Thursday, August 25, 2011


Heidi Anne is obsessed with being a “Big Girl”.  With all the other big kids going to school, she has decided to try extra hard to be a big kid in any way, shape, or form. Apparently, one aspect of being a big kid is knowing how to spell your name.  So she sits and chants out loud as she repeatedly writes “H-E-I – (then says) Name”.  She's half way there, and it's so cute. H-E-I Name, H-E-I Name, H-E-I Name. You get the idea, so adorable.
She can write H-E-I very well, no one knows where she picked it up. Her teachers even complement her writing skills, to which she replies “Thank-you, now give me $5 please.” (We don’t know where that came from either or why such a low amount.  Honestly child, hold out for more =^-^= )

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tales of An Only (Nowhere near Lonely) Child

So.... Heidi Anne has no siblings, in case no one noticed... truth be told we keep her older sibling in the attic and feed him fish heads...

Fish heads fish heads
Roly poly fish heads
fish heads fish heads
eat them up, yum!

Wait what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Heidi Anne being a single child! Well IF you believe me she has no siblings.. if not...he likes salmon ;D. I feel that Heidi has recently decided our house is just Tooo Quite. Thus she has begun to have several disagreements with various things in our house; the main targets seem to be The Cats and / or Her "Sister" Anastasia Rosalie (Ana-Rose)-her favorite baby doll.

We know it's going to be one of "Those" fights when the conversation goes something like this:

H: "Momma, Ana is touching my blanket, make her stop!"
M: "Heidi she is not touching it."
H: "Momma, she is too! She didn't ask nicely. Come see. Make her get off."
M: _-_-_-(Walking to their room) _-_-_-, I see that Ana Rose Is on Heidi Anne's blanket (AKA Helen of Troy or HOT for short). So we talk about sharing with siblings, that Ana is the baby, and she wants to be just like Heidi Anne. She then shares the blanket. I come back in the room 5 mintures later. Lo and behold, Ana has different blanket around her and Heidi Anne has the HOT Blankey . I asked her what happened. Heidi Anne smilpy states "Oh, Ana wants a different blakety now, so I don't have to share anymore." I bet all mothers wish it were that easy. (^_^)

Family Photos

My sister gave me a wonderful Birthday / Anniversary gift (and No, it wasn't a frying pan, or vacuum, or iron) it was a photo session at Fotofly down in Draper.

We got our first family pictures done in a very, very long time. Then we got some just Heidi Anne pictures as well. I LOVE this place. As does my sister. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Hava Dwream...

     Heidi Anne has become quite the entertainer as of late. As we are getting ready in the morning, she likes to come in, slowly twirl in front of the mirror and just softly state to us, "I'm so pretty." Keep in mind, this is normally with her hair all a mess, but to her-she's still prettier then Rapunzel Hair.  I wish I had that much self confidence.
     Another habit she's recently picked up is dancing. Twice this week at daycare we're told stories about her fondness for it. The first was how she found a musical toy and would push the button to make it play music. As soon as the music started she would dance, just spinning, jumping, waving her arms. Totally getting into the music. She was so disappointed each time she had to stop dancing to turn the music back on again.
Later in the week, they went to the movies, each time there was a song-she would get down and dance. (Quietly-but still dancing). Then promtly get back in her seat when the musical number is over.
     She even does this at home. My favorite is when she dances and sings with Tangled. She'll sing and dance with "I hava  Dwream!" I hava Dwream!" (If they get to far ahead of her-she'll just fall back to "I hava Dwream"). Or "Mother Knows Best".

Friday, August 19, 2011

Heidi Anne and K-Bug

 I once heard a quote, written by that famous person Author Unknown (he writes a lot of good things!) "God made us cousins, because he knew our moms couldn't handle us as sisters. I always think of Heidi Anne and her Kayla Bug. She adores Kayla. Yesterday she found a picture of her and Kayla taken at their first Baby Animal days (back when they were babies). She wouldn't part with the picture so we let her take it to daycare with her. So we got the following story: 
Heidi Anne was so proud of her picture she brought today! She telling everyone "This is Kayla-Bug and I LOVE her." Any time someone came in she would go grab their hand and take them to her cubby to look at her picture. It was so cute!
Those two little girls are just so adorable together. I so happy they are so close and that my sister and I are so close that they are able to have that sister like bond themselves.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Laugh Until We Cry

I get to listen to a lot of music at the office. Like most people-certain songs just seem to really hit home. Well this song, Laugh Until We Cried by Jason Aldean would have to be my pick for the week. Mainly these verses.
Laugh Until We Cried
"...Oh man we were livin
Sittin' there reminiscin'
We sang and talked and traveled back in time
We laughed until we cried

It's like the best days under the sun
Every emotion rolled into one
A little of this a little of that
Kinda happy kinda sad.."

Two good friends left the office, one was an intern-but she fit right into our team, I don't think we even saw her as that. She was just Kristina, super fun to be around, and "how was it she wasn't part of the group sooner" type person. The other is Lisa, the one who makes everyone's birthdays special, our food connoisseur, fellow movie / book critic. She is an all around great people person. They are both returning to school, (see told you "Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad"), so totally understandable. I know the insanity of a Full Work and Full School.   
For the most part I wouldn't change a thing about last week-I may have those moments where I wish they were able to do both-but I have nothing but happy thoughts, everyone was just Laughing until we cried. Which is tons better then crying until you laugh....

Friday, August 12, 2011

I A Big Girl-Like Daddy!!

Since some of my really good friends / co-workers were going to be leaving soon to go back to school, I brought Heidi Anne in to sort of say good bye to them. I picked her up for a "Work Adventure". It was just a little visit, 30 mins, between her normal playtime and lunchtime so we wouldn't throw off her schedule too much.
We made a pit stop to see Dadda at work. She saw him and ran yelling "DADDY, DADDA, DADDY!!" You would think she hadn't seen him in 4 months-not 4 hours. She "helped" him with some of his work. Then she went to introduce herself. My favorite was when someone asked her if she was a big girl. Her response? "Yeah, I a BIG girl, like my Daddy!" Too cute.
Oddly enough, around this time, Char decided we should head up to see my friends.....Hmmm coincidence I bet.
Sadly, some of my friends had already left for lunch. Heidi Anne showed them the silliness in that. She (with the help of Dadda) did a little office prank. They (and by "They" I mean he suggested and she went along with it) took a pair of keys and hide them in a nearby office. After that she helped me with some notes, calculations, and had fun visiting Momma's friends (minus the time out scare--which was a big miscommunication). Then 30 minutes were up and time to head back to lunch.She told all her friends at daycare repeatedly how she got to go to Work with Momma and Dadda and she got to help them because she's a big girl. (Just like Daddy, right? ;D )

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Light Bright

A few nights ago we had a really pretty Lighting / Thunderstorm. I was lucky enough to get lots of pictures of it. These are a few of my favorites.
This strike was so bright it light up the neighborhood-Keep in mind this was 11:00 at night.

Now this is just cool-I got the whole life of the lighting strike, it starting, the big bang, and then it's fading away. All in a split second. I love technology. The storm went on for nearly an hour-maybe? It was late-but totally awesome! There was very little if any rain, which is why I got these nice pictures. Not to mention there was just so much lighting in general. (The fact that there happens to be huge field with a metal shed nearby didn't hurt either).