Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heidi Anne's Last Memorial Day (While Being In Logan)

 Our little tradition is to get a package of mums or two early early in the morning (basically, we hit Wal-Mart at 7:00 AM when they put the flowers on sale for like $1). 

Then we go to the cemetery with our little spades, brushes, and flowers. If we find a marker that has become obscured over the decades, we gently clean the markers. We always give a flower to someone who was in the military, any of those obscured "forgotten graves", (mainly are sadly children), and give them a flower.  Over the years we've had friends pass away as well that we make a special point to visit them as well.
Heidi Anne wanted to be in charge this year she's now aware of what death really is having lost 2 kittens and 1 great granddad this year. So we just followed her around as she found the forgotten graves, uncovering the markers and telling each one "I know you're in heaven, but I think your watching me, so here is a pretty flower. I remember you." I thought about that, she would say it to as many as she could. With the soldiers, she would recite the Pledge of Allegiance with her hand over her heart and then place the flower.  
I, as with countless moms, wonder "Am I raising her / him / them right?" For those 2 hours I couldn't have been prouder that she was my little 4 (almost 5) year old daughter. I realized I was in tears. It's so weird to me, it feels like just yesterday I did a post about Heidi Anne's first Memorial Day ever. Her little sunny 10 month old smile and just trying to learn to walk. Now, it's her last Memorial Day she'll celebrate in Logan but the first one where she figured out what Memorial Day means. See, how can you not be all amazed by that?
Normally, we'd go to Aggie Ice Cream or Cold-stone for an ice cream treat. Char had work soon and neither of the places opened until much later in the day. So we tweaked tradition a little and had some ice cream at home. We dug and found some turkey burgers back in the freezer, not quite the iconic juicy burgers and hot dogs over a barbecue, but you make due with what you have. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally (Short Lived) Outside Time!

Finally, it's warm enough to play outside
I need some Shade - It's to bright

      I am being told I don't build good sandcastles, but she still likes my "help" 

She's looking for something (besides sand castles) to help with. It was weeding...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Autoimmune Adventures: Finding Healthy Role Models for Heidi Anne

Until recently, I was a working mom, now that I am a stay at home mom, Heidi Anne has started to notice that I don't or can't do things normal moms do. Sadly, she won't go do things, like just play outside, because she feels bad that I can't. I have started a hunt for healthy role models for her to look up too. I'm very blessed to have some of those people in her life.
          First off, would have to be Suesue. She's been with Heidi Anne since she was 5 weeks old. She told me a few days ago she wants to be Suesue when she grows up. I loved her reasoning, Suesue is a mommy, a teacher, owns her own company, and gets to play with babies to big kids all day. Suesue is the major reason Heidi Anne loves to be outside so much. I remember the first time I picked up Heidi Anne she was 9 weeks old, it was September and Suesue had her in a little jacket, wrapped up in a blanket on her lap, outside watching the other kids play. I was so grateful that she was getting to be outside at such a little age.
      I have found other healthy role models for her as well. I've got her in ballet. I love for her to see healthy women, doing what they love, and teaching her to dance. I can't do it but I can encourage her and take her to class. I do let the teachers know, she may say her legs hurt, but have her push through it. I let her practice as much as she wants and will take the time just to watch her.
     I've gotten in contact with local kid groups that meet and go for "explorations". Mostly, urban trails or meeting people at the park, or going to a nature center. Rangers at the ranger stations are more then willing to talk to us about the area, so we learn a lot even if we can't hike the trails. When we go with a group the other mom's know I can't do as much and are kind enough to take Heidi Anne out with them.
    I have great family and friends, too. My step-sister is AMAZING! She was going to be in the 2012 Olympics but suffered a scary crash. Less then 9 months later she's back to professional racing. She used to have a website, but she's been to busy to keep it up. Arielle has been a great role model, she's shown Heidi Anne how even a healthy person can get hurt but more importantly how you can overcome those scary moments and get back to what you love doing. A few of my other friends have blogs or facebook updates where they share their Disney Marathon or camping escapades with little kids, I read these stories with her. Heidi Anne knows I love and respect these women, it encourages her to go ahead of me, and be a dancer, racer, camper, whatever it is. Just because Momma can't personally do it - it doesn't mean she can't too. Instead it teaches her that Momma would be right on the trail with her if I could and that it's great to be a healthy, adventurous Heidi-Girl.
   So thanks to all the great role models out there that go out and do things or take my little girl with them. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Autoimmune Adventures - If You Think Gas is Expensive - Try Enbrel

Yeah, I've seen the price of gas at the pump - and I cringe. It's even worse when I drive past an old gas station just off the road, it still has the price of gas listed the day it was closed. The price for 1 gallon of gas, $1.09. Did your jaw just drop too?

Well, now you know the price of gas, here is the price of 50 CCs of Enbrel - Only $2,777.oo. OUCH! Sadly I've been out of Enbrel for 2 weeks now and it shows. It makes me realize how every effective my treatments are, when I am able to get the needed medication. Yeah, I've had to try to salvage (or as I like to call it "Upcycle") clothing for Heidi Anne, she's going though a growth spurt NOW of all times.

Right off the bat - Yes medication can be so pricey. However, it takes years and years of research, development, getting the FDA approval, the time and materials it takes to create the medication. Do I wish it didn't cost sooo much that I am on a payment plan with the manufacture?  YES! But I understand.

Why why post this? To help out other people in similar situations. It's taken me months to figure this stuff out. So think of it as cheat codes. If you want more in depth info, leave me your contact information / see my contact info.

1) The cost of the medication seems to high. Ask your doctor if there is a generic version of the medication. Same compounds, just the "Great Value" brand of medication. Honestly, I doubt anyone is going to notice you're giving your child "generic alternative inhaler". However, there ARE some medications that work best name-brand,  talk to your doc.

2) The cost of the medication seems to high and there isn't a generic option for you. Again, talk with your doctor. Depending on the medication they can increase the dose but have you split it in half, lasting 2 months. For example, you should take 50 mg of your medication. The doctor could give you an RX for 100 mgs, with a memo to split it in half. Now you're covered for at least 60 days.

3) Shop around. Call the pharmacies to see what they will charge to and get the better deal. I've been surprised with mail order pharmacy programs, and they often give you a 90 supply. Bonus!!

4) You ran out of medication and payday isn't for another week: Talk with your prescribing physician or his nursing staff. Explain your financial issues, they could have some "samples" to help tie you over until you get paid.

5) The medication is rather pricey, even with insurance. Again, work with your doctor or their nursing staff. Some pharmaceutical companies have special discount cards that the office can give to financially needy patients. You'll never know if you don't ask.

6) Google it. Sometimes the manufacture offers some discount plans themselves or are able to offer assistance you didn't even knew existed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Little Tooo Honest?

Heidi Anne has enjoyed the library story time. This week they read books about eating healthy. She made the discovery that Dadda is a little overweight. She has been on his case to eat his fruits and veggies - in front of her to verify he's really eating them. He has to call her as well when he's a work, otherwise she worries about him. 

Daddad isn't the only one under this new scrutiny. The staff at the library are as well. As they were reading a book about eating healthy she turned one of the librarians' (who was rather overweight I will admit) and asked her "Are you paying good attention? You should, it's very important for you." 

I closed my eyes tight then did a face-palm. I've tried to talk to Heidi Anne, discussing how there is being right and being nice. 

Sorry in advance if she demands that you eat healthy in front of her. I tell myself, "Well, it could be worse, other people have kids that only want junk food and mine refuses to have anything unhealthy."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Please Help Us Find Our Cats a Good Home

We are going to be moving soon and we can't bring our beloved kitties with us. We rescued them as tiny kittens from the shelter and have been part of Heidi Anne's life since she was 4 month's old. I don't want to take them to the shelter, I can't bring myself to do that to them, it just doesn't seem right.
They are very loving cats that LOVE to be around people. If you're a follower of this blog, you know they act more like lap dogs then cats. They love to sit on your lap, or be in the room with you. They are wonderful with kids (They've survived Heidi Anne) and like other cats. 
This is Morty

Morty is a long haired friendly cat, he is very friendly, loyal but he is not outgoing but likes being in the same room as the humans. 5 years old, litter box trained, front claws removed, neutered and very wonderful cats.
Good with Most Cats, Good with Kids and Adults 
Low Energy, Submissive 
This is Dee
Dee is the ring leader, he is short haired and is friendly, loyal and very outgoing for a cat, often wants to be around people more then alone. He is 5 years old but still acts like a kitten. He has had his front claws removed and neutered and must be an indoor cat.Good with Most Cats, Good with Kids and Adults                                                                Average Energy, Average Temperament

They are great indoor, declawed, and nurtured kitties. I'm more then willing to drive down to the SLC area. Anything to get them in a good home and away from the shelter. If you or anyone you know of would like one of them, please e-mail me at or leave a comment. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Mother's Day and Something for the Grandmas'

 Heidi Anne's pre-school teacher did a "Spa Day" on Friday for Mother's Day.  The kids made all the mom's a pretty noddle necklaces, they "fanned us", painted our nails, and drew pictures of us. After we had been pampered we had our pictures taken.It was so cute and the kids were SO excited to host their Spa Day. 

Heidi Anne put on a little impromptu ballet show for me and her best friend (and future husband James who's 5).  While their teacher made everyone a Chocolate Banana Shake. She got Italian Ice since I'm lactose intolerant. I thought it was so sweet that she remembered that about me. One of the other kids decided he wanted an Italian Ice as well. His mom asked him "Okay, but what do we say?"  He looked up at the teacher with the sweetest face and asked "Teacher, can you open this for me?"  --Close enough. 

It's A Little Past Mother's Day...But It's the Thought That Counts - Right? 

Char's folks (Grandma Wegener and PopPop) are out on a mission to the Dominican Republic they are unable to get mail. So Heidi Anne colored a picture for them and for Grandma and Grandpa May (as they live far away as well).Apparently, the note says "I love you lots and miss you. I like seeing you on the computer (his folks Skype on Sundays). Here is a picture of me and my picture I made for you. Happy Mother's Day.

This one (the Butterfly) is for Grandma and Grandpa May:  Momma helped me with this one because I got tired and she needed to be kept busy. But I picked the colors and helped. I love you.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear Less-Than-Perfect Mom - From Another Blogger - Still cute

My friend Val shared this post via facebook. It's a special message, that I want myself to read on the day before Mother's Day every year from now on.

Dear Less-Than-Perfect Mom

Posted: 04/30/2013 11:44 am  By Lea Grover

Dear Mom,
I've seen you around. I've seen you screaming at your kids in public, I've seen you ignoring them at the playground, I've seen you unshowered and wearing last night's pajama pants at preschool drop-off. I've seen you begging your children, bribing them, threatening them. I've seen you shouting back and forth with your husband, with your mom, with the police officer at the crosswalk.
I've seen you running around with your kids, getting dirty and occasionally swearing audibly when you bang a knee. I've seen you sharing a milkshake with a manic 4-year-old. I've seen you wiping your kids' boogers with your bare palm, and then smearing them on the back of your jeans. I've seen you carry your toddler flopped over the crook of your arm while chasing a runaway ball.
I've also seen you gritting your teeth while your kid screamed at you for making him practice piano, or soccer, or basket weaving or whatever it was. I've seen you close your eyes and breathe slowly after finding a gallon of milk dumped into your trunk. I've seen you crying into the sink while you desperately scrub crayon off your best designer purse. I've seen you pacing in front of the house.
I've seen you at the hospital waiting room. I've seen you at the pharmacy counter. I've seen you looking tired and frightened.
I've seen a lot of you, actually.
I see you every single day.
I don't know if you planned to be a parent or not. If you always knew from your earliest years that you wanted to bring children into the world, to tend to them, or if motherhood was thrust upon you unexpectedly. I don't know if it meets your expectations, or if you spent your first days as a mom terrified that you would never feel what you imagined "motherly love" would feel like for your child. I don't know if you struggled with infertility, or with pregnancy loss, or with a traumatic birth. I don't know if you created your child with your body, or created your family by welcoming your child into it.
But I know a lot about you.
I know that you didn't get everything that you wanted. I know that you got a wealth of things you never knew you wanted until they were there in front of you. I know that you don't believe that you're doing your best, that you think you can do better. I know you are doing better than you think.
I know that when you look at your child, your children, you see yourself. And I know that you don't, that you see a stranger who can't understand why the small details of childhood that were so important to you are a bother to this small person who resembles you.
I know that you want to throw a lamp at your teenager's head sometimes. I know you want to toss your 3-year-old out the window once in a while.
I know that some nights, once it's finally quiet, you curl up in bed and cry. I know that sometimes, you don't, even though you wanted to.
I know that some days are so hard that all you want is for them to end, and then at bedtime your children hug you and kiss you and tell you how much they love you and want to be like you, and you wish the day could last forever.
But it never does. The day always ends, and the next day brings new challenges. Fevers, heartbreak, art projects, new friends, new pets, new fights. And every day you do what you need to do.
You take care of things, because that's your job. You go to work, or you fill up the crock pot, or you climb into the garden, or strap the baby to your back and pull out the vacuum cleaner.
You drop everything you're doing to moderate an argument over whose turn it is to use a specifically colored marker, or to kiss a boo-boo, or to have a conversation about what kind of lipstick Pinocchio's Mommy wears.
I know that you have tickle fights in blanket forts, and that you have the words to at least eight different picture books memorized. I've heard that you dance like a wild woman when it's just you and them. That you have no shame about farting or belching in their presence, that you make up goofy songs about peas and potatoes and cheese.
I know that an hour past bedtime, you drop what you're doing and trim the fingernail that your 3-year-old insists is keeping her up. I know that you stop cleaning dishes because your kids insist you need to join their tea party. I know you fed your kids PB&J for four days straight when you had the flu. I know that you eat leftover crusts over the sink while your kids watch "Super Why."
I know you didn't expect most of this. I know you didn't anticipate loving somebody so intensely, or loathing your post-baby body so much, or being so tired or being the mom you've turned out to be.
You thought you had it figured out. Or you were blind and terrified. You hired the perfect nanny. Or you quit your job and learned to assemble flat-packed baby furniture. You get confused by the conflict of feeling like nothing has changed since you were free and unfettered by children, and looking back on the choices you made as though an impostor was wearing your skin.
You're not a perfect mom. No matter how you try, no matter what you do. You will never be a perfect mom.
And maybe that haunts you. Or maybe you've made peace with it. Or maybe it was never a problem to begin with.
No matter how much you do, there is always more. No matter how little you do, when the day is over, your children are still loved. They still smile at you, believing you have magical powers to fix almost anything. No matter what happened at work, or at school, or in playgroup, you have still done everything in your power to ensure that the next morning will dawn and your children will be as happy, healthy, and wise as could possibly be hoped.
There's an old Yiddish saying: "There is one perfect child in the world, and every mother has it."
Unfortunately, there are no perfect parents. Your kids will grow up determined to be different than you. They will grow up certain that they won't make their kids take piano lessons, or they'll be more lenient, or more strict, or have more kids, or have fewer, or have none at all.
No matter how far from perfect you are, you are better than you think.
Someday your kids will be running around like crazy people at synagogue and concuss themselves on a hand rail, and somebody will still walk up to you and tell you what a beautiful family you have. You'll be at the park and your kids will be covered in mud and jam up to the elbows, smearing your car with sugary cement, and a pregnant lady will stop and smile at you wistfully.
No matter how many doubts you might have, you never need doubt this one thing: You are not perfect.
And that's good. Because really, neither is your child. And that means nobody can care for them the way you can, with the wealth of your understanding and your experience. Nobody knows what your child's squall means, or what their jokes mean, or why they are crying better than you do.
And since no mother is perfect, chances are you are caught in a two billion way tie for Best Mom in the World.
Congratulations, Best Mom in the World. You're not perfect.
You are as good as anybody can get.
With love,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Autoimmune Adventures: Wait...How Did I Get Here Again??

Do you ever have those moments in life where you could be doing something simple like reading a book, look up and think "How did I get here?" Seriously, sitting at a park bench watching my little Heidi Anne play tag with some little girl and I wondered that question. But went back to reading my text book. 

A little later in the day, I again forgot that I am no longer a working mom. It all started by looking at the calendar and telling Heidi Anne, "Oh, tomorrow is Friday, I bet someone will bring treats to work. I could really go for some homemade cookies." Heidi Anne looked up at me puzzled, "To bad your not at work anymore and that you're not a good cooker. I really miss those GOOD treats."  I thought, "Oh, right no more work. Wait...I think she's right on the whole "bad cooker" thing."

Before I became a stay at home Momma, (I was a working mom, who was going to school, and had a tendency for getting sick).  I never had the time to really bake something, it was rush to work, tend to Heidi Anne, pick up this, run errands, turn in a circle three times and bark like a dog. There just wasn't enough time in the day to think about, let alone actually baking treats. 

 I think that needed to change. Tonight, I started making dinner at 4:00 PM. Just so Heidi Anne could help me make dinner ( the pouring, mixing, measuring, you name it) we did it together. We made quite the mess and made slow progress. But it didn't matter one little bit, I had all the time in the world, I didn't need to rush off to anywhere. 

As the two of us sat down to eat dinner (90 messy, giggling, "sampling" minutes later) she had two servings of her chicken and rice that she made. "I cooked dinner. It was HARD work, so I am going to eat you all gone Mr. Chicken!" Then as the fork got closer to her mouth she started to say in a high voice "Noooo, please don't eat meeee...." CHOMP!" Then she gave me the biggest smile. Next was a bite of rice, "You're sticky rice, you were hard to stir but sooo yummy to eat! Say Hi to Mr. Chicken in my tummy." I busted up laughing at that point. Dinner continued on in that fashion, food begging to be spared. Alas, there were no survivors this day on her plate. 

I just laughed and thought again, How did I get here?  I then realized, I've been thinking about it all wrong. It doesn't matter how I got to this point, nor why I didn't get there sooner or later. The important thing is I'm here now and I will try my hardest to love and enjoy every unexpected second of it. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Heidi Anne and Her Long "Tangled" Hair

Heidi Anne LOVES her long hair, here are a few shots of her hair down, it's not even 100% straight either. I do her hair in long 2 sided braids lately to help keep her hair out of her face and because she loves her hair being in long braids. Her hair has a perpetual wave look to it.

We cut about half or a whole inch off every 8 weeks or so, but it keeps growing and growing. She says it's long because she drinks lots of water and plays outside a lot. 

"That's how things grow, you give it lots of water and lots of sun." - Heidi Anne

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heidi Anne's First Ballet Performance

Just finished her first performance and got her bouquet
Heidi Anne had her first ballet performance last night. She was so deeply saddened that Daddad had to miss it. 

(Char now works nights from 3:00pm - 12:30 AM, since he will now have class from 10:00 AM - 3:00pm.). Translation - he gets to sleep here a few hours a night and eat breakfeast with us-back to feeling like a single mom. That was a tangent....)

She had rehearsal at 4:00 pm that afternoon. I was worried about her reaction to practicing on a theater stage and not in her dance class studio.

I wanted to give her a rose for her performance - but have you seen the cost of those things?? While she was at rehearsal I went to an abounded house I pass by on our way to her pre-school. She loves the tulips and daffodils in the field. I picked a few of them and made a little bouquet. I kept it a surprise.

She was jumping up and down when I picked her up from practice. She loved how big the stage was. She clapped her hands together and said "Oh, Momma! I can't wait until you see my pretty dance, I am going to have PERFECT pointed tippy toes. You need to feed me a good healthy dinner so my legs don't get tried or cranky. Oh, my hair needs to be in a bun." 
Trying to blow a kiss - NOT Duck Lips....

My Bun-30 minutes later and DONE
Make up, hair, and tiara 

The "healthy dinner" was some sandwiches, an orange, and juice. Now the bun was a bigger issue. Her hair is so long, I kept trying to put it up. I tried different things suggested on Pintrest. Nothing would fully stay put. I ended up doing 2 braids and putting her hair in a knot. I hid all the bobby pins with the black ribbon. It was quite the feat. We decided to have some fun and put on a little make-up. She wanted a picture of her with her ballerina tiara to "Get her into Proper Balance Princess Thoughts."  I believe that translated to getting herself mentally prepared for the show. Who could say no? 
The performance was more like a recital. All the classes got to show what they've learned this year. Everyone from the little kids in pre-ballet to the teachers showing what a Prima Ballerinas can do
After two dance classes, the third group began to walk on stage. Well, 1 little girl, with perfectly pointed toes walked from one end of the stage to the other, making sure to stay on the line, not a single misstep was made. The audience noticed, clapped, and cheered the girl. I was high up in the balcony seats, clapping for that little girl and giggling to myself. About half-way across the stage I realized that it was Heidi Anne! Once she got to her spot, she got into First Position, and then waved to the rest of her class to join her on stage. 

She said she told the other girls "Come on guys! Get out here." I think she did a wonderful job. Yes, there were little missteps, stumbles, but no one really fell. It was how you would think 10 little 4-5 year old girls dancing for an audience for their first time would dance. Cute, adorable, and the crowd was in chuckles.
One of the sweetest things I noticed were the little kids backstage waiting to go on stage next. The little girls would watch from behind the curtains as the ballerinas on pointe did their performance. The little girls would mimic the footwork and hands they knew as the pointe girls did their show.  It was touching to see those little girls were just a yard and yet years away from reaching their goal. 
As soon as I found her after the show she ran to me gave me a hug. Then jumping up and down she said "Momma, I LOVED being on stage! I made people laugh and clap. Everyone got to watch my ballet! I loved it soooo much! When am I going on stage again? Can it be....."she trailed off  in mid sentence she finally noticed the flowers I've been holding the whole time. (I thought "SQUIRREL" as soon as it happened). 
She sweetly smiles and says "OH-Look pretty flowers! Who are those for?" I told her, "They are for my pretty Ballerina Princess Heidi Anne." She was so excited, "Now, I'm like a real ballerina, I got flowers."

On the car ride home she kept saying how pretty her bouquet was. Many thanks to the abounded house for the lovely flowers. It was the icing of the cake for my little 4 year old Heidi Anne's first debut on stage as a ballerina. 

We were just told she can start Level 2 ballet. Not even 5 years old and she's ready for level 2 ballet class!  Sadly, we may be out of Logan by then, who knows. If you know of any good ballet schools in Davis / Weber county - let me know. I don't want her talent to go to waste.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Autoimmune Adventures: Have Fun with "Down Days"

Life in general has ups and downs, life with autoimmune disorders has up and down days. Normally, you get invited to a party and you mark the calendar and you're set (you just have to remember it).  With autoimmune issues, you ask 21 questions about the party, mark it on your calendar, hope and pray you don't  get sick and that everyone else stays healthy too.

For today I had made plans with Heidi Anne. We planned on going to Home Depot to do one of their Kid Workshops, come home, make lunch, and have a fun afternoon at the park with a little picnic. FUN!

I woke up at 6:30 am. In PAIN. So slight change in plans. Since I couldn't sleep anymore, everyone got up earlier then planned. Char made breakfast. After the pain meds kicked in I decided if Heidi Anne and I went to the kid workshop earlier then we planned, we would be the crowds and get help from the workers there if we needed it. There was a very nice gal who helped Heidi Anne put her project together. 

We got home and I could tell we weren't going to make it to the park. I got out the paints. We painted the planter holders she had just made at Home Depot along with some other wood projects I had laying around. We did that for nearly 2 hours. 

Since we couldn't do the picnic outside, we did an indoor picnic. Complete with her pop up tent she got for Christmas. I love it, its the pop up tent that looks like an over-sized laundry hamper, folds right up taking no space-she loves it because it has Disney Princesses, I love how I can set it up one handed. Then we ate. 
Next we had quite time, which is any movie she felt like.  Somewhere between "Be Our Guest" we had fallen asleep, I guess that was more of a nap time. 

It just shows, you can still have fun on a Down Day - you just have to be able to make some adjustments.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Me + Heidi Anne + Stress = Need Ice Cream!!

We've been under a bunch of stress lately. Char and I are both in school, staying home with Heidi Anne (which isn't as easy as it sounds), work, looking for part time work, putting our house up for sell, short notice for a house showing. Just a ton of stress and worry.

Well it was a sunny, warm day (a whole 52 F outside) and while I was cleaning I found a Cold Stone gift card. It didn't take me long to come up with a fun plan. We went to get some ice cream and then went to the park. It was a nice break. She got chocolate cake batter fudge ice cream and I got cream-cheese ice cream with peanut butter cup bits. It was a fun distraction. 

We were the only customers there so Heidi Anne and I took our sweet time eating while she reminded me that she had gotten an ice cream cake from there for her 4th birthday and that she wanted the ice cream cupcakes this year for her 5th birthday. I am constantly shocked by her memory. She even found the same cake she had gotten almost 10 months ago. (It was an Oreo Ice Cream Cake). 
What Heidi Anne wants for her Birthday this year