidi loved the wrapping paper. She got a cute purse from my Aunt that's pink and green with an H on it. Her cousin got a coordinating one too. We also got the girls coordinating dolls (Kaikai's is pink, Heidi's blue), glow worms (again Kaikai's pink and Heidi's blue), lots of board books, coordinating outfits (Kaikai's a cute dress and Heidi's a pant/skirt outfit), matching unicorns (both were pink and purple).
Heidi also got a little lamb, which she just adores, some puppets, and books. She got some outfits from Chars sisters and mom.
She also got a little piano, a ring stack, and blocks. We also got her the movie Heidi.
Char got a Samurai sword set from me and he's getting me a 22 rifle for my Christmas/birthday gift.
And maybe a puppy sometime....I think we're leaning towards a Cockapoo.


Well Heidi got her had casted today. Can't wait to get it!!