Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Want An Elephant...Or...A Rino-Nose

On Monday we had to go down to the valley for a doctor appointment. Normally, we just drive down, and then turn around and go back up just in time for work. Heidi Anne's Nana has been wanting to take her to the Zoo for a long time, and we haven't been in forever (maybe in well over 15 years) so it seemed like a good time to go.
Baby Elephant

After our doctor appointment, we grabbed some breakfast, then we went to the Zoo right when it opened
(9:00 am sharp). I think we were the very first ones in there that day! Sure it was a little rainy, and snowy, but we were packed for it, gloves, scarves, hats, umbrella-we were going to enjoy it one way or another. (Yeah, we weren't excited one bit).

It was totally awesome to go to the Zoo so early!! It was like we owned the zoo! No lines, or crowds, the animals were all super active, most of them were getting their breakfast or brunch-and just being so cute and interactive.

Momma Elephant
Heidi Anne's favorite animal was the Elephant. We just sat there for a good 10 minutes as she watched the elephants play with sticks. The baby elephant is super cute! Her other favorite were the Rino-Nose. She now wants an Elephant for her birthday...OR...a Rino-Nose. (Glad she's giving us options.)
We saw so many monkeys, which she just adored! She kept asking if her Aunt Sarah was coming, (last time Sarah visited her they played a game where there were monkeys after them)-so every time she saw a monkey she would ask, "Nana, Sarah coming?"

She loved the tigers and the other big cats. One tiger just growled, another came right up to the glass by Heidi Anne, and looked like she was petting him. She loved her tigers and the other Big kitties. We also saw the wolves play tag, which she got a good laugh at.

It's Dead
One of her last favorite spots of the trip was the small animal exhibit. Here we saw the Crocodiles, they were sleeping, but Heidi Anne firmly announced-"He's Dead"-and just moved on. We saw several R.O.U.S's (Rodents of Unusual Size), snakes, and beautiful birds. Which Heidi Anne just loved.

Heidi Being a Funny Bunny

All in All it was a really fun trip to the Zoo-and we saw it all in less then 2 hours. SO going first thing in the morning is the way to go. I do wish the weather was slightly better, because there are soo many fun little parks there too Heidi Anne would have loved to play on. However, we were prepared for it, and it made it so we had to zoo pretty much all to ourselves-which was soo awesome!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

--Need Help--Project Small Garden

Sooo I need help and Advise:
I would like to do a little garden this spring / summer. However, I don't have much space, roughly 8 feet long and maybe 3 feet wide-max (see very little). Furthermore, I'm not sure what would really grow very well here in the valley, and my little space gets almost 100% direct sun. 
So I am in dire need of suggestions, ideas, advise, websites, blogs, tips, and so on. Here is what I have so far. I must warn you, it's not much.
Our "Yard"-Told you it wasn't much. ^o^
I was thinking of growing onions, carrots, some lettuces, and maybe peas or beans (since I have a little fence I think I could make a trellis). However, I am not sure what types of these veggies would be best (since there are so many varieties of onions, carrots, ect). If you know of better plants-feel free to share. <(^.^)>

*Side Note-I am trying to stay away from herbs-I ALWAYS kill them and things that get big or tall or super viney (no watermelons)

Types of Gardening:
I have heard there is Window box gardening, SQFT gardening. So here is the space I have, again-I have very little space, in an HOA-so I can't just dig up where I want and start planting, and no natural soil either. Heidi Anne plays in the grassy sections-so I was thinking of taking over some of the concrete part.
What type of method do you think would work? Or are there other options?  
The Concrete Part
Oh, I almost forgot-I want Heidi Anne to have her own little flowers to tend to as well. What are some good flowers for a toddler that will keep blooming throughout the summer for her? So I can help get her interested in Gardening. I was thinking Morning Glories-I think they bloom all season and require very little care, right?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

One of my favorite times of the day is going to pick up Heidi Anne from Suesue's and heading back home.  Now that the weather is getting nice again we sometimes go on "Adventures" and stop by a park on the way home and go play for a little bit.
No matter what, Heidi Anne always does the funniest things. So this time I was ready for her.
"I don't like this song"
I brought my camera as she covered her ears and said "I don't like it!" as a song came on the radio.
I also learned that she likes to stick her tongue out at me when she knows I can't see her.  I ask what she's doing and she sweetly says, "Oh....Nothing," and sweetly smiles at me. (I will forever have my doubts now......)
She thinks Momma Can't see her
Playing Innocent--as I ask "Heidi Anne, What are you up to"
"Oh, Nothing...."
Normally our drive home is filled with her telling us about her day. Pointing out different colors, wanting to talk with us about whatever it is we're talking about. My favorite is when she starts singing. She knows a fair amount of songs and isn't half bad for only being 2 1/2. 

Most of the drive is pretty much filled with all three of us laughing. Or us shaking our heads in confusion-we're not always sure what she's talking about but she gets very animated and into her stories. So I watch her to see how we're supposed to respond. (Believe me, you do not want to giggle when she is really telling a tragic story about how someone took her baby doll before nap-or seem like your ignoring her-it hurts her feelings).
Yeap, it starts at a very young age.

Singing "Baby Bumble Bee"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Horchata is NOT

Spanish For Napkins. I learned this valuable lesson first hand on Saturday when we went to Costa Vida for dinner. Heidi Anne had gotten all messy and I went to look for napkins. I couldn't find any right away-but I did find a nice dispenser and it read Horchata.  "Ah," I thought to myself, "I bet that is Spanish for napkins:" So I pressed on the dispenser and looked at Heidi Anne to say "Momma's getting napkins". 
Momma was close....
I was shocked when juice like stuff poured out everywhere. I did find some napkins, they were on the sides of the fountain drinks (with Napkins written in plain English I might add). I couldn't stop laughing at myself. I told Char, "Well, Horchata is NOT Spanish for napkins!" 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Lighthouse

Rebekah-The Lighthouse
I am a lighthouse, worn by the weather and the waves.
I keep my lamp lit, to warn the sailors on their way. 
There is a song by Nickelcreek called "The Lighthouse Tale" This song reminds me of my sister Rebekah. For my family she's our Lighthouse and Anchor. I don't know how she does it, but she is there for all of her siblings and fills us all in what the others are doing.
So I thought I would take a sec to show off my siblings and the super cute neices and newphews. My sisters' family, just like ours live for our kids. So almost all pictures will have our kids in them. But that's how a family should be. 

Rebekah, Rhett, Rekailah (at 2), and Rykken ( 6 months)
The Cram Fam!
Rhett and Rebekah are like Char and I, they are High school sweethearts. Rebekah and I talk at least once a week-if I don't, she'll call me. We normally talk more then that, every other day or so. If I'm on the phone, Heidi Anne says "That Bekah? I talk to Kailah??" She never believes me when it's not Rebekah. Which is pretty funny. Heidi Anne loves to talk to Kailah on the phone, she even play calls Kailah.
We try to do fun little actives with the kids together, or sometimes we just stop by and visit when we're in the area. I don't think there is anything more fun then watching the three kids run back and forth playing together (sometimes we play with them too) and the 4 of us are just talking. Time just seems to fly away from us in there house-like a time warp.
Again she's the Lighthouse and Anchor, she's like this not just for me, but for my other brother and sister as well. She knows where everyone is, up to, sick, healthy, up, down, she's got tabs on all of us and fills me in and how everyone is doing. Which is great since I am like 2 hours away.

Maleia now 17, (She's 16 here) babysitting for Rebekah
Maleia is the baby girl is the family. She's now 17. I can't believe she's almost grown up. Here she is playing with Kailah and Rykken. You know the saying "Matching to the beat of a different drum?"
Well, she makes her own drum to beat to.
We were super close as kids, but then when they get to be like 10 they find out this big secret about me, I am sort of nerdy and boring.  10 and under I am sooo cool-after that-Bekah rocks.
So since 10-Bekah rocks. :)  Maleia used to do cheer, heavens that girl had talent like you wouldn't believe!! Super sweet and just all around a good girl, just don't cross her. <(^.^)>

Braedin at 12 (now 13) with Rebekah, Kailah,
 Braedin is the baby of the family. He's just turned 13. Guess not so baby any more. He loves being an Uncle to 3 little babies. He once said its like being a big brother, but then you get to send them home. (Grandparent mentality already).
He's into wrestling now and just being a teen boy.
(Again he's over 10-so Bekah rocks.)
But hey, we made mean paper maches and cute rock pets when he was little.

Melissa, Char, Heidi Anne (Age 2)

Us-Well You know us.
Your reading my blog. ^o^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Story Time

It's become a standard at night. She just has to be read to by Momma. Normally it is right after she gets on her night clothes, she then gets both of our blankets and drags them into her room, gets a pile of books, and comes over to me in the sweetest voice says "Momma read??"
So she then decides that Char can go play on the WiiFit (since he's been such a good Daddy), and off the two of us go and read together for at least 30 minutes. It varies on what type of book selection she picked out for us that night.  

What do we read? She loves Fly Guy, Cow Loves Cookies! The whole if you give a Mouse a Cookie books, any Dr Seuss 
HI Kitty
(I think we have them all almost). Now I am on the hunt for Skippy Jon Jones. She thinks Skippy is Hi Kitty's Brother. And more of Fly Guy and books by Cow Likes Cookies author, and the Dick and Jane type books.
I love to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom or Cow Loves Cookies or Going on a Bear Hunt, we have little actions to go with the books, and we both might have them memorized.
SkippyJon Jones-Hi Kitty's Long Lost Brother?
We also read a poems or story from books like The Children's Book of Virtues as well. (She doesn't always need pictures, she just likes to watch and listen to me read).
I am always on the hunt for more authors and books as well-since I read the same book 500 times.-You know how that goes.....
But we love our story time, sometimes we'll read in the morning as well if she gets ready quickly.  
 Even better-story time is something Momma does better then Daddy! Finally! I have found my niche! She likes it when I read; maybe it's my voices, actions, or just how I read with her, who knows?
Everything else is still "Don't like it…want Daddy do it." Nevertheless, I rule the story time!