Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Gift!!

We visited my sister & her family last weekend, we were trying to get Christmas pictures of our little girls (before the new baby comes). Well that didn't quite go as planned. We dressed them in matching dresses, my sister did their hair soo cute, and we got the picture props all ready to go. Sadly, they were a tad cranky whenever we brought out the camera. However, when we would put them down or away they would do the cutest things! They would play together so nicely or jump up and down on the sofa together and say Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. Or have the prettiest smiles. But bring out the camera and they were the most stubborn little 2 year olds.
Since we were visiting my sister gave me my Christmas gift early, (there have been so many nasty snow storms lately that we weren't sure if we're coming down on Christmas). So she gave me a one of a kind book. Its my blog since the first day I started it when we came home from the NICU with Heidi Anne to Nov. 2009. I LOVE it!! I keep looking at it over and over. Its just beautiful. I'm bringing it in on Monday to work to show off as well. THANK YOU Bekah!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally Getting Better!!

Sooo I've been very sick the last few weeks with pneumonia I am finally starting to feel better!
Soo quick recap, we painted over the last few weeks. We painted our ceilings white, (they were the same color as the walls, a light tan shade, but it made you feel like you were in a moving box.) We also repainted the bathroom, it was this deep brown color (we called it the cave). Now it's a nice light blue.

Before: After:
We also painted the office a nice light green, which Heidi Anne helped pick out. We call it Tinkerbell Green.