Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heidi Anne, How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Makings of a Garden
With 2 x 4's, Mud and More, and Seeds Almost in a Row....
You may recall Adventures of Heidi Anne: --Need Help--Project Small Garden. About 2 weeks ago there was a break in the snow and some nice weather-finally, therefore Char got started on our little garden. We built two, one is 2 x 4 and a 4 x 6. Heidi Anne loved to watch & help Dada.
Sadly, it snowed again not to long after we finished our flower houses as Heidi Anne calls them.   
We were able to plant our snow peas, onions, beans, and lavender later. The tomatoes are still inside-since it's still snowing-we thought it was best, I like fresh tomatoes and I really don't want them to die due to the frost. We planted the lettuce, carrots, parsnips, and some fun flowers for Heidi Anne. So we'll just wait and see how they do. Heidi Anne loves to just go and water her plants and watch them grow. Especially her peas and beans-which is always a good choice for little kids, those plants really grow right before their eyes.
Heidi Anne Counting the Bags of Dirt
Ready for Planting-Just Need Good Weather
Heidi Anne Watching the Construction
"My Turn Dada?"
Mixing the Dirt Like Dada

"Silly Dada, You Missed Some Spots"
Telling Us Where She Wants Plants to Go
Lanvender and Other Flowers-Heidi Anne's Flower House
Not a Bad Start-Onions, Peas, and Beans-So Far

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facebook Funnies

These are some cute pics of my niece and nephew at their Easter. It's too cute to keep to myself! 

Hmmm, Where did the eggs go??

There They Are! 
How did an Egg Turn into This???
Forget the Eggs-There are Slides!! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Showing of their Shirts-Everyone Thought They Were Twins

Have I mentioned I love Baby Animal Days?? Well sadly this year it was canceled due to snow. I love Cache Valley weather! Luckily they had Farm Animal Days-and they extended it to the weekend due to the snow. So we went with my sister and her family. We had them come up to send the day with us at the Farm and then come over for a Dutch Oven dinner. Luckily for us, we only had a few inches of rain off and on during our adventure. Basically in this valley, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it'll change. (Have I mentioned I love the weather here?). 
We meet them at the farm at the fun began as soon as Heidi Anne and Kailah could see each other they were calling for the other. My sister got them matching shirts, which they both adored-and made pretty much anyone we meet think they were twins or at the very least sisters. I think that's the best complement ever, that people think they look so alike and get along so well they must be twins or siblings.
Once the girls were ready, off we went to start another adventure. As we went to see the animals-the whole little walk Heidi Anne was singing to herself "Ei-Ei-O". 
Cutest Little Lamb
Side Note on Heidi Anne: We know she most likely has ADD--So to combat this and prevent headaches we deal with it head on. When we see or know she is getting overwhelmed or having a hard time focusing we re-direct (get her attention gently and get her focus back on whatever the task is). The key phrase we use right now is "Heidi Anne, where's your nose?", she has to look at us, she points to her nose--(We know that she can hear us and is listening-2 very different things-and her attention is back on us), we then remind her of whatever it is she should be doing. Here she is touching her nose-and then petting the piggies. So if you ever hear us ask "Where's your nose?" You know why....
The girls got to pet a little calf, get in the pin with some piglets, and pet some little lambs and little goats.
Heidis cousin with the piglets
"Where's Your Nose?"

Oh, Right..I wanted to play with the piggies....
Windmill & Rain
After that we toured the 1917 Farm house-which was fun and kept us out of the rain-and reminded us why we didn't buy an older home here in the area. We also saw them dye eggs the really old fashion way, with beet juice, onion skins, blueberry juice. If I ever have the time I might give that a try some Easter. But not this year. (>..)>
Then we took the kids to see baby ducks and chicks. Rykken seemed to like the ducks-almost a little to much-Oh, that little boy is sooo freaking cute!! Kailah got to hold a little chick all on her own.
Heidi Anne & her cousin with the Ducklings
Heidi's Cousin Loved the Ducklings
Heidi's Cousin Holds a Little Chick with Rykken Watching
Look, Heidi, Look!!

Rebekah & Heidi's Cousin
A big treat for the girls was the pony rides. Oh how Kailah and Heidi Anne were so excited! I love doing things with my sister, espically with Kailah and Heidi Anne. Kailah gets so excited about something and Heidi Anne catches it like a bug or vice versa. It just makes activities so much more fun to me. Kailah and Heidi Anne would even hold hands as we were walking. I just can't believe those little girls are getting that big! The pony ride was actually pretty eventful-1 pony (Bandit) was acting up.  He would make 1 circle-then turn sideways and stop-thus ending the ride for everyone else. We tried hard not to get him-but we did. So I was determined not to let him ruin our girls turn! So when Bekah and I were left with him-I picked him-and as we walked I just coaxed him along the whole time-while balancing Heidi Anne. Whatever I did-it worked, the girls (and the others who happened to be with us) got the full pony ride.
Super Moms 2-Stubborn Pony-0
Heidi's Cousin on Her Pony
Heidi Anne Getting Saddled Up
Heidi's Cousin in High Heaven!
Me vs. Bandit-With Heidi Anne Along for the Ride
 Lastly, before we left we went to see the baby turtles and bunnies. I am not sure how those two go together, but somehow they apparently do. Oh, Kailah absolutely LOVED the bunnies. I don't think I've seen a happier little girl. She just smiled, and giggled, and gave the bunny kisses, she was so content with him on her lap. On the other hand, Heidi Anne was slightly scratched by the bunny she was given to hold-and I mean slightly-so she was then terrified of the bunny. (Killer Rabbit-was going threw my mind...)
He's So Cute!
Heidi's Cousin and the Baby Bunny-Sweet!
The Killer Rabbit....
Rhett & Heidi's Cousin

Momma, Dadda, & Heidi Anne-2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Ancient Vacuum?

Our Little Anthropologist / Archeologist?

 Looking on the local city calendar we found out that the University was doing a kids hands on day at their "museum", even better it was for free. We decided it could be fun, and if not-hey, no loss.  
It turned out to be pretty cute. They had little activities set up for different ages and Heidi Anne really enjoyed it. 
 We got there right after it opened were there for about an hour-so before lots of other people started arriving. It worked out great, she was able to do a lot of little activities and seemed to like looking at the things in cases.
Heidi Anne would ask Char "What's That?" and he would say, "That's a Navajo Blanket" or "That's a really old hammer, it's made out of stone." They would just go down the case "What's That??" "That's a mask from a long time ago-its made out of hay". 
Then came across a vacuum someone had left out, and Heidi Anne asked "What's That?" without missing a beat Char said, "Oh, Now that's an Ancient vacuum." She said "Ohhhhhh". All of the people there just busted out laughing, and one of the workers said that's exactly what her dad would have done. 
It makes me want to take her to a real museum-I have a feeling she would LOVE the Dinosaurs.   

Grinding the Corn Like the Museum Lady Showed Her

Then She Decided SMASHING Works Better

Working on Her Bracelet

Our "Aztec" Hieroglyph-It's Heidi Anne's Birthday

Her "Mayan Gold" Bracelet

Just Playing

Showing off her Adventure Hat

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Note From Her Teacher

I got the cutest note from Heidi Anne's Piano Teacher yesterday. 

Today during piano lessons Heidi Anne dazed off into space after about 10 seconds I asked her what she was thinking about. Heidi Anne replied, "My Momma laughing, she talks about my Daddy a lot too."

I just thought it was cute she thinks about us at piano, at school, even at 2 1/2 she likes the way I laugh or pays attention to how I talk about her Daddy. 
Little children (especially mine) never cease to amaze me.