Thursday, October 17, 2013

We've Moved!

So we finally moved (about 2 weeks ago). 
Heidi Anne LOVED to be in the Moving Truck with Dadda!
We got some help packing up the truck, neighbors, friends, one our of friends, Lela, has been our friend when we first got married. That's 7 years! She came up to Cache Valley around 8:30 in the MORNING from Salt Lake City (2 hours away) to help us pack and keep me from making myself sick. Then went to go get her little girl's birthday party ready. 
Begging to ride with Dadda
There is just something so amazing about military wives. In fact three of my closest friends are military wives. Anyways, back to the moving.
So Happy to be in the Truck!
 Down in Weber County we were greeted with more help. Here is the apartment before everything got unloaded. (Once things are nicely organized again - I'll do some picture updates). One of Char's friends came to help, as well as 2 of his sisters, and a cousin.
Living Room
Kitchen / Eating / Laundry / Pantry (I'm That Good!) 
The Bathroom (With a Heidi Anne "Power Walk) 
The "Big Room"
Heidi Anne's Room (Clean)  
One of Char's friends came to help, as well as 2 of his sisters, and a cousin. One real funny story was when Char was unloading a bookcase from the moving truck he missed the ramp just a tiny bit. As he feel (banged his knee) the corner of the bookshelf hit the ground and just EXPLODED into little pieces. 
Heidi Anne's Bunk Bed!
Char's sisters and cousin helped a TON. They put Heidi Anne's Bunk Bed together as well as our bed. That was a sleep saver! They also helped unpack and unload. But the beds getting put together was wonderful. We actually got to sleep in our own beds after the long hard day (and preparing for another long day).  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nothing Can Destroy the US Air Force!!

I've been looking into the government shut down, all I would find was name calling and finger pointing. I somehow came across this letter to from the commander (named below). Here is his entire address to the USAF. 

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- First and foremost, I want everyone to know how much I appreciate the way you have handled the chaos during the last few months. The budget crisis in Washington turned very personal for each and every AFSC member with furloughs, the shutdown, pay issues, and impacts to operations. I know the turmoil has caused difficulties at home and at work. But through it all, you have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism!

While the debates continue in DC, we are moving forward with the understanding that the President and Congress want to minimize the impact to the Department of Defense and to the dedicated men and women who serve our Nation, both civil servants and those in uniform. During the weekend many of your teammates worked to correct the coding problems that led to the pay issues. We fully expect these issues will be rectified for the next pay period.

Air Force flying operations are ramping up to full strength, and within AFSC, we are responding because of our critical role in "Generating Airpower" and maintaining readiness. So even with the continuing uncertainty in Washington, AFSC is setting its sites on regaining our edge. We are going to take control of what we can and manage expectations for what we can't control. We need to maintain our high standards of safety, quality, and delivery while supporting fellow Wingmen. We are resilient Airmen with much to be proud.

As a team we will drive through this difficult situation on the path to achieving "Art of the Possible" results. We have the "AFSC Way" as the touchstone for executing our mission and use it as a way to deliver the capabilities our warfighters need. Our mission and purpose for coming to work is just as important today as it has always been.

Let's set the example for all to follow as we generate airpower for our Nation and support those who may need a helping hand.

Keep 'em's what we do!

Lieutenant General, USAF
Commander, AFSC

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bubble Girl!

Nearly everyone has some sort of fungi in their lungs, however, your body has neutrophils (this will be important in a few minutes) in your whole body. The ones in your lungs keep the fungi at bay, so you’re fine. 

However, if you have very compromised immune systems, for example HIV or suffer from Neutropenia or other cytotoxic disorders, your body can’t fight it. Since the fungi lives deep in the lungs it goes from the bottom – up (normally the infection has to travel down). In a nut shell once you get it, the mortality rate is 90%.  
Bright-side, people won’t get sick from me, however, I could get sick from others.So far I am in the lucky 10%!!

The doctors had been watching me closely, so when I showed the signs I was given some treatments. They had this big costly sounding name for it.  You are put in this plastic bubble tent, while the nurses where semi-hazmat gear. . I called it “Fumigation for bubble girl”-which made all the nurses laugh and say “never thought of it that way.” For nearly an hour, they fill the bubble with a concoction (like a nebulizer but not) anyways it’s nasty tasting air (bet you didn’t know air could TASTE bad).
Lego Nurse - Close Enough ;D So you are enclosed in a bubble with a nurse who is wearing semi-hazmat gear who is taking notes for nearly an hour. I made it fun, I turned on either Jeopardy or some similar game show and competed against the nurse. I told him “I bet you've never been paid to play trivia games before!” He responded “Nope, but I've paid to take examines, quizzes, and pop tests.” 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ring Master-ish

Do you ever have those times in your life when you feel like the ring master in a three ring circus?
These last few weeks have been like that. There are just so many things happening simultaneously you're pretty sure you've dropped something?

So here is a snapshot of some of the happenings (not in chronological order whatsoever):

- Slowly recovering from my hospital adventure.
-LOTS of Doctor appointments and diagnostic testing.
-My best friend had an accidental home-birth experience. You've GOT to read her story!! I am shocked the news in Killeen didn't report on it
- I kept getting Fungal Pneumonia and treatment for it (That's it's own post alone).
-Heidi Anne got to go to her cousins fun birthday party!
-Heidi Anne started Kindergarten and misses it terribly! We're have a few issues with the new school. (Wow, another post).
-We moved to Washington Terrace (Again, post to come)
-A deer hit Char's Car
-Char got an A on his Anatomy and Physiology (While helping me deal with all of the above). 
-Starting November Char beings his Nursing Clinicals!
-I'm trying to start my own Etsy store to help with bills (and because I LOVE sewing when possible!) 
-We have some GREAT friends and family.

Sooo, I now have an (almost) endless list of things to write about.