Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Things About Baby

We have found out two new things about Heidi, she loves music and being upside down.
The Upside down is part of her physical therapy for her neck. We have to put her over our knees or a pillow and have her head upside down. She LOVES it, in fact she wiggles to go upside down and then giggles and smiles.
She loves anything with music. We got her an activity set and the teapot plays songs. Anything that plays music or makes sound she loves. That's how we went Christmas shopping and found out that she loved the glowworm and piano, they both play music.
Here she is thinking about flipping backwards

Now she is upside down

Here she is playing with her new actvity centerShe just loves to make the teaspot make musicShe is exhausted and fast asleep


We had a good Thanksgiving, since Char had work we weren't able to go down and visit family. We did our own Thanksgiving. We had turkey (since we didn't have a turkey injector set, we used a medical needle), mashed potatoes, stuffing, and chocolate pudding pie pudding. Heidi had oatmeal cereal.

Our turkey before:
Our turkey after:We also went a little Christmas shopping for Heidi Girl. We got her and KaiKai coordinating Glowworms, a little piano, ring stack, and block sorter set.
Shopping is easy for babies :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

All Gone

Well, I got my hair cut yesterday. Nearly 6 inches. It's about as short as my sister got it when she was 10. It's goes a little past my chin. I didn't mean for it to go that short to began with. I just wanted a inch or two off. But I kept going, "Okay you can make it a little shorter, okay a little more." It looks really good. A little layering, works for me. And now when Heidi Anne plays with my hair she doesn't get as much, or as long.
Maybe now I won't traumatize KaiKai next time I see her.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poor KaiKai

I'm on some medication that makes my hair fall out pretty easily. However, I've been in denial about how bad its gotten. That is until we went and visited our families for a bit a few days ago.
I was holding KaiKai (she's 10 months old) and she was gently running her little hands through my hair and out came a good size lock of hair. She looked at her Dad with a big O on her face.
It was like she was saying "I didn't do it I swear!! I didn't break it! Did I?"
I felt so bad for her. Traumatized her for life, (Well Doc, It all began as a baby, I was playing with my aunts hair. That's the last time I played with someones hair.)
On a side note I think I'll get my hair cut on Saturday. I was thinking shoulder length.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Freak Out

Well Heidi rolled over for the first time today. She freaked out!!
I brought her home during lunch, and went to make her a bottle. While I had my back turned she started screaming bloody murder. I turned around and she had rolled onto her tummy, and she wasn't happy about it one bit.
So I put her on her back and went to finsh making her bottle. Only to have her scream even louder. She was back on her tummy again. She had this face of "Why does this keep happening to me?? HOW on Earth did I get here!!" I'm sure she'll get used to it.
Or not, she just rolled and freaked out again.