Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween at Work

Our office has the best Halloween celebrations ever! There is a costume contest, we do a big group photo, and almost everyone dresses up. What's really fun is the fact some teams do themes. Like one group were the Smurfs, another were house moms (complete with pink robes and hair rollers, another team were all vampires, and yet another were a group of gals at a slumber party). There are tons of treats and potlucks. Later in the day, our families can come trick or treating to each desk. I just love to see every one's families and the costumes!
Here I am-A Hawaiian Tourist-I think I'll wear this for the next Hawaiian Shirt Day
The Smurfs!
The Devil, The Nun, and the Angel-See We Get Creative
Me-Hawiian Tourist, Tab-as an Umpalumpa, and Val-Robin Hood
Char (a Hippie Beach Bum) Me (the Hawaiian Tourist) and Heidi (Adorable Coastal Tourist)
Heidi Anne playing after a round of desk Trick of Treating

Pumpkin Picking 2009

On Wednesday we were able to go pumpkin picking. Which went very quickly because is was super cold and had just snowed the day before (yes SNOWED). Which was a complete opposite from last year's adventure, when it was in the 60's and sunny. This year we went to a roadside stand. This way we wouldn't get all muddy. It was tons of fun and there were soo many to chose from! After a few chilly minutes Heidi was getting very cold. She picked her pumpkin, which oddly enough, was the one Char had pointed out to began with. Here she is proudly showing it off at home, where is was nice and warm. She keeps sitting by the pumpkin and just giggles.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Circle Crayon Adventure

So an Internet friend of my told me how to make circle crayons, so we decided to try it on Sunday. We got some cheap crayons, and cut off the wrappers. Char helped a ton with this part. Heidi Anne helped by keeping a close eye on the crayons. She was very confused as to why we would take the wrappers of the crayons.
Next we broke the crayons into smaller pieces, greased muffin cups, and then sorted our crayons, mixing and matching colors. Heidi Anne loved this part.
You can see our pretty mix of broken crayons.
Now you bake them for about 5-7 mins at 250 F. When your done they look like let them cool awhile. We let it set for about 90 mins. Then they looked like this (the paper plate pic).

She loves them!!!

Pumpkin Walk 2009

As part of our October tradition, we took Heidi Anne to the Pumpkin Walk on Saturday, (between the little rain showers).
We took her during the day this year so we can keep a better eye on her. At night they light up all the carved pumpkins, light up the displays, have sounds, warm cider and cookies, (but it gets pretty crowded) so maybe we'll go at dusk next year. As you can see she was loving the little walk, the hay on the sides was a perfect fence for her, couldn't get under it, and just a little to high to climb over. Perfect!
Each year the displays and cravings are done by local people, families, friends, schools, churches, all participate. Its a pretty big deal in this little town. Every year there is a theme, this years theme were commercials.
This Michale Jackson "Thriller" inspired is from a Pepsi commercial in the 80's, it was soo cool.
Another favorite was the Geico Caveman.
It was a great walk and just loved to see how creative people can be with paint, pumpkins, displays, and imaginations!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Piggy Tails to Piggy Flu

Well Char has been super sick the last few days, really high fever with chills, and just plain sick. The Doctor thinks he has Piggy Flu. So he's been banished to the sofa and I have been given meds to make it so I don't get it, and he got meds to make it so he doesn't get worse. At least I didn't hog tie him, if only Piglet was so lucky!
Now on to the Piggy Tails, little Heidi Anne! I love her in piggy tails!
Like her little bump on the head? The joys of learning to run!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Squeaker Shoes

Heidi Anne went from crawling and walking here and there, only when she wanted too (and as long as no one was looking) to toddling everywhere and anywhere.
She loves to help push the cart at the store, walks where ever she can, chase the cats, and make her shoes squeak. She has these really cute squeaky shoes my sister got her, she just loves to make them squeak. I love those shoes, I always know where she is when she wears them.
I need to get more in the next size up! All baby shoes should have the squeakers.
Furthermore, there is no such thing as toddler proof with her. Everything is just a challenge, a puzzle, or a game. I will admit, it's fun see her trying to figure out how to get to where she can't go.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Little Artist

Heidi Anne is much like her cousin Kayla, she loves to color!!
16 Months old and she doesn't even try to eat the crayons.The regular cayons are a bit harder for her to use, but somehow she does it. We are going to get her the cubby crayons soon and some coloring books. Right now scrape computer paper is working wonders for her. I was able to get a few pictures of her coloring. See looks so serious.

Here she playing with Daddy!! I love this face!!