Friday, May 26, 2017

Moving & The Month of May

For the first week into the second week of May, illness had been making a circle around the family. 3 out of 5 of us were on antibiotics as I write this. Char reached a fever of 104, Stacy reached 102.6, Rory hit 102.3, I had a fever of 101.  

One day when Rory wasn't feeling well, we made a little fort for him. I think he had more fun watching us build it then being inside the fort.
Poor Rory got his first double ear infection. Along with a cough and a sore throat. They didn't do a strep test because he needed antibiotics for the ear infections.
We mostly just packed up whenever the kids would allow us to. We moved Mother's Day weekend. Grandma took the kids with her on Friday, so we loaded up until 6 pm that night. We had some help from church the last 90 minutes and they loaded more in those 90 minutes than just the 2 of us did in the entire day. That night we camped out in the house and slept on camping foam pads. 
We moved back to Utah on Saturday. No one from our new church came to help us unload, which was unfortunate. However, 2 of Char's co-workers showed up, we at least had some help, which we were grateful for. We spent the rest of the day and late into the night unpacking. (Which is mostly what we've been up to ever since then.)   

On Sunday it was Mother's Day. We went down to spend it with Char's family and to pick up the kids. It would have been a nightmare to try to load and unload with 3 little ones following us around. Heidi Anne got me a bouquet of multicolored tulips. Which were accidentally left at Grandma's house. We had a fun time visiting but had to leave a little early because Rory's bed time was coming and we still had cribs to put together. Also we thought Heidi had school the next morning. 

On Monday morning I walked Heidi to her old but new school. Yes, we moved into the same school district that we lived in before we left for Wyoming. I thought I could just walk in and transfer her right then and there. However, I had paper work to do, they had to find space for her in a class, and they had to get a desk put together. Which meant she didn't start school until Wednesday. 
That worked out alright since Heidi and Anastasia both had well child checks that Monday afternoon. Anastasia is still a tiny thing, she's 18 pounds (finally) and 28.5 inches long. Anastasia then received 4 shots. She was very unhappy about that. Heidi Anne is doing good and doesn't need any shots until she's 11. 
On Heidi's first day of school, she was super happy when we picked her up. She exclaimed, "Nobody bullied me today! Everyone was actually nice to me!!" It's been a sad fact that she's been bullied or teased nearly every day at school this year, even by her "friends". 

Rory recently had an assessment to see what his goals for the next 6 months will be for his ABA therapy. What they are going to focus on is learning to learn. Basically, teach him the skills to start learning to do things like mimic what other's do, teach him to pay attention to actions people do, learn to eat with a fork and spoon. Just things to get him able to learn, which normally comes naturally to other children, but not him. 

We also had Anastasia and Rory interviewed for Early Intervention. They both qualified. Anastasia will continue to get physical therapy and monitored for language development. Rory will have a speech therapist. 
Rory got his first official hair cut afterwards. I think he looks handsome. He sat on Dad's lap, only struggled a little bit, and got a sucker after. He's never had a sucker before but he sure knew how to unwrap and suck on it. 
That's been our month of May so far.