Thursday, July 30, 2009

Silly Heidi Anne

Heidi Anne is getting funnier by the day! For example, she loves to put her face over the air registers when the A/C kicks on. She giggles as it blows on her face and hair and tries to catch the wind.
Another thing she likes to do it to catch the sun beams as it comes through the windows. She crawls over to the spot on the floor where the sun peeks though and grabs at it, opens her hands and giggles. I guess to her it looks like she caught the sun.
Tonight I was getting her ready for bed as she was picking out her night clothes (she has to pick out her clothing, if you do ask for her input she gets rather vocal about it). Char got me her overnight diaper--which are awesome bytheway--I asked Heidi, "What's this?? A Diaper?? Can I eat a diaper?" She giggled and shook her head and said "NOOO Mama."
Silly Heidi Anne :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Officially Waiting

We are now officially waiting in our adoption process. All of the paper work, home studies, back ground checks, and more paper work have been completed. (We only started the process back in March) So not to bad. Now we just wait.
Gender and ethnicity aren't a factor for us. We're not at all being picky, we just want another little one. We wanted Heidi Anne and her sibling to be fairly close in age (like less then a 3 year age difference). So we decided to start the process now, since the wait time can be anywhere from months to years.
You can even view our profile online too, but it won't let me do a hyperlink. But if you go to American Adoptions and then search Utah, you'll easily find us (since we're the only waiting family in the state with the agency.)
Wish us Luck!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heidi Anne Continued

Yeah, finally time to think! So here is the to be continued of Heidi Anne's party! Char's family came over for a barbecue and to see our new place. All of his sisters came (except one, but a 4 hour drive is nasty when very pregnant, trust me) you only want to make that trip as a necessity.
Anyhow, they all came up for a barbacue, and Heidi Anne had all ball. They normally see her after a two hour drive or out of her element. So it was nice for them to see what a ham she is. She seemed to have more fun with wrapping paper, ribbon, can cards at some points then the gifts. Which was funny!
She got a baby doll, a shopping cart, a walker popper thing (you know the balls pop when you push it) a book, and a cute yellow dress from Char's folks. Two of her Aunts gave her a portable changing pad book and those alphbet wood blocks on a wagon, which she loved. Another Aunt gave her a wooden hammer and peg set, she loves to hammer things. The other Aunt gave her a Little People block set and we got her a Little People Bus (Little People are awsome).
We then had cupcakes to finsh it all up.
She is such a mix of the two of us, loves the shopping, cooking, and "help" me clean. She also loves to play with trains, blocks, and hammer and peg set like Char.
Here she is peaking at her gift
Here She is Making a Cupcake Mess

More Photos on our Facebook! Hooray for Facebook!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thinking of Granny

I got an unexpected package in the mail today. It was a DVD of my Granny (Corporal Sonia Ann May) memorial service in Arlington. It was back on April 17th, and we were unable to go. Yet today I received a DVD compilation of her memorial service and pictures of her. It was beautifully done. It was great to see pictures of the Granny I grew up with along with the pictures of the mother my dad and his sisters knew and loved.
My Granny was a great women, married to my Granddad for nearly 60 years. When I think of loving lasting relationships I always think of them. I remember being 18 and visiting them, if my Granddad and I went into town he would always bring her back a little treat, just as he had always done for decades.
Thanks to whoever sent it to me. It means the world.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Be Continued....

We had Char's family over on Sunday, with work and everything, I just haven't had time to catch my breath (literally, my allergies are killing me). Needless to say, I will write it about it later.
This is more of a note to myself to blog about it, in case I forget. I don't have a short attention span I just....

OH Look a Kitty!!!!!

Point Proven.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Fun

My sister & her family came over on Saturday. Rekailah has grown up soo much and was a blast to watch her & Heidi Anne play. Rekailah was soo cute, she was playing in the toy box, playing with our cats, and naming fruit for us. My favorite were the "Bapples"(apples.). She would also put blocks on a table in a row,
on a table in a row, then put them on the floor in a row one by one. Heidi just watched for the most part.
We went to the local zoo here, looked at the animals, Rekailah showed off her cool running skills. We did see a few cool things, one was the Coyotes howled when a police siren went off near the zoo, an albino porcupine, and a peacock that was fighting with a little turkey. On our way back home we went to 7-11 for free Slurpee day. We had a barbecue, and then opened some birthday gifts my family got for Heidi Anne. Below she is opening up a gift. This reads Giggle, Rebekah made it for Heidi Anne. Heidi Anne & Rekailah playing togetherThose two little girls are soo much fun together. They have the same hair type and color, they are both little joys and such hams at times. You would think they were sisters. Just so cute together. I love the coordinating outfits too! Those blouses came from our Aunt Deb who just has the best taste when it comes to picking out things for two little girls.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fouth of July Fun

The Fouth for us really started on the Thrid of July. After work we took Brea & Heidi Anne to the Classic Car Show. Char likes new musle cars (1999-today). I like the Classic Cars, between 1930-1958. In the left picture we are next to a 1957 Chevy Sadan. Breadin loved to see his favorite cars, any thing between 1960-1979. Mainly Chevelle's & El Caminos. He looks so guilty.Then that night we watched fire works from the window in Heidi Anne's room. We had a perfect view of the show and even better we didn't get wet from the rain or have to bet traffic home.

So the next day we visited my sister. We did an indoor barbaquewith hamburgers and hotdogs. We hung out on the back porch, watched the babies play. Then dressed the girls in the matching tye dye we had made them, and Bekah did the girls hair soo cute. It is soo fun to see those girls together, they do so many things alike its funny. We went to a parade, and then it was getting late so we headed home after. Busy weekend!

Then and Now

Well today is Heidi Anne's 1st birthday. It just amazes me how fast a tiny NICU baby has become this giggly, happy, always on the move charmer. It has been so fun to see her grow up, crawling, signing, "reading", standing, trying to walk, eating, chasing the cats. It is a miracle all a baby can learn and do in 365 days!
Here she is in the NICU 7/7/08
Here she is standing up and playing on 7/7/09Her daycare got her a cute gift for her birthday, it was the Playskool Stack & Nest Barrles, which she loves. We got her the Little People 50th Anniversy Play School, which she seems to like. (Its not quite like the one we had as kids, were the one wall came down and it was a mini chalk board, but it's great for her ;).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Response to criticism

Yes our post was only about Heidi, nothing to do with anything or anyone else. We do recognize all of the contributions and other things done for us as a family. We never mentioned which side of the family we were talking to. To egocentrically think it was about one side over the other is selfish and hypocritical in the first place. Since when is it wrong to think that to treat your children unfairly and to defend them? We do not care how you treat us, but a baby?

Hmmm... isn't it a bit hypocritical to say jabbing through a post is wrong when jabbing through the post? Aren't you supposed to take the higher ground when insulting others?

Our original post on our online journal is that no one was celebrating Heidi, that Heidi is treated like a bastard and I am made the enemy. We never named names, or said it was one side over the other. Both my side and Char's kept promising things and never followed through. All I said is I was hurt.

What do I see extended family to be, you may ask? Do you see it as getting things for the baby, or perhaps the things that the parents can not afford? Toys, attention, love? Yeah, I'll be the first to admit it, my family is poor, and yet people are showing that they care by calling or sending a note. That is an extend family to me, and that is all we expect. At this time when my sister in law's baby is being celebrated I remember back to my pregnancy a year ago.
I am feeling Sorrow.

Some talk about talking openly and not through the posts. How about those people take the first step and stop waiting for others. You know our phone numbers call us and talk to us, don't expect us to call you.

P.S To the nasty Anonymous poster I removed--If you want to fight about my family, I am sure my parents are more then willing to fight with you. Oh yeah and did I forget to mention that they are taking care of their own biological children? You ASS-U-MED, if your going to insult how about you get your facts right? Makes you look silly, just trying to help out is all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tie Dye Time Part II

TAAAA--DAAAAA Our Tie Died Stuff
Breadin's Cool Colored Shirt
Kaikai's 4th of July Shirt

Leigh's ShirtBrea's Shirt Heidi Anne's Shirt

Tie Dye Time Part I

We made tie dye tees for the little girls for their first 4th of July, last night. Since we has some left over dye we made some for Brea & Leigh. You have to let the dye sit over night, so we'll be seeing what our "masterpieces" are soon!