Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To Big Too Fast

Today was Heidi Anne's first day of Pre-K and her first day of Ballet without me in the classroom with her. As I sat outside the classroom - to make sure she wouldn't be upset about being alone - I thought about my little girl last summer. The baby girl that yelled "THANK-YOU STARS!!" on the Fourth of July last year was counting the number of booms with each Firework this year. 
The little girl who needed Momma's hand as she toddled around now helps other babies walk. Amazing what happens in less then 52 weeks. Now I look at my girl who fell asleep while cuddling her Daddy on the sofa and wonder if this too, will be a thing of the past sooner then I want.
One thing that comforts me is how happy, sweet, kind, loving, silly, and charming she is. So while she's growing up too quickly for my liking, at least it's slow enough for us to teach her about the important things in this life. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bear Lake-No Water Necessary

We have been trying to go to Bear Lake nearly all Summer. But things kept getting in the way; someone (cough, cough) would get sick, busy holiday weekends which the lake would have been packed, and I really, really wanted to go with my sister’s family, however, we constantly ran into scheduling conflicts. We deiced, “Oh, well-we’ll just plan better next year” and didn't give it much thought after that.  Heidi Anne had other plans. She kept asking when we would be going to the Lake with Kayla? When were we going to get the yummy ice cream shake?" Char decided we should go to the lake, even if we didn't go swimming or play in the water.  He couldn't let the potential memories slip away. So we took the scenic drive through Logan Canyon to visit Bear Lake

Do you remember that old computer game “Oregon Trail”? You know the game where just after you haggled away your witch-hazel for 100 pounds of bacon Little Timmy died of Mountain Spotted Fever. 
Poor Timmy. Oh well, Pass the Bacon
Anyways, one of the stops on the game was Bear Lake – I didn’t know it was REALLY part of the Oregon Trail until I saw various historical markers. Since we had been in the car for quite sometime we made a little game of it. Every time we saw a marker, a historical billboard, or anything to do with history, we would get out of the car and wander around. We weren’t able to go around the whole lake, which means we have an adventure for another day. (We’re hoping for next summer!)  

In addition to the shakes she wanted to get lunch at the “fun pizza place we went to with Kayla!” I have no idea how she remembered it, yet she did. We love Bear Lake Pizza too, it was lunch time, so that's where we went.  She said she missed Kayla but the pizza was still just as good.

Dadad, I'm STARVING!! 

Being a little Clown

We finished our mini trip by getting those Raspberry Shakes for Heidi Anne (Weird to think the main reason for going up to the lake in the first place was how we ended it. Meh). We got those tasty shakes from the most popular snack shack. (It’s hard to describe the place but if you’ve been to Bear Lake you know what I am talking about.) 

The "Famous" Shake Shack
As we waited for the shakes, Heidi Anne went exploring, climbed some trees, wandered in the little field behind the building, just having a good time outside. 
I wasn't climbing the tree-What makes you think that?
At long last she got her beloved raspberry shake. I don’t know why, but watching her jumping up and down with excitement for her treat, then savoring it as we sat in the shade is one of my favorite adventures, so far. 
Hhhmm-Dat's Good!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Heidi Anne's First School Performance

Heidi with her "boyfriend" James-Ahh Puppy Love
I adore Heidi Anne's daycare and all the teachers that work there. Four of the teachers finished their Education Degree this spring.  They will all be teachers at different elementary schools this fall. 
Kylie- A.K.A "Kylie Kool"
These four teachers all love the kids they've been teaching, you can tell by how happy they are when they see the teachers in the store or when a child is dropped off and the run to hug their favorite teacher. There are a few children (like Heidi Anne) that have been involved with their lives since they have been 5 weeks old. 
The teachers deiced to go out with a bang. They held an official school performance with the kids for all of their families. They have been practicing and preparing for weeks. Heidi Anne has been super excited about the show, she would be singing in her room and Char asked what she was doing. She proudly told him with a grin "I am doing practice, practice, practice-so I can sing pretty for all the parents!" 
Mallory with Heidi 
At 6:30 we arrived at the recital hall where nearly 30 other children from 18 months to 10 years old were getting ready to sing. They were all on the stage singing a verity of songs. I then realized the irony of school plays. Your kid will sing any and every song at the top of their lungs, but once they are on stage they mumble the lyrics. Odd.
I forgot what I was doing-Oh well
Bubble, Bubble-POP!!
After the kids sang, the teachers passed out cups of popcorn while we were treated to a surprise movie. In addition to putting on the recital the teachers made an adorable video of interviews with the kids (think "Kids Say the Darnest Things") mixed with pictures of the everyone doing their favorite activities. 
 The Shark family-Do, Do, Do, Da Do
 It made me realize the from now on there will be many, many more school performances to come. 
Take a Bow, I don't remember that song...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Admiral

Over the last year we've started to change our home decor from an Asian theme to "Refined Rustic". Do not get it mixed up with "Crappy Country" . Our refined rustic has earth tones (greens, blues, and different browns), pictures of Wasatch / Teton forests or the little critters that live there. Well, maybe a grizzly bear isn't a "little critter" but you get the idea. Recently, we have developed a taste for older (1920-1940's) antiques and electronics. On top of this Char has started of refinishing furniture as a hobby.
 –If anyone has some kerosene or miners lanterns they want to unload-I’ll give them a very happy home. I Promise!
This leads us to Char's birthday. We went to some of the antique stores looking for a coffee table or a school desk he could fix up for Heidi Anne. He found a beautiful desk for Heidi Anne no serious repair was needed. Another surprise was a 1948 Admiral radio that still works!! Oddly enough, the best radio station it picks up is the Oldies station. It's as if the radio has a memory of its own with music preferences to boot.  
Yes, I said "He", we call it "The Admiral".  On the side of Admiral there is a list and diagram of all the parts he uses. On the bottom are some basic repair instructions. I’m starting to understand the “they don’t make them like they used to” cliché.
 Unfortunately, despite our success, we didn't find any coffee tables or other items to refinish. Instead, he bought some lumber and started to build a coffee table from scratch. Considering we don't have a jig or miter saw it's looking really awesome. Bonus-I now have some ideas on what to get him for Christmas. I can't wait for his next project-whatever it maybe. It may sound like a slow uneventful birthday but he had fun. Not to mention The Admiral is so cool!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wildflowers and Slushies

Stella Lily
Lately Heidi Anne and I have been doing wildflower adventures, where we walk around the neighborhood or vacant lots, find, and pick wildflowers. We bring them home to identify them then we preserve them using our flower press. Last Saturday Char had to work so I thought it would be fun to finish our wildflower adventure with a surprise-her very first Slushy.

After our successful hunt of the elusive Common Sunflower and Stella Lilies. We went to 7/11 celebrate our triumph. The employees looked at use like we were from Mars. A little girl in a stroller, loaded with flowers, having the following actual conversation.

Me: Heidi Anne, would you like a Slurpee?
Her: What’s a Slurppy?
Me: It’s like a melted popcicle.
Her: What’s a popsicle?
            (Insert very puzzled looks from customers and employees)
Me: It’s an otterpop on a stick.
Her: Okay, I want a Popsicle.
Me: How about a Slurpee?
Her: Yeah! That sounds fun!!!

We find the Slurpee machines, trying to figure out how to operate the thing, where the cups are, which flavor would be the best. I got a Coke and she got banana. As we headed to checkout Heidi Anne said "I'm getting hungry." I figured since she already had a Slurpee for a snack why not go for broke? We both saw those rolling hot dogs at the same time and we both wanted one! However, I couldn't eat it-but at least she could. As soon as we paid I told her to go for it. We were still in the store when she took her first bite and first sip. After which  exclaimed "This is the BEST hot dog I ever had!! Oh, the Banana  Slurpee  is so yummy! No-this hot dog is Yummier!" Somewhere along the way she got me to trade my Coke  Slurpee  for her Banana. 

That is how Heidi Anne got her very first slurpee , gas station hot dog, had any Coke, and hoodwinked her Momma to trade slurpee . Honestly, the Coke was so great, I  am still wondering how she did it.