Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Full Sentence

Heidi Anne said her first full sentence last night. I was getting ready to get her ready for bed. She kept saying "Dada, Dada". I said, jokingly, "Sorry I'm just not understanding you." Then proceed to pick out some nightclothes. She then looked at me and said in a very clear, sweet, (and might I mention slow) voice "No, I want My Daddy."
It was soo cute. After she said Please first she got her Daddy. What a silly little girl.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Escape From Rainbow Bright Prison

That's what Char said Heidi Anne looked like in this outfit. It wasn't until she was running around did we make the connection.

It was such a fun and busy weekend-2 weeks Ago. We went and did the Art Gallery Walk after work on Friday with Heidi. Twice a year local artists & school children are invited to display their artwork in the stores. The turn out was a lot smaller then it has been in prior years, but Heidi just loved wandering around and seeing new pictures and art work in the normally boring stores.

Last week we took Heidi Anne for a picnic. Which overwhelmed her just a little. She was so excited to be eating, which she loves, and to be outside, which she LOVES even more, at the exact same time.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey Lissa,
Yeap, just your blog calling. Yeah, it feels like you've been up to a lot but not telling me all about it. I feel sooo out of the loop, we should really catch up. Maybe tomorrow? Talk to you Later.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello Kitty!!

Today when we got home from work there was a surprise on our front door. My Aunt Deb sent Heidi Anne an Easter basket. It had some adorable summer shirts, pretty dresses, and pair of jeans.
But the cutest part was when she unwrapped the Hello Kitty my Aunt sent her. Heidi Anne jumped up and down saying "HI Kitty, HI Kitty, MY HI Kitty!!" She just kept cuddling it. I guess Hi Kitty is the same as Hello Kitty to a 20 Month Old. Truth be told I didn't even know she knew what Hello Kitty was! She never ceases to amaze me. Thanks Aunt Deb!! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun-Part 1

Easter was sooo fun! Sure the weather wasn't to nice, but we did tons of fun things anyways.

For starters the girls painted little flower pots. Kayla was so adorable and detailed with her artwork. After a few brush stokes on her pot, Heidi Anne got side tracked and just had a blast painting her paper plate holding her paint. I must say, it was a very pretty paper plate when she was finished with it.
We then helped the girls decorate their eggs. We had the best idea ever (in my opinion). We did stickers with the plastic eggs.

Rykken's stickers were train and frog themed, it was so adorable even if he was sleeping at the time. The girls had sparkly stars, hearts, and flowers. Kayla loved putting on the stickers, Heidi just loved playing with the sticky part of the sticker.
My sister picked out their Easter outfits, they are so bright and cheery! She picked theirs last year as well. She's got a knack for these things, especially when it comes to coordinating the girls.
They then had fun with their baskets, which had their names on them. Kayla loved digging in the "grass" with her new shovel. She made it look like so much fun Heidi had to try it out too.
They got seeds, bubbles (which Heidi loves), coloring books, bubbles, a little doll, and a little pony.

Momma's Goal # 366

Get As Much Use of Halloween Outfits as Possible-Whatever the Holiday....
So a few days ago I was going though some of Heidi Anne's clothes and I found a Bunny costume, which during Halloween it was to big for her. Well now it fits just right!
So she got to dress up as the Easter Bunny!! Thank you surprise hand-me-downs!! You can sure make a nasty snowy Easter Day turn out to be the best!