Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Mother's Day and Something for the Grandmas'

 Heidi Anne's pre-school teacher did a "Spa Day" on Friday for Mother's Day.  The kids made all the mom's a pretty noddle necklaces, they "fanned us", painted our nails, and drew pictures of us. After we had been pampered we had our pictures taken.It was so cute and the kids were SO excited to host their Spa Day. 

Heidi Anne put on a little impromptu ballet show for me and her best friend (and future husband James who's 5).  While their teacher made everyone a Chocolate Banana Shake. She got Italian Ice since I'm lactose intolerant. I thought it was so sweet that she remembered that about me. One of the other kids decided he wanted an Italian Ice as well. His mom asked him "Okay, but what do we say?"  He looked up at the teacher with the sweetest face and asked "Teacher, can you open this for me?"  --Close enough. 

It's A Little Past Mother's Day...But It's the Thought That Counts - Right? 

Char's folks (Grandma Wegener and PopPop) are out on a mission to the Dominican Republic they are unable to get mail. So Heidi Anne colored a picture for them and for Grandma and Grandpa May (as they live far away as well).Apparently, the note says "I love you lots and miss you. I like seeing you on the computer (his folks Skype on Sundays). Here is a picture of me and my picture I made for you. Happy Mother's Day.

This one (the Butterfly) is for Grandma and Grandpa May:  Momma helped me with this one because I got tired and she needed to be kept busy. But I picked the colors and helped. I love you.

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