Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where's That Square Temple?

We try to go to Temple Square every year, and every year it seems to fall though or not go according to plan. The same can be said of this year, we kept wanting to go down and have it combined with other trips to save on gas. Sadly, those plans kept falling through. It's almost like we're jinxed when it comes down to it. So Char came home after work and we just went. 
Yeah, it didn't go quite according to plan. Heidi Anne was excited to go to Temple Square. Char and I were telling her stories about the different nativity scenes from around the world, the lovely reflecting pond with it's bubble lights floating around, and the trees strung out with lights, millions and millions of Christmas lights, each branch, each twig strong enough to hold a string, encased in colorful lights. 
Good heavens the traffic was horrible! We were stuck almost from the start. Most of the city was getting ready for the New Year's Eve celebration. We went after Christmas so much of the decor was already taken down. From what we gathered the older trees weren't as decked out due to the heavy snow. Many of the younger trees in the center were covered with lights, but not all the huge trees as had been done in years past. It was still pretty. But not quite as we had built it up to Heidi Anne. 
Heidi Anne kept asking "Where is that Square Temple?" We tried to explain that "Square" used to mean the same thing as "City Center" or a place to gather. She looked at the temple (and the surrounding grounds) and declared "The temple is a rectangle shape and so is the whole area. It should be called Temple Rectangle. I really wanted to see a square temple."