Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Growth Spurt - Heidi Anne Style

A few weeks ago (21 days to be exact), Char took Heidi Anne to the doctor because she was stuffy and sneezy. He said give it two to three weeks to make sure it wasn't allergies. While they were there the doctor measured her at 40 inches. He mentioned to Char that she was a little small for her age. Which has been normal for her.

I guess her body heard or just got tired of always being the smallest one around. Within days she was complaining that her legs hurt, her arms were feeling crazy, her knees were getting "stretched out from the insides". "Yeap, she's sick alright. Great imagination though..." I thought to myself. 

Then her clothes started to shrink. First I tried to up-cycle / re-purpose them. Add a ruffle to a shirt here, 1/2 an inch of pretty ribbon trim there. Next time she put it on, it was somehow still an inch to short. "Dang It! The washer machine is busted or breaking down, it's shrinking everyone's clothes ...somehow.... Meh, that's what the Cold-Cold setting is for I guess." 

After 19 days of this, I kind of had it. I was 100% sure she had an infection and it was making her feel achy all over. She always achy and not her normal happy Heidi self. On top of all the earlier issues, she now had a fever, a nasty little cough, and sounded stuffy all the time, which must be making me cranky and thinking the washer is broken. I called and got her a follow up doctor appointment. 

We go in to the appointment, the nurse weighs her, same weight as 21 days ago. The nurse joked and said "I can tell the future, I predict that you are 40 inches." Heidi Anne smiles and lets out a snort (it was her stuffy nose giggle). Kicks off her shoes, stands against the wall, the nurse measures her. Heidi Anne says "Did you get it right?" The nurse looked a little puzzled. She kindly says to Heidi Anne, "Let's try this again, make sure your heels are right against the wall and that you stay on your feet. No tippy toes." Remeasures her again. This time she is a bit perplexed. She grabs another nurse to verify the height. It's right. Heidi Anne was a little over 42 inches. 

Yes, she had a growth spurt and grew 2 inches (5.18 cm for the metric people out there) in less than 21 days. Which means she grew 0.10 of an inch (or 0.24 cms) every single day. I asked the doctor what the average height is for an almost 5 year old, he checked some stats and told me 41 inches. He told Heidi Anne that for the first time ever in her whole life, she was a little taller than average. She seemed to like the sound of that. The doctor suggested that we have her do some morning and night stretches to help her little muscles and bones. Hopefully this will help her with the aches she's been having. 

On the bright side, at least she decided to grow before we got her school clothes bought. That would have been a costly nightmare. She may have some more growing left in her, I'll just measure her once a week to see if it keeps up. Until then I am looking for any good / cute ideas on how to make her clothing last longer since we're on a tight budget. Anything, upcycle, repurpose, hand me ups. If you have any cute pintrest pins, ideas, links, please leave them on the comments section.  Thank-you!!

P.S--Oh, and yes, she did have a sinus infection on top of all that growing.


  1. Try http://groups.freecycle.org/Logan-FranklinFreecycle/posts/all it's the Logan Freecycle group. You can place a "wanted" post for clothes in her size and if people have some you pick it up and it's yours for free. Others post "offers" of items they have to get rid of so you can get clothes that way too, you just have to explain your situation well to be the person they choose to receive it (some people get multiple emails asking for the thing they're offering and choose by who needs it most). I've gotten baby stuff, baby food, a couch and other things this way, and I've given away so much so I didn't have to do a DI run and for things DI doesn't take. It's great!

  2. Wow that is crazy! If she has a lot of dresses she can wear them with leggings/shorts as long shirts. We have little sun dresses that have been around forever. First they were almost floor length and now they are getting to the point where they are almost showing off the girls' diapers.


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