Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Farmer's Market

I've been meaning to talk about this all summer. We just LOVE the Farmer's Market. It's open every Saturday from May thru October. Since this spring, we've pretty much only bought our produce from here for a few reasons. The verity is unbelievable (who knew the local seasonal produce would be so awesome), the prices can't be beat (not even by Wal-Mart), it's so fresh, and it just keeps soo much longer.
I'll be a bit sad when we have to go back to grocery store veggies--I'll be grateful--but miss the ability to talk with the farmers and know exactly where it was grown or that it was picked just last night. I love all the bakeries, dairy farms, beef/ butcher shops, little family restaurants, even local artisans, (like the Mennonite family) that have booths & tables at the market. You just feel like a part of the community. We love to wander around just see what there is, sometimes we have a breakfast picnic, or let Heidi Anne go play on the nearby playground when we're done shopping and strolling. I love market days! It's a great way to start the weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Colors, Cuddles, and Cat in the Hat,

Heidi Anne currently has five requirements in order for her night to go off without to many glitches.
She Needs:
1) Dinner -of Course
2) An episode of the Simpson's
3) Coloring time with Momma
4) Playtime with Puppy
5) Reading time and Cuddles

A new thing has recently been added as well. Nightly prayers. I love to see her little head bowed and her hands pressed together. I can almost see the little halo overhead. How she repeats roughly every third word-and still being a toddler she mispronounces a few of them of. I'm just proud we can stifle our chuckles and not bust out laughing. Let's just say things starting with the word F in a prayer is not advised at this time...

No Blinking

So our little baby is growing up. I was realizing this when I was viewing one of my best friends' registry for her twins baby shower that is coming soon. As I looked at those cute little onezies, burb clothes, all the adorable baby necessitates- I had a few thoughts run in my mind. First, how much I will miss her talking with me now and then though-out the day, (a little selfish I realize, but I'll still miss it). But she's great at staying in contact-so that (albeit selfish) thought went away.
I then thought of Heidi Anne as a newborn, just so small even her cries sounded like little kitten mews. Back then I just couldn't think of her being anything but that little tiny girl that was swallowed up by those exact same cute onezies on the wish list. I turn around now and I see Heidi Anne- dressing herself, helping feed the puppy, talking up a storm, and playing House (And No I don't mean the Fox version where he gets the diagnoses wrong and then solves it with 5 minutes to spare, I mean the cute play house version). So I just sat and watched as she played. I watched how she was cuddling her baby "Annie", almost all of her dolls are named Annie right now. She changed the baby, got some baby powder on the table, feed her, wrapped her in a blanket all nice a cozy, sung a little song, and then told us and the other Annies, "Shhhh, baby Annie sleeping," and gives the doll a little kiss on the head whispering "Night, night, love you."
It's amazing how fast they grow up, right before your very eyes-sometimes I feel like in less then a blink of an eye.
No wonder toddlers never want to take a nap. ;D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guess What?

Typically every morning as we're getting ready for the day Char and I also go over any plans or to do lists for the day as well. I guess Heidi Anne was feeling a little left out because as we were talking she kept saying, "Dadda!" "Daddy!" Dadda!" Char told her, "Heidi it's Momma's turn to talk, you can have a turn next."
So the competition was on. She kicked it up a notch to try to make her conversation more interesting then mine, she added the infamous Guess What. "Dadda, guess what?" "Guess what Dadda?" "Hey, Daddy, guess what?"
We finished organizing our day just as Heidi Anne again asked "Dadda, guess what?" It must of thrown her for a loop when Char looked at her and in an excited voice asked "What?" She looked around, then down, and back at him with a big smile she replied, "Ummm, I have toes!!!" She even held her toes up for us to see.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Momma's Goal # 325

Realize that Disney, excluding Pixar movies, isn't a 100% evil corporation set out to brain wash all children aged 12 and under. I have good cause for this feeling-it's all the prequels and squeals and spin offs of the classic Disney movies. Tinkerbell Goes to Anger Management, Cinderella III and the Swifter Sweeper, Bell and the Plastic Surgeon. --Okay so Disney isn't that bad--Yet...
As long as you stick to the original movies I have come to believe that it's only 99.95% evil. (It's 99.97% when I learned they've labeled these Original Classics and limit when you can buy them new, That's why is almost a Saint in my book). But even some of the originals aren't so good. They aren't good role models for little girls in my opinion. However, I really like the Princess and the Frog, that one has some good morals, when you need some good laughs the Emperors New Groove is always funny. One thing you can rely on, if you just want you child to stay in one place while you need to get other things done, just put in a Disney movie and your good to go for roughly 90 minutes. On those days Disney is only 99.92% evil.