Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pinterest-The Martha Steward of Our Time

I have come to realize that instead of women comparing themselves to Martha Steward we compare ourselves to "I saw this on Pintrest..." There are times when I feel like that picture. 
Sometimes, I really, really feel like this.
Then there are those other days I am filled with crafty hope and think "Wow, I could make a watering can, or a elephant mask, or pet food cup all out of a milk jug?" 
The most dangerous crafts I have come across are those that look wonderful and contain the words "It's so simple, all you need is to be a stay at home mom, a frame, Hogwarts super glue, a hair from a unicorn, handmade satin flowers, and mother of pearl. Now you have a lovely, magical frame for your vase."
Watching Daddad
Every now and again I find things that I can actually do, mostly they are unicorn hair free projects that can be done in a short amount of time. I found some great ideas for Christmas ornaments  I figured Heidi Anne would have a ball (haha-get it?) decorating the clear ornaments  We found different craft supplies through out the house.
All three of us got to working on our new pretty ornaments.
These pictures do not do it justice. We had Christmas music playing, drinking hot chocolate, filling our ornaments will different items, glitter, paper, paint, ect. Heidi Anne saying "Hey Guys! Look, look at mine, isn't it so pretty?" or "Ohhh, Daddad that is so cute! Momma, you've got to see daddad's!" 
Making Ornaments with Daddad
I honestly feel like the whole Holiday Season just isn't the same if there isn't a child part of your activities  They don't have to be your own kids, they can be your younger siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, family or friends. 
SUCCESS!! Take that Martha! I mean Pintrest!

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