Friday, May 15, 2015

First Camping Trip Ever

Preface: This post was written on 8/6/13. The next day I was admitted to the U of U's ICU. I just barely found this post today-2 years later.  
Since Heidi Anne has been about 2 years old we've gone on a little trip around her birthday. We've gone to the Grand Tetons, Bryce Canyon, and this year we spent the night in the Cache Forest at Bear Lake. This was the very first time we went camping as a family. I got some great advice from my friend, Valerie, what camp site, activities, or just some general tips. 

We decided to take it easy with camping. This was Heidi Anne's first camping trip and our first one since we're been married. Because I'm me and on top of that I was feeling unwell. But this was her birthday wish.
Char got a gift card from work. He had a great idea of we'd all go out to eat a good  lunch. That way if something bad happened to the camping food we wouldn't be as cranky. After our fun lunch we heading up the canyon. Heidi Anne promptly helped out. She would bring out some of the supplies from the car, didn't get under foot very much. But that could have been her "job" was to bring out some firewood. 
While we made our chicken dinner in a dutch over Heidi Anne kept herself busy by playing with blocks of wood and sticks. Heidi Anne and I would go and explore the surrounding forest right around our camp site while Char kept an eye on dinner. 
After our yummy dinner we played different card games. Then all three of us went on a longer walk through the whole camp site. The whole day she talked about how excited she was to have her first camping trip, What she wanted more than anything was to see the stars. Once twilight came Char brought out the the fixings for our s'mores while the stars slowly made their appearance. We did learn that Heidi Anne loves roasting marshmallows, but isn't keen on eating them. She ended up eating a deconstructed s'mores. How she loved all the bright clear stars! 
We then spent the coldest night of our lives! We didn't pack nearly enough blankets nor did we have any foam barriers to protect us from the bumpy rocks. On the bright side, she loved getting up to see the sunrise!

Epilogue: My friend Valerie now has her own blog about traveling at: (I can't make it hyperlink!!)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Letters From Heidi Anne

Heidi Anne has learned a ton in first grade. Her favorite thing to do right now is to write notes to me, composes "poems", and writes little stories. Here are her Mother's Day Cards to me as well as some of her other notes. I will be using the exact grammar and spelling as she had written them.

(The flowers are made from her finger prints). Inside it reads: 
Mom, thank you for your good food you make. I love you.

(Again the flowers are from her finger prints.)
Inside it reads: 
Dear Mom,
You are the gradist mom I have ever have. You are the best mom I ever had.

This note is a response to a note I wrote for her on a Saturday morning letting her know I had set out breakfast for her, to stay quiet and that she could watch some TV. This was the note she gave me in return. 
You are my Mommy so I love you so, so, so , so , so march.

This note is a response to a note I wrote for her on a Easter morning asking her to wait in her room until we came and got her.
Hi Mommy,
I have a note to you. You give me a note today.
I love you!! You are my Mommy.

This is her thank-you letter to the Easter Bunny (she even drew a cute little picture).
Dear Easter Bunny,                                         04-06-15
Thank you for the candy, the scooter, and the soccer ball.


I wanted to post her poems or a story, however, she's at school and I don't have her permission. If you get her go ahead to read one of her stories it's a big deal. Maybe she'll write and publish a book just like her Uncle Don.