Monday, November 28, 2011

Heidi Anne LOVES Snow

Heidi Anne has an addiction. She LOVES snow. I mean LOVES it. Lucky for her we live in one of the coldest and snowest places in Utah. Maybe she's figured out the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." apparel,gloves,knit caps,mittens,montages,scarfs,seasons,ski poles,sleds,snowflakes,sports,winter
Everytime it snows, even just a tiny bit, she jumps up and down or twirls around, singing "It's SNOWING! It's SNOWING! I LOVE you snow!"

She has begun to hear her pink snowboots everyday, weather or not (haha-weather) there is or will be snow. She wants to be prepared just in case snow shows up.

With the snow comes cold weather. A few days ago as she was heading outside to play outside bundled her up good and tight wearing; my ski cap, the coat hood on top of that, snow gloves, boots, and cozy purple coat. Her teacher, Susan, said "Heidi, you look like an Eskimo". Heidi giggled, "Susan, I not a Eskimo-I Heidi!"

Once outside she gathered her friends together to try to make a snow fort. They got all the snow they could find, piled it up, only to see it be mid calf  high and not sticking well. Heidi Anne came up with the idea of putting snow on the playhouse and calling that the snow fort. The others readily agreed, covered the playhouse in snow, then called it a fort.
Oh, to be three again, at least I can see it all through her!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Thanksgivings-Part 2

We left Grandma Lori's around 4:00~4:30 pm on Wednesday night. We got to Grandpa's house (Heidi Anne calls Char's folks home "Grandpa's House) at about 5:30. So at about this time we had been up since 5 AM--did a 3 1/2 hour drive, helped with Thanksgiving (set up and take down), and did another hour or so drive. We were more then little tired. Heidi Anne had more bounce then the Energizer Bunny! When we got there Grandpa, Laura, and Anthony had begun to make Raspberry Freezer Jam. Heidi Anne would wander in, look around, and then come back to the living room. Soon pizza arrived, we had prayed before Heidi Anne noticed food was there-so we had a prayer "re-do" or suffer the wrath of Heidi Anne.
I am going to Sleep in Daddy's Room when He was Like Me!!
As everyone else finished the jam, I crashed. Heidi Anne decided she wanted a movie so we put Beauty and the Beast on our laptop for her. She cuddled up with Sarah and was in high heaven. When the movie was over we went to sleep. She was sooo excited to sleep in the room "Daddy did when he was like me! Daddy was me age! He was little and like me!" She LOVED it-she kept asking him questions about where his toys where and why he had a doll and pictures of Laura.
Yeah-Try explaining "re-decorating" or "changing" or "sharing rooms" to a 3 year old only child at 9:30 at night when your exhausted. It does NOT work well.
Next day, we had Waffles! Again, she was in high heaven. She had fun being anyone and every ones shadow. She helped Grandpa rake leaves outside, playing with Sarah, helping cook in the kitchen, cleaning, following Nana here and there. Then she would just having fun being herself doing crafts or coloring. I honestly think if I could be anyone, it would be her.  
Getting a Story from Sarah with Alice
The downside of getting everything ready for Thanksgiving as a 3 year old? You see everything almost ready to eat but it isn't time yet. Everyone just tells you "Later". Everything is everything seems to drag on....
Almost Ready.....
Watching Food Get the Final Touches
Everything is everything seems to drag on....Even the Turkey is craved right in front of you. But all the grow ups are saying things like "Not ready yet." Or "We have to wait for more people".  There it is right there...but "Later"

Until Victory!!! Magic words are said like "Let's eat, everyone is here!"
Victory Olives-Who doesn't have fun with Olives?
After we ate, a special select few got to count the coins. Grandpa had a jar full of coins, he gave everyone 2 clues. The jar weighted 13 pounds and there were very few pennies in the jar. You could look at the jar, but you couldn't take any of the coins out. Everyone could guess the dollar amount in the jar and the closet winner got the money--not the jar. He liked it very much.
Daddy guessed $194.01, Heidi Anne said there were 2 10's, so I took that to mean $210.10, I did $205. The rest of the guesses went from $100 ~ $250
Daddy Not Putting the Dimes Headside Up-Tsk, Tsk
They had to count ALL the coins-because NO ONE knew how many were in there. Only a select few could count the coins. Only Nana, Emily, and Char. When other people tried to join in on the game-they were shoo'ed away.
I Want to Play With the Money Too....
At long last they finished tallying up the money with a grand total of $183 and some pennies. Char won, he was the closest at $194.01. Out of those we found; my missing state quarters for my map my GrandDad got me when I was 12 (I finished with the mint condition coins-but with these are in the actual map), 3 Bicential Quarters (awesome), a few wheat back pennies (totally awesome). Sometime soon we want to get the New Map for the new quarter themes. Heidi Anne is really getting into it.
Momma, MORE Waiting?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Tale of Two Thanksgivings-Part 1

Thanksgiving came a little early for us this year, since my stepmom (Heidi Anne calls her Grandma Lori-it's so cute), does 911 dispatch we celebrated it on Wednesday. This way Grandma Lori can be there to take the calls for people who learn first hand things like; deep fried turkeys in a garage do not mix or that HOT medal + human skin = 2nd degree burns. Just little things :P
Thanksgiving~Grandma Lori's~2011
We left at 8:30 am on Wednesday to be down to their house by Noon. Long drive. Thank heavens for DVD players in cars!! Heidi Anne was so happy the whole drive. We were the first ones there, however, we were worried about traffic and being late coming from such a distance-we didn't want to be the cause of holding up the meal.
My Youngest Brother--Well, My Only Brother
Heidi Anne was being silly and acting shy. Really, truly shy!! She got over it after a few minutes, once she got a movie on and my brother played Lincoln Logs with her she was happy.Even though it was an Adventure, which she talked about the day before to anyone and everyone "Tomorrow I see my K-Bug, and we will play together, and I get to see all my grandpas and grandmas and we will play games!!" I think she's used to being the leader and knowing the routine at pre-school that NOT knowing the pattern throws her off her groove, no worries-she got it back quickly! 
My brother and Char Helping in the Kitchen
I guess I made setting the table sound like such fun because she wanted to help to. **Side Note-We call setting the table putting things in their "Happy Home"** Thus as we were putting things on the table she would say "Spoon, you are going to your Happy Home", "Plate, you are going to your Happy Home", in her sing~song voice. 
Helping Set the Table
Saying "Happy Home!"
Not to long after we came, my sister and her family arrived. Heidi Anne was reunited with her K-Bug!! Oh, those 2 jump for joy at the site of each other, hug each other, once they are together-you can't get them apart.
Working in the Kitchen
There is a quote I once heard and I always think of these little girls "God knew our moms couldn't handle us as sisters, so He made us cousins." I honestly think that of those two sometimes. They could be sisters easily and they are the closetest cousins I have ever seen!
Heidi Anne and her K-Bug
Even little Rye is getting included in their games. Oh, how I adore that little boy!!
Rye, K-Bug, and Heidi Anne-Happy as Can Be!!
I found an old photo album of my sister and I as kids (pretty much the exact same age as Heidi Anne and K-Bug). I would show them the pictures and as "Who is that?" When the picture was that of my sister age 3-5 they would both yell "K-BUG!!" and if it was a picture of under 18 months old they would yell "RYKKEN!!" They wouldn't believe that it was K-bug's Mommy. Sadly, any pictures of me from 5th grade and up they would say "Heidi's Mommy!!" (Maybe this is a good thing--2 decades later and I still look like I am'll be nice in a few more years I am sure.....)
K-Bug and Heidi Playing a Game While We finsh getting Thanksgiving Ready
 The food was awesome 100% me proof!! Thanks a bunch all!! My sister really wanted to put some bacon bits in the Green bean casserole then she remembered me. I love her cooking-so the pork free tasted great to me! There was stuffing (made in a crockpot! Sooo doing that next year), crescent rolls, homemade challah bread, oh the BEST sweet potatoes (even IF Char didn't eat them....Yes Love, I am still in disbelief!!), creamy mashed potatoes with gravy, fruit salad, and a great turkey.

Oddly enough, my sister and I sat at the "kids" table, as the "kids" still needed some assistance and it's just easier to sit right by them. Rykken tried to be a big boy, he was trying to drink water out of a cup without a sippy lid. He would take sips, sometimes with success, other times he got over confident and tilt the cup way back and get to much water. He would cough, shake his head like a little puppy, my sister would look at him that said "Okay, did you want a lid or you going to keep trying?" Rykken would shake his head No or sometimes even say it simply and determined "No."
Rykken-I Want To Play--But Not Mommy Is Watching Me........
My other favorite story is when the girls were coloring Rye came over to join them. While he was coloring, he colored to hard and broke a crayon-no one noticed. But he did, he would tell the crayon "I sorry" and then look up at the adults saying "It broken, I sorry crayon." Ahhhhh-So cute, so touching. My brother tried to make it better for him by taping the two pieces together, so Rykken wouldn't be so sad about the broken crayon.
They were like this BEFORE Dessert
For dessert there were pies and a pumpkin cheese cake. We all have a new favorite cheese cake--it maybe our new favorite dessert. Then we all had to go off to our other Adventures, we wanted to stay longer but had to go. This was definitely a fun Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heidi Anne Interview

I Love Pinterest-They had this cute "Interview your child" and saving it. They suggested having the interview the first day of school every year and show your kid how they've grown over the years. So this is Heidi Anne's

Momma asks her child to recite their name: Heidi Anne
How old are you?  3
What is your favorite color? Purple  (Could have sworn she would say Red, or Pink and Green-Who Knew?)
Who is your best friend?  K-Bug  
Favorite Animal?  Elephant!!
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Doctor!!!
What are your favorite movies?  Tangled, Rio, MegaMind
What are your favorite books?  Brown Bear, Click Clack Moo, Cow Loves Cookies, and anything Daddy reads to me.
What makes you happy? Homework, Momma, Daddy, Ana Rose, and the Kitties.
What makes you sad?  The dark, getting lost, and ghosts.
What is your favorite food to eat? Pasta, sandwiches, and corn.
What is your favorite song to sing? Bubble Song, If I Die Young (By the Band Perry) 
What games do you like to play? Jump rope, bike, duck duck goose, and dance.

It then says "Have your child write their name"
I think I will have Heidi Anne write her name right here once this is a book:


~A Mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things, and crushes down remoreselessly all that stands in it's path.~
~Agatha Christie

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cookies With Nana

On Saturday, Nana came up and visited for a little bit. I don't think we were the most fun of people because Char is getting over Strep while I am just getting over the bronchitis, had some minor foot surgery on Monday, and trying like mad to avoid getting his Strep. I know Sharing is Caring-but some things you can keep to yourself.
I always feel soo bad when people come up and we're pretty much dead. It's like, sorry for the 4 hour drive-hope it was worth it! So far, it's only happened like twice in 5 years.
Heidi Anne was the healthy one-which worked out great. Nana brought some cookies for them to frost and decorate. Heidi Anne decorated herself more then the cookies and enjoyed every second of it. What three year old doesn't look adorable with chocolate frosting with sprinkles on top? I was just grateful the witch from Hansel and Gretel or wasn't around, she was cute enough to eat.
Afterwords they tried to read stories (for some unexplainable reason she was Abnormally hyper). They went outside to play for a bit. But it was to cold and looked like snow soon. So Nana went byebye. After she left Heidi Anne wanted to know who was going to come play next. Was it K-Bug, or Sarah, or Alice?
You see when we we go visit family in SLC we try to visit as many people as we can-I think she expects the same thing to happen if people come up to visit us.

One for the cookie-One for Me
Frosting the Cookie
Putting on Sprinkles
Tasting Said Sprinkles
Sneaking Bits of Frosting

Heidi Anne and Nana Talking

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heidi See ~ Heidi Do

Recently my Aunt Deb gave Heidi Anne a fun picnic party set. She loves to play with Ana with it along with her other dolls. It had a pitcher, a cake cover, cups, plates, bowls, and it came in a pretty container. She will fill the pitcher up with water and then serve her dolls Smarties or other little treats.

  This evening we were getting dinner ready. We heard another one of her conversations’. She was having her party with her Sister Ana, then her other 2 dolls Tiana (from Princess and the Frog) and Rapunzel (from Tangled).

            “Okay everyone, now fold your hands.” She then checked to make sure everyone had their hands folded as close as Dolly possible. Once they meet her standards she proceeded to say a prayer over her party. It was nearly the same type of prayers we have over dinner. It was cute to hear her say “Thank-you much for the fun party, thank-you much for the treats, thank-you much for the water. Please help Ana not to spill. Amen”. 
 It was so cute and adorable! She used to say “The End” at night time prayers-which I always loved. It’s sad to see her grow up.

 It’s interesting to see what your little ones do when they don’t think you’re watching. Even scarier-the fact you don’t know when they are watching you, now I have to assume that I am under 24/7 surveillance with her.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meet the Stampy Family

Heidi Anne has recently devloped an obession with Elephants. I think she's had it for awhile since we've had Stampy (Char got him when his parents took a trip to Africa). Heidi Anne named him stampy.

Char's Elephant-- "Stampy"
For some reason, we are pretty sure it's since she went to the Zoo and saw the baby elephants and the whole elephant family, she is now in LOVE with elephants.
At the Zoo

Nana and Gampa just took another trip to Africa and brought back these two elephants for her. Which she adores. She deiced these were Stampy's kids- a little boy and girl.
The Boy-Kenny
The Girl-Nairobi

She was so sad that they didn't have a Momma. So we got her yearly Christmas ornament a little early. Each year she gets a new Christmas ornament, so far it's been something that expresses her personality of that year or something she really likes. I really thought she would get / want something Ballerina themed. Nope, we  went on a search and rescue mission. Amazingly we found an Elephant ornament at a craft store at a very cheap price-I am happy to announce that the Stampy Family now have a Momma. 

Kissing the Momma-Momma Stampy
Who knows where this may lead to. Dancing Ballerina Elephants?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sew I Made It Myself!!

I have been working on pillowcase dresses for some special little girls for Christmas. Nieces, Heidi Anne (she doesn't know which one is her's), and Heidi Anne's Best Friends. Below are some of the dresses so far. I'm not saying who the go to-because I still want some sense of a Surprise!!

 This one is Purple, with a Yellow trim, and white ruffle Edging. I had a ton of fun making this one!

This one is for an older girl, so it's a little big on Heidi Anne. It has fun poka-dots of blue and purple with bits of yellow. So I did yellow ribbon for the ties and then a yellow trim. For fun I have purple rick-rack at the bottom, so it looks like purple edging. (Shame she isn't having fun).

 This one is Pink and Brown with a strip of brown ribbon with pink poka dots sewn into the pink trim.

 My Little model got board of our game. This is a purple, with purple trim, with purple ties. It was one of my first. I plan on putting a little more flare on it soon. But this is it now. Still very pretty I think.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Lost Bet and The Won Snowday Adventure

We made a bet at work, towards the end of Sept or first week of October of when the first snow would happen in the valley. There were a few requirements for the snow:

1) It had to be in the valley, not in the mountains
2) It had to be real snow, not the slush rain that wants to be snow
3) It had to stick on the ground and couldn't melt for at LEAST 15 Minutes.

I picked the day after Thanksgiving. I know it was wishful thinking but it's been so nice these last few weeks I really thought I had a shot. The snow normally hits us around the Pumpkin Walk (so a week before Halloween) or on Halloween. Well it hit this morning-meeting if not exceeding all the requirements. There were 3 inches of snow on our front yard and it's still there.

While I lost the bet, Heidi Anne won the Snowday Adventure. As soon as Heidi Anne saw it she wanted to go play in it. We told her after she eat her breakfast and get ready first. She shoveled the food in her mouth and was still chewing her toast as I was putting on her gloves to go out. She had to use just normal shoes since she's outgrown her old snowboots, which I thought was fine because she would be back in shortly where it was nice and warm. Right.....

WRONG!! She LOVED it! She was like a fish to water. She was making little snowballs, making trails, and just playing in the snow having a blast. She is already making plans on making snow forts, snowmans, and snow angels, and just all around playing in snow.

The only way I got her in was to promise her she could go back outside later to play in the snow again. Anyone know where I can get some good, affordable, little girl snow boots that can handle Heidi Anne's and her Adventures?