Monday, February 21, 2011

Heidi Anne Plays

So the weather here in the Valley can change. Today it is in the 20's, we are in a winter storm-with 8 inches on the ground. Just 10 days ago it was a lovely 45 degrees and sunny. Heidi Anne, knowing no other way-seems to just go with it, or we've adapted so well to it, she just seems so easy going. One way we've adapted Yes, we keep her slide indoors-we've get snow-a lot, so we have tons of "outside" toys inside-helps to keep her active in the long winters, or the summers when its to sunny for me to enjoy the fun outdoor actives together with her.

A few days ago when it was the nice 45 degrees we took her to the park. Her Nana and Aunt Sarah were even able to come join us for it. It was just so much fun to play outside and have her run around. We were there for nearly an hour. Perfect park weather.  She just made up little games and just just played along. Or Sarah made a game up where a monkey was after them. The next day Heidi Anne was still talking about the monkey and wanted us to call Sarah to go to the park and play Monkey.

This morning it was snowing-a lot. She came up with a game where she would "paint" a foam heart and have them race down the slide. She would cheer them on "Go, go, go" and when they reached the end of the slide she would clap her hands and yell "YEAH".

See-Very Adaptable--And Adorable.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Momma's Goal # 430

Do not suffer from Grass is Greener Syndrome and realize that green for 1 person is blue to another. A few days ago I posted on facebook and I quote myself:

" Why must all my favorite friends & coworkers move or have real lives?? **Cough, Cough, Lisa-Melissa-and on,** Thank goodness for Facebook ^o^"

It has been a fairly rough start to the New Year. Heidi Anne has been sick for most of it, I got bronchitis which turned into phenomia, and she's gotten her surgery to take out her adenoids and put in new tubes in her ears. We've been to the Instacare 3 times, and I was nearly hospitalized. We gave Hunter to a different family-sad for us, but better for him, he just wasn't getting all the attention he deserved. He is now one of those spoiled dogs in a little sweater with a retired couple-I cried out of happiness that we found him such a good family, I kept saying he won the puppy lotto.

Well, on top of all that, it just seems like so many of my friends and family are moving on or leaving for greener pastures. Some by their own choosing, handwork, well deserved breaks, or some are just having a hard year as myself (if not harder) and have no choice. Anyhow, there are just those moments where I feel like the slowpoke wanting to say "Wait Up Guys!! Wait for me!!"  I would LOVE to go on a planned vacation, like Disney (like my sister did with her family this week, or my other friend will later this month), or to Vegas, or just other fun trips.  

But right now we have medical bills to pay, so I will just live vicariously though my friends vacations-and keep enjoying the little things here, like the park, or national forests, or Baby Animal days. This summer we plan on taking our first camping trip--Oh that will be an adventure and a half. So I will love your vacation details. :)

It just seems like so many people I know and have worked with for so long are leaving, heck sometimes even just moving desks at work. But that is just because their goals and dreams are different, (the downside of living in a college town). We fell in love with this area and stayed, however, for most people this is a temporary home-and so they go. I think I have slowly come to realize that other peoples' roads lead them to different places, and I should be grateful that we shared the lane for a bit. So while the grass is green for me-it is mostly aqua for others, green enough for now-but soon it will change. 

Thank heavens for Facebook and blogs :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

That's A Spring Roll Wrap

Rewind to last week, my friend at work organized a potluck for Spring Rolls. It was lots of fun, really easy to make, and tasted really good. See my pretty spring roll?

Fast forward today. Spring Rolls sounded really good for some reason, and lucky for me, we pretty much had everything you could need;
Rice Noodles-Check
Romain Lettuce-(Well there is that bag of salad greens)-So Check
Cucumber-Nope (But hey, you only use a little anyways, so I don't really need it)-Moving Forward
Shrimp-(Those little frozen ones-you can get a huge bag for like $5 at Walmart)-Check
Spring Roll Sauce-(Well there is some teryiki sauce-not as good as the stuff Lisa made, oh well)-Check
Rice Paper-(No Go...Ooopppss--But wait...We do have some flat bread)-Check??

As you can tell-we were improvising here. I must say Char came up with a great idea to use sandwich wrap bread to replace the rice paper. What do you know, it worked! It made a great sandwich wrap, I think it's our new favorite sandwich. Who knew?