Monday, May 28, 2012

One of Those Days...

Okay, more of One of Those Weekends. I woke up in the morning, noticed it was a little bright then it should be. I looked at the clock and it told me it was 7:28AM--We normally are up by 6:30AM. I could have sworren that the clock was making fun of me and saying "You're Running Late". 
I went into panic mode,. thinking of different ways we can possibility get to work on time, or at least not terribly late. Thinking "So we hurry. get ready, we can eat pop tarts in the car, I will do my hair and make up in the car, the only thing that worried me was Main Street, it can make it or break it for you."
So I JUMP out of bed,  I was panicked but with a plain. I told Char to hurry we're running late. He didn't move. I say, "Common' let's go!! He looks at me very, very confused. 
He said 2 words "It's Saturday", and went back to sleep.That is how I found it was SATURDAY!
So that was my Saturday Memorial Day Weened. How was everyone else's?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heidi Anne's Momma Day Letter

So at Heidi Anne's preschool they made cute hand print potholders. In addition to these they had a "What Heidi say's about her Mom": Come and enjoy the slightly embarrassing but still very funny question and answers.

My Mommy's name is :  It's a secret

My Mommy is :  7  Years Old  (If you take off 20 years, she's right)

Her favorite color is:  Red and Pink  (Well close, those are HER favorites, I like blue)

Her favorite food is : Chocolate Sandwich's (In my defence they are Nutella and Peanut butter)

My Mommy loves to: Clean up (Bet you can guess what happens on the weekend).

All day my Mommy : Washes Dishes (Dishes, office, same thing right?).

My Mommy's Best Friend is : My Daddy!! (Need she say more?)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is finally here! I love spring (apart from the allergies).  Spring brings so much fun. To start off with, Char planted some tulips for me. They are just beautiful. First came the daffodils, followed by some pretty purple tulips, next came some gorgeous white ones, finally there came some big purple ones, they look like purple fireworks. It's so pretty, just as one set start to fade away another one grows and takes its place.  

Another thing about spring are the fun activities we can do.  Anything from feeding ducks, playing at the park, or playing with bubbles. She reminds me of a kitten when she plays with her bubbles. She chases then pounces on them, giggling as she blows them or runs to pop them. 

I sunburn like nobody else, seriously, I have to put on sunblock if we are going to be in the car for more then 30 minutes. I can only watch her play at the park in the safety of the pavilions.  In all these years I've only been able to play outside for a very short amount of time. I've bee inside looking out. 

A wonderful gift Char got for me was a huge umbrella. Now I can go outside and watch Heidi Anne play or even better play with her. We can play in her sandbox together, play bubbles, draw with chalk, jump rope, and even a little bit of ball. On top of that I can sit and read while she plays. We may even get her one of those little plastic pools, since she LOVES water so much, and I can now enjoy it with her. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Heidi Anne and Sleeping Beauty

Heidi Anne and I recently had our first official,Momma / Heidi Anne date. She picked the activity, she wanted to go see Sleeping Beauty. Not just any Sleeping Beauty, it was the ballet performance of it. Our local ballet company (again, where she takes her ballet class) put on the performance. She LOVED it!

She would whisper to me (plie, tendu, chasse, ect). She was fascinated for nearly a whole hour. A few days later she asked me "Momma, when are we going to see more ballet shows?" I think she may like ballet, but I'm not sure. We'll see how much she loves it when her summer classes are twice a week. To be honest,  I don't think that will be enough for her, if she had her way it would be 4 times a week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello Dollie!

Meet Dollie, 
Heidi Anne's new favorite lovey. The only other thing she has loved as much as Dollie is her Blankie. In fact we often see the three of them everywhere together. Dollie came from Tahiti and Heidi Anne hasn't be away from her since. Dollie is in the car when we go to work and preschool in the morning, and sitting in her car seat waiting for her. 
Where ever Heidi Anne goes, Dollie follows. So far she seems to enjoy all of our adventures (I haven't heard Dollie say otherwise).