Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Morning Fun

Heidi Anne is soo fun at breakfast, mornings in general. She is such a morning person! Today she was trying to whistle, which sounded sooo funny! She also tried dipping her toast in her scrambled eggs like we do with our eggs over easy. She had this look of, "I don't get what's so good about this." I love her!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Alices' Blessing

Grandma & Alice, Grandpa & Heidi Now on to Sunday! We went to Alice's baby blessing. (She is Heidi Anne's very first cousin on Char's side of the family). It was such a great day too, much warmer weather down there. The blessing was super sweet. Alice got to wear the same dress her mom (Emily) was blessed in too!
I have this pet peeve of parents not respecting other parents' baby blessing. It's a milestone, such a precious moment, and it only happens once. So when all the sudden a scream from a cranky kid, it just always seems to put a damper on it for some reason.
I really didn't want that to be my little girl, much less have it happen to her cousins blessing. Weird pet peeve I know, but one just the same.
The Three Generations of the guilty grin. Grandpapa, Dada, and now little Heidi Anne.
Mimking Dada! These two are inspearable!
Afterwords, (roughly 45 people thereabouts) of family and friends went to Emily's home for a sit down lunch. (I felt a little bad because I had lost my hearing in my left ear over the weekend, so I am sure people tried to talk to me, but I honestly couldn't hear a thing. If Char was helpping in the kicthem, so he wasn't able to translate for me that I can't hear, or to pass the message to the family that I really can't hear. So if you tried to talk, I'm sorry I couldn't hear, and still can't either.
Back to Emily, She went all out, decorated the tables, had floaral arragments, very detailed, you can tell she worked hard on it. Great food too, which when feeding so many is a feat of itself!
Heidi Anne had fun watching people, playing with the dogs, and loved Emily's front porch. We got soo many cute pitures of her there. It almost looked like a photo shot. We got so many great pictures. Here are some. More will be on my facebook soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween on Halloween

It was a blast! We went to visit my sister and her family. We got there around Noon and had some pizza for lunch. Bekah got each girl a small pumpkin, washable paints, and paint brushes. Then we let the girls paint their pumpkins.

Rekailah caught on like a pro, she painted so carefully.
Heidi Anne took a more messy approach, she finger painted her pumpkin. It works! Then we got them ready to Trick or Treat. Kayla was a lady bug, she was sooo cute! My sister made the tutu herself, she was just to adorable! Heidi Anne was a butterfly, we couldn't find any antena's for her, so we did piggy tails!

For the finshing touch we used watering cans instead of bags to hold their treats!Heidi stayed in her stoller so nicely, and Kayla could have gone on walking for hours if given the chance! The mall was soo crowded. Afterwords we took Heidi Anne to her Grandma's so she could she her all dressed up. All in all it was a great day!