Saturday, February 20, 2010

Heidi Notes

Heidi's daycare and the teachers, they do the sweetest things, for example they do her hair. They also give us a daily report, of what she had to eat, when and how long she napped, and a cute little story of the day. So I've decided to start writing down some of these cute stories. Here are a few pictures of her hair this week:
Heidi loved music time! She would dance and jump around when the song was playing. As soon as the music stopped she would stand and wait for the next song. She would also bob her head up and down and spin around. She did it so much she made herself dizzy and almost feel over. Then she would start laughing at herself.

Heidi loved being in the bouncer today, As soon as she got out she would put her baby doll in, and bounced it for the baby. She wanted the baby to experiance the fun like she had!

We went outside for a few minutes this morning. By the time the other kids were freezing and ready to go in Heidi was still wanting to stay outside and play. Even when she was the only one left outside, she kept saying "No" when she was told it was time to go in. (She loves to play outside).
Heidi played shoe store today. She went to the shoe cubby and tried on all the other girls shoes. She would take out a pair, put them on, walk a few steps, and then put them back away. She did this for almost 20 minutes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Wish I Had Jessie's Girl....

I randomly heard this song on the radio and had a flash back...
SO almost a life time ago, when I was 15 / 16 ish, my sister had gone to visit our Grandparents.
My dad was going to pick her up from the airport from a red eye flight, so 10:30 she would be landing. My cousin and I really wanted to go with him to pick her up, and Bekah really wanted to see Lizzie. We were told No, it would be to late, we'd just sleep the whole way, ect. (I think the honest truth was the thought of 3 teenage girls for 2 hours in a car in the middle of the night just wasn't appealing.)
Somehow our cousin Lizzie convinced my dad at the last minute for us to come with him to pick Bekah up. It was a pretty uneventful drive, until we got near the airport. I Wish I had Jessie's Girl came on the radio, we rolled the windows down, and Lizzie and I just scream / singed at the song at the top of our lungs at 10 at night.
I think the best part was when we went to the gate to pick up Bekah (this was pre 9/11). Liz went off to the side, so my Dad and I were there waiting for Bekah. She looked happy to see us, we gathered her things, started to head out, and then some "rude" girl bumped into her. Oh my gosh how Bekah screamed (in the teen girl--oh my gosh my BFF is here) fashion. The whole ride home was nothing but singing off key on purpose, giggling, and talking.
It just struck me how a song I hadn't heard in nearly 10 years brought back all those fun little memories, and I just couldn't stop smiling, and humming the song.
P.S It has also been brought to my attention I am pretty much the only one who still calls Rebekah "Bekah", old habits die hard I guess.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook Tag

I saw this Tag on Facebook and thought, why not do it real fast.

"To celebrate Valentine's Day change your profile picture to you and your spouse and tell us how long you two have been together."

So I changed it to this picture of us, Heidi was about 3-4 weeks old. (Can you tell how sleep deprived we look? Can you believe how tiny she used to be?). We've been together since August 2001. Started out as friends and have been together ever since.

Chocolate Friday

A little info on where we work. It can get to be very stressful, we get very close to our co-workers / friends, we tend to do potlucks and other fun things. Oh did I mention we really go all out for holidays and farewells. Unlike most places, the farewells are on happy notes, normally its because someone or their spouse graduated at the University.
On Friday we celebrated Valentine's Day and a going away party, so of course we had to up the anty. We did a chocolate fountain party! It was sooo fun, Char and I brought our fountain. A few girls melted the chocolate at their home. The rest was just good old fashion potluck, there was fruit, pretzels, animal crackers, gummy candies, if it could be dipped in chocolate it was. (Someone even had chocolate covered pizza--and No, it wasn't a pregnant woman). Some people wanted to know why I didn't bring it sooner, the thought just never crossed my mind and no one had ever asked.We are definitely doing this again!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spaghetti Fun

Tonight we had spaghetti for dinner, nothing new or special, except for one little thing...Heidi learned that playing with your food can be fun. Lots and Lots of fun. Since it was a bath night tonight anyways, we just let her go for it.
Normally she is a very clean and proper eater. Tonight, she started out using her fork, blowing on the food to cool it down. Well, somewhere along the way she found that if you use a fork and your fingers you can eat even more! She just chowed down, saying "Yummy" and "More" the whole time. My personal favorite was when she finished, she licked her fingers clean and said, "Done!'

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hair Cut and Hunter

We got a new puppy for my birthday! His name is Hunter and he's an 9 weeks old Spoodle, and weighs 3 pounds. He is sooo cute and super smart. He's pretty much house broken, he is already learning Sit, Stay, Come, Down, and Release (not bitting or stealing Heidi Anne's toys). She was terrified of him at first. It's been nearly 3 weeks but he's finally grown on her. She says Puppy and trys to say Hunter.

Heidi also got her first haircut last week. It started as a bang cut, but she did so well that we decided to get ride of baby mullet as well. It looks so cute and even now! She she pouted and had her big crocadile tears well up the whole time. According to all the hair sylist she did great!
Here she is showing off her new hair cut. She looks so cute with her baby bangs and her hair does the cutest piggy tails now too!