Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Always KNEW Parent / Teacher Conference Would Be Interesting....

For years I have been saying (mostly in jest) "Oh Heaven help that girl's Kindergarten Teacher" Or "I can't wait parent / teacher conference when she's older." Well, we just had our first Parent / Teacher Conference and you could say I was well prepared for the meeting.

I always knew Heidi Anne was a social girl. Apparently, no matter where the teacher moves Heidi, she just makes new friends. She was even moved into a corner and Heidi Anne would either;
1) Just talk louder to her friends
2) Just started talking to herself 
  -Both bugging her teacher. She now whispers when she talks to herself and is working on not disrupting her classmates. But my child who claims "I don't know anyone's name" seems to have sat by nearly every child in her class and made friends. At least she is social and out going. 
 When I would take Heidi on errands with me, I would hum the 1985 Super Mario Brothers' theme songs to pass the time. I would even do the "Tunnel Theme" for waiting on elevators. Guess who hums it when their class lines up? When told to stop humming, she will bop her head side to side, when caught - she will shift her gaze (in tune to the song).  I never knew that one would happen. The things kids pick up on and make their own habits. Ooopppss. 

She is a smart girl, who is hyper, and forgets things - frequently. Which I already knew, so the teacher seemed shocked that I wasn't surprised or offended by her point of view. I told her, "We've known that about her for years. In fact, she came home a few days ago saying "Mommy, I think I got in trouble today." I asked her "Why did you get in trouble?"  "Oh, I was either talking or didn't pay attention. I can't remember. But when I do get in trouble, it's only for those things, so it was one of them."

She is the most empathetic child who can pick up on the smallest of tones / behaviors of others that she always seems to just know when someone is having an off day or needs a friend. Just a very sweet child. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nightmares / EMP

I am pretty sure I am a living EMP. Within days of each other my computer, Wii, and phone all died. Even the toaster died. How on Earth does a toaster die?? So I steal Char's laptop when possible. 
To top it off Heidi Anne has been suffering from horrible nightmares. Her most recent ones have been Ursula from Little Mermaid was been making sand castle dinosaurs which came to life and eat her cat, mommy and daddy. That was one of the many creative nightmares. 
I've been trying to help her re-image her dreams. I tired to have her switch the monsters into My Little Ponies. The ponies then became zombies and couldn't die. She has one great imagination. So I took a different approach. I told her to think of ways to "Zap" the monsters.    
This morning she woke me up, smiling, eager to tell me about her dream."Mommy, there were sand castle dinosaurs, the monsters from Scooby Doo (with their masks still on), and the mean mommy on Tangeled. They were all trying to get me!" I asked her " What happened next? Wait a second, why are you smiling?" 
"Oh, I was really scared. I thought in my head, I wish The Doctor was here. Then I found the sonic screw driver. Only it didn't just make the buzz sound. It blasted all the monsters like Iron Man's hands can do. All the bad guys were gone and I just went and played with my friends."

I think she's a fan of action, sci-fi, and fantasy. I'm not 100% sure so I asked my Magic 8 ball (which has yet to be affected by me, the living EMP: