Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Sushi To Me

 SO we got to go get my sushi birthday lunch. Yes-I took pictures. I LOVE Takara-I think a lot of it has to do with the presentation. I think the other half is the fact I am rather limited in what I can eat these days-so I am thrilled with any variety, and it's even better when it's affordable.
We got 2 Golden Rolls, a Lobster Roll (we've never had that one before, and most likely won't for a very long time-but it was a birthday treat) and the Aggie roll. And it was all delicious.
I know sushi might sound weird-but you should really give it a shot. Even better, starting this week, Takara is offering buy one roll, get one roll free. This gives you an idea what promotions are going on starting next week.

Buy an Anger Management Roll and get any roll for free.

Buy a French Kiss Roll and get any roll for free.

Buy one of the five rolls listed below and get any roll for free. 1) Mexican Crunch Roll 2) Crunch Roll 3) Ten Ten Roll 4) Golden California Roll 5) Hungry Roll

No I don't work for this place-or do any advertising. It's just great for me to be able to eat something-and not be board with it. Seriously, you have no idea how dull it can get-and you can't really go out to eat so easily either. You just can't grab a good hamburger--oh how I miss you. Mr. Hamburger...or have anything too fried.
Healthy? Yes..
Always fun? No...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Momma's Goal # 428

Never be to busy to play Hide and Seek or what ever little games Heidi Anne makes up. I've noticed recently she only wants to play a few rounds of Hide and Seek before she moves onto another game. So the dishes can wait for 5 mintues while I count to ten and hear "Come Get ME!!" from behind a door. I find her and then she tells me "You Turn." She then "covers" her eyes, counts to 10 and says "I found you! You turn!"
Half the time I am still in the process of trying to hide. She speed counts-cheater.
She has this other game she made up as well. It's like the I got your nose, only she takes your nose, and she puts it on, and wears it. She'll do this with your ears, hair, fingers, ect. She will come up to Char and say, "I have Momma's nose. See? It soo pretty." She even puts it back on me too. Sometimes she will "eat" her own nose, ears, ect, so I can't wear her nose.
She just picks up these games, wants to play them for a few mintues, and then she moves on to playing with her dollhouse, coloring, so on. If I don't take the time to play right then and there-I'll miss these fun little moments, however-the laundry hasn't done anything cute recently-I think it can wait a few more minutes to be sorted. Now, should it start singing and dancing, that would get my attention.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Fun!!

Here are some fun pictures of my desk on my Birthday. My team decorated it for me. It was so cute and I was totally surprised!! I still have the pretty orange bow on the top of my computer monitor-it gives it a little flair.
But they didn't stop there! They even did a potluck-with food I can eat!! Cori made some GREAT teriyaki chicken, rice, and we had sushi thanks to Lisa. I LOVE Sushi!!! Then some pretty treats from Sweetly Divine to finish it all up.
We tried to do a foil BBQ chicken for dinner, but found out at 6:45 pm-we discovered we must of left the valve slightly open this summer when we last grilled. Ooopppss. So we baked it in the oven instead-not quite the same-but we improvised pretty well, and Char still made it taste wonderful.
On Wednesday Char and I are going to Takara for my birthday dinner (at lunch) so I can get....You guessed it....SUSHI!!!!  Heidi Anne likes sushi-but sometimes it's just fun to go out and not have to pay close attention to make sure someone doesn't choke by mistake. And she steals my sushi...Did I mention I love sushi? :)
All and All it was a really fun birthday! Thanks to everyone who made it all special!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cough Cough

Soo Heidi Anne and I have been tag teaming with being sick these last two weeks. She lost her ear tubes over Thanksgiving weekend. She has had 3 ear infections since then. All last week she was miserable with a cough and a double ear infection. Luckily, the Doctor says that we can put new tubes in on Feb 4th and take out her adenoids (which can cause lots of sinus infections and allergies). We can't take out her tonsils, since she wouldn't know not to talk for a few weeks. However, the adenoids are just on top of the tonsils and should help with her sore throat as well.
Which in turn should help me. So I was tending to my sick little Heidi Anne, who shared her cough with me. So my cough turned into the worst cough the Doctor had ever heard. It was so bad, he tested me for Whopping Cough. Why? Because he had never heard Whopping Cough, but he had never heard of such a nasty cough as mine-therefore I either had the worst bronchitis he had ever heard, or it was Whopping Cough. Thank heavens the CDC also tested me-after waiting 3 days the test came back negative. So just the worst sounding cough ever. (Or my Dr needs to get out more.....)
So now we wait, wait for this lovely cough to subside, for the antibiotics to kick in, and for Heidi Anne to get her tubes so we don't have to deal with this again. I miss her tubes! I love medical science. Tons better then-Let's say you have Whopping Cough-Because I've never heard it before.....
Great Doctor, don't get me wrong. Just very grateful for modern technology.