Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing at the Park

Yeah! It's finally 45-50 degrees on a weekend. That means Park Day!! Char tries to take Heidi Anne to a different park each weekend to keep the spirit of Adventure alive. Right by her Ballet School is a super fun park that has just been torturing her. It looks soo fun to play at but it's always snowy or we have to get back to work.

Yesterday was her lucky day as that was the park he picked for their Adventure. She LOVED it! She even saw some friends of hers from Daycare there. I am starting to believe we can go anywhere in the valley and people know about Heidi Anne. Seriously. I'm not Melissa anymore-Now I'm Heidi Anne's Momma - Same thing, right?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Flower MisAdventure

It’s finally spring, which means I can finally go back out with a reduced fear of getting sick. When we do go out, we try to avoid heavily populated or packed with people. We choose to go do a fun walk on the River Walk trail. Most of it is paved so naturally that’s where we went. We were so proud of Heidi Anne as she did the whole walk without a stroller or asking to be held. She was just loving the walk through the “woods”.

When we realized the walk hadn’t zapped enough of her energy we took her to the park. Again you couldn’t tell she was tired. Finally, we tried to do a wildflower adventure. This is where we go on a walk and try to find pretty flowers to press. Sadly, we couldn’t find any big flowers yet. We found a few little ones but they were crushed by accident by one little girl, whom shall remain nameless. 
At least the season is still young and they were very teeny tiny anyways.

My friends' cousin is missing!

My friends' cousin is missing

Lindsey Smith Roecker's PhotosThe girl on the right is my friend, She is MISSING! If Anyone has seen her Please Contact the POLICE... She went to School Tuesday, April 24 and never came home. She lives in Logan, Utah. Her name is Catalina she goes by "Cat" she is 13 yrs old.... We think she is somewhere in the Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake area. Please contact Logan City Police Department (435) 716-9300 if you have any info. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Finally Installed The Bar!!

Heidi Anne is loving ballet. She kept trying to practice her different steps and moves without the bar at home - and fall flat on her face. Then she would get up and do it again. 

Stretching before practice
We wanted to make sure she really wanted to be in ballet we figured after 4 months, she must still like it to try and practice at home. 
Big Space-No Space
 Last weekend we got her a ballet bar for home - A.K.A disability bathroom bars. (I love Home Depot). It's the perfect size for her and shouldn't fall off the wall. She spent an hour with it as soon as Char set it up. She adores her ballet bar.

Second Position Plie
Relivate (Or Tippy Toes for the rest of us).

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"I Want To Do That!"

About 3 weeks ago on Friday night, we were able to go to a ballet performance, yes ALL three of us. How did I manage to get Char to go? Easy- Heidi Anne asked him to come. Done Deal. Now how did I get my three year old to sit still and watch the 90 minute show without any electronic device? Easy again, she's a good girl who LOVES ballet.
The show was put on the by her Ballet School - and was funded mostly by our office that we live - I meant work at. Yeah for Conservice - free family activity! Sorry for the picture quality, I do have a strange feeling we'll be tweaking our filming in a performance environment over the next few years.

Heidi Anne loved to see her instructor, Miss Becky, perform. Ms. Becky is wonderful instructor! I think one reason is that you can just tell her passion for ballet and it just spreads to all those around her.

Did I mention she is a Prima Ballerina, who has been doing ballet since she was roughly Heidi Anne's age. She recently tried out for "So You Think You Can Dance?", she made it to the Vegas Round, which is amazing.

 We loved the other performances. It had various music (not just classical) and the instructors as well as a few of the older / higher level students choreographed some

This performance had nearly the whole company on stage-it was one of Heidi Anne's favorite.

For this piece most of the higher level girls were performing. It was do to more modern music. There was just a lot of energy for this dance. 

Every time Heidi Anne saw, a ballerina did a move or step she knew would whisper to us "Tondue, Sasha, first position). She wants to be a big girl ballerina even more now. I know she'll have so much fun when we go see "Sleeping Beauty". 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Blog, IOU

Dear Blog,
You are the only way I can freeze these cute, Heidi-ish things that happen. Keeping up with a little Heidi Anne and her adventures can be hard! I want to tell you all about her Easter, her first experience at a theatrical performance, more of Heidi Anne and her ballet, and just a few little funny stories about that little girl who's growing up way to fast. From her writing a letter because she was mad to helping us get a sitter for our first date in a LONG time.
Example, she used to say "Watch Me DO!!" Now, she says "Hey, watch me" or "Watch me do (fill in blank). Just the small signs she's growing up to fast.
I will update you so I can capture those moments (albeit delayed). Thanks for being the keeper of my memories. I will appreciate you more than ever as she gets bigger and older.