Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rowan's Glasses, Play Therapy and Cass the Pup

Things have been super busy since I've turned back into a stay at home mom. A lot of doctor appointments, Early Intervention sessions, and general home making things. 
Now that I'm home again, they only want me to do things with or for them. For example, Char and I are sitting on the couch and one of the Littles will ask for water. Char starts to get up, they then demand "NO!! Mommy!!" (I think the Littles missed me a lot when I was at work). 

I took Rowan for an annual eye exam. We've noticed a slight cross in his right eye. At first the Physician's Assistant thought it was just a mild lazy eye. Which meant we needed to dilate his eyes to get a better look. If you've ever had your eye dilated, you know how much it stings and that your eyes become very sensitive to light. I talked them into giving Rowan a sucker right before the drops were placed. He still fought it but not nearly as much as he could have.
After 20 minutes the eye doctor came in. He examined Rowan's eyes for some time. Finally he gave me a prognoses. Rowan has moderate to severe cross in his right eye. In addition to that, his right eye can't focus even with corrective lenses. Except for his cross eye, the eye is perfect but his brain is no longer trying to use the right eye anymore.  Meaning it's dying. Oh, his left eye needs corrective lenses.     

The plan is to have him use glasses for the next 3 months. Next, we'll patch the good eye to make the right eye learn to focus, while still wearing glasses. Finally, if not enough progress has been made over the next 6 months-he'll need surgery. 

We got him the flexible glasses with a strap across the back of the head. The first day with glasses was hard. He fought us an hour strait just to get them on the first time. After many suckers and dedication we got them on him. Now he just whines a little when we first put his glasses in the morning or after naps. 
Anastasia idolizes Rowan. I think she wanted to copy her brother. Now she frequently wears a pair of fake glasses around the house. Which might be a good thing for her to get used to. After all, 4 out of 5 of us have glasses. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time with her. 

Anastasia is still delayed in many areas, even for a preemie. 
Jill, Anastasia's speech therapist, decided it would be good for Anastasia to start some Play Therapy through Early Intervention. We went for the first time this week. (A parent has to be present for the whole session). 

Play Therapy is just once a week for an hour. However, her speech therapist, her previous physical therapist (Debbie), an occupational therapist and a special ed teacher are all present during her session. 

There's a circle time, where the toddlers sit in a chair that has their picture on it. (Anastasia wouldn't get off my lap). Next comes a group speech therapy session. Followed by a sensory project. This week it was a sensory bin filled with tapioca pearls and cinnamon candy. The kiddos got to find a variety of different hearts made out of plastic, rubber, paper or felt. (Anastasia wouldn't play in the bin but she did consume many a cinnamon candy.)   

While the toddlers play with the sensory project the speech therapist gives each parent some tips and things to work on during the upcoming week. When the speech therapist is done talking with the adults the kids move on to craft time. We worked on threading a shoelace through holes on a laminated heart. Next comes washing hands via foaming hand sanitizer. Promptly followed by snack time. Afterwards it's time for some physical therapy. 

It was fun and I think it'll be good for Anastasia. Oh, she is the only girl in our play group.  
You may recall,  Rowan is a very selective eater. Right now we're back to the yogurt, carbs and other soft foods phase. We offer him everything we're eating but he just won't eat it. I started trying to think of ways to get him more nutrition / more variety in his diet. Then it hit me. Smoothies might be the answer I was looking for. 
Since he loves orange juice, I started with an orange based smoothie. I used one of those pre-packaged smoothies from the store. (Didn't want to to think I've become a smoothie guru-maybe down the road I will be one). I made enough that Heidi, Rowan, and I could each have some. Luckily, he LOVED it! He drank his whole cup, then proceeded to consume half of Heidi's glass and then half of mine. He called it orange juice ice cream (he's not far off). Now, we're adding different fruits and veggies for him to try. 

We've been looking into getting another dog for the family. Bunny is my little shadow. She just won't leave my side nor go to any others in the family. We wanted a pup that would bond with the kids, be a good companion, and maybe become an Emotional Support Animal for Rowan and Heidi Anne.
I really wanted a Golden Retriever, however, there are allergies in the family. Sadly, Goldens' shed a ton! So it had to be a non-shedding dog. We also considered a shelter dog but anything poodle mix was adopted before you know it. 
In December we finally found the right pup. Meet Cass, the black Goldendoodle, he's half golden retriever and half poodle. We finally got to bring him home last Saturday. So far he fits nicely into our family. He adores the kids and loves to play outside with them. Every day, when Stacy goes down for her nap, I take Rowan and the dogs outside to play. Rowan really likes playing with Cass outside. (I know it's the dead of winter, however, the weather has been unseasonably warm-no coat needed to play outdoors.)