Sunday, May 20, 2018

Water Day at Grandma's

A few weeks ago we had really nice sunny, warm weather. It was hot enough to play in the water but not to the point you felt like you were melting. Grandma invited us to come play in her big backward. **Side Note: I love the picture of all 3 kids on the swings, it's one of the few pictures I have of everyone together.**
Rowan had a fun time filling up the pool with the hose. Meanwhile, Anastasia enjoyed watching him, she was so giggly.  
Rowan did a pretty good job of aiming the hose into the pool. He laughed a lot, I love it when he truly laughs. 
Once the pool was filled high enough, Rowan got right in.  Grandma got some toys along with some balls that floated on the top of the water. Rowan would wade in the pool chasing the balls around. Anastasia still hates the water and refused to get into the pool. However, she didn't mind trying to grab the balls from the edges of the pool, (as long as her feet were on dry land). 
Anastasia would come play on the swingset between sessions by the pool. She wanted to be on the big kid swing but she's just too small. Heidi Anne would get on the swing and place Anastasia on her lap, Anastasia agreed with the compromise. 
Anastasia also tried to climb up the slide. She's able to do it with the little slides, I think she believes she should be able to do the same with big slides as well. My feisty, stubborn baby girl. 
Anastasia must have made the slide look so fun that Rowan decided to leave the pool and wanted to go down the big slide. Often times we'd have to pull Anastasia away from climbing up the slide while Rowan was trying to go down it. 

Heidi's In Homeschool, This is the Place and The Museum of Curiosity

It's been a hectic week. We pulled Heidi Anne out of public school last week. She'll now be homeschooled for the foreseeable future. It's not due to any political or religious reasons. We've tried since the start of October to get her on a 504 plan just like we had worked on at her old school. But it never went through. 

She was recently re-evaluated for ADHD, which is still there but that wasn't the only thing the assessments revealed. No one can pinpoint which disorder precisely until she's in her middle teens (that's the earliest providers are able to accurately identify these things). 

With the backing of all of her medical and mental health providers, we tried to get her on a 504 based on mental health/behavior. Not to excuse the poor behavior but instead, have a plan in place if it should arise. Everyone involved in her care knew we'd be adjusting medications which could cause some side effects. Again the school refused.  

Every 3-4 days since then someone has contacted us from the school informing us that Heidi had a panic attack, was overly drowsy, too hyper, or misbehaving in some way or another. We asked again for a 504 and the principal countered with a few days suspension to "teach her a lesson." I thought sarcastically, "Yeah suspension is really going to cure her mental health." 

After a short talk with Char, we decided she just can't continue public school until everything is sorted out. No matter how long it takes. I enrolled her in homeschool the very next morning.  
Heidi Anne has advanced in her guitar class. She is now Level 2, and she achieved it in less than 6 months. (On average it takes 12 months to complete a level.) She got to be a student of the week for her accomplishment. 

The day before Heidi began homeschool, we went to This is the Place, it's pioneer reenactment living museum. We met up with; Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt L, Cousin G and baby E. 
I must admit I had fun dressing Anastasia up in her Halloween costume. I put Anastasia in a dress that I made for Heidi Anne when she was 2-3 years old. I also added a pinafore type thing that I found much later, I thought it matched the dress perfectly. I just need to find a toddler size sunbonnet, and it's complete. (Heidi Anne wants to be a pioneer for Halloween too.)   
Okay, I had a bit of fun matching Rowan's clothing to his eye patch. He was wearing a pirate shirt, and I found a pirate-themed eye patch. 
The first place we went to was the barn, which had pony rides. The 4 kiddos were the first riders of the day. I had to stay with Anastasia and keep her in place as the ponies moved forward in a circle. Rowan, who had never been on a pony before, was fearless. Char was trying to keep a hand on Rowan for safety but Rowan would have none of it. 
We explored the barnyard and petting area. Then we rode a big train to a ship playground. Went back on the big train and came across a small ride on the train. The kids loved it.
Across from this site were Navajo (I believe, but don't quote me on it) teepee and variety of houses from different tribes. A school field trip was going on and one of the reactors was super kind and let us all into the teepee to have a look, to tell us stories and sang a traditional song. Anastasia and Rowan just had fun exploring the area. After this site, we headed home. We barely saw 1/4 of the whole living museum; there were pioneer homes, a school, a church, just about everything a little village would have.  
A few days later we all went and met Grandma, Aunt L, and cousins G & Baby E  at The Museum of Natural Curiosities. It's like the Treehouse museum, but on steroids. There is everything for ages 0 - 12. There were many interactive rooms. 
Rowan was enthralled with the auto shop room. Kids could attach tires to a car, play with some tools to tighten nuts and bolts. They even got to work on a wooden engine. Since Rowan was in love with this room, Anastasia was dutifully at his side. Until the block room, next store began calling her name.
While this was going on Char took Heidi Anne to visit and do the older children activities. She made a short movie with a green screen, they found a music room, explored all the rooms and sections of the museum and played in the jungle gym. 
Next, Rowan and Stacy explored the Pet Clinic. Rowan named all the animals Cass (after our puppy) and would try to put these big stuffed animals into tiny kennels. Anastasia just hammered the examine tables. 
We found Grandma and Baby E. There was a little play area for kids 0-3. Anastasia had a lot of fun running up the stairs and going down the slide. Then she discovered this ball activity, where you put the ball in the rabbit's mouth and it would come straight down. (I kept thinking they couldn't design it so the rabbits didn't look like they were just pooping?) Rowan would go between the toddler nook and play with some kinetic sand.
Char and Heidi caught up with us and we went to the water area. There was a baby water table that Rowan and Anastasia had fun playing with. I don't get it, they HATE bathes with the passion of a thousand suns! However, they can't get enough of it at literally any other point in time. I do love how angry Anastasia looks in this picture but it's just how her wet bangs framed her face. She was having a blast, believe me.   
Anastasia will randomly come up to me and ask me the same question "Mommy, you okay?". She waits for my answer and then runs off no matter my response. I got a picture of her reciting her question to me. 
After the water zone, we went downstairs to the entrance of the 2 story jungle gym. There was an interactive computer game where the monitor was the ground and the kids ran around breathless. To be honest, I have no clue how it works, just that Rowan and Anastasia loved playing on it. 
After a while, Rowan was determined to play on the big playground. I swear that child has no sense of fear whatsoever. But as a mom, I worry enough for the both of us. Anyways, as I saw him begin the ascent to the higher levels I sent Heidi Anne in to follow him. I think I exceed the weight limits,(plus I was in a skirt). Heidi Anne gladly followed him wherever he went. 
While the older 2 we playing in the big jungle gym, I found another tot lot and let Anastasia play there. She's currently in a growth spurt and it constantly falling. Just the other day she was running full speed then fell so hard on the floor that she busted her lip making it bleed and cracked her tooth as well. Lately, when she falls down she cries out "I Broken!" Picks herself back up giggling and runs off again.