Sunday, November 25, 2012

Heidi Anne's First Nutcracker

On Saturday Heidi Anne and I went to the Nutcracker for the first. time. 
I wanted to make it super special, so I decide we could go to the Tea Party the Ballet hosts. She's been excited all week. Every morning she would count down to how many days were left and every night she'd been jumping on the bed. "In three days we have a tea party and go see pretty dancing!"
Finally, we get to Saturday. I thought for sure the ballet was at 2:00. Nope turned out to be 1:30. On top of that I lost the tickets. I called the theater and made sure the tea party was still from 12:30-1:15. 
Heidi Anne finds the tickets-by magic I swear. 
We get to the ballroom at 12:45. The tea party was over. How do you explain that to a little 4 year old girl? 
She overheard that it was over. She held my hand and said "It's okay Momma, we just go next year." I decided right then that if nothing else we could just sit at one of the empty tables, talk about the ballet, her dance class, and admire the pretty decor. A lady came over to us, I told her the story. She looked at Heidi Anne and decided she wasn't going to disappoint her either. We had our own tea party but we were soon joined by a mom and little girl who was in the same boat. I was very grateful for the host person for letting us 4 have our own celebration.
Afterwards we started to go to our seats. As we headed in, Heidi Anne noticed how a lot of girls were wearing pretty dresses. It was her day and a very easy thing to do. We just sat in the lobby while everyone headed into the theater. It may sound weird but she had so much fun just admiring the outfits.
We went to our seats. Soon the ballet began. She loved it! She saw her instructions, her friend Brition, and other girls from the school on stage, she tried to get their attention and finally she just yelled "HI!". I had to explain how people on the stage can't hear you. I loved being there with her. When the person was doing magic tricks-she would clap in astonishment  When someone acted funny, like Clara being so scared her knees were shaking, she was the first to laugh. When a ballerina did some really hard or pretty moves. She would again clap.
As we watched she told me her plans for the future. Next year she'll be a clown, then the following year a party girl, finally when she is a little older she'll be one of the Russian girls or a rose petal, and then the snow queen. I told her as long as she keeps practicing her ballet then who knows what she'll be or part she'll get in a ballet show. So guess who has doing saute (side to side skips) on our way out to the car? Or who has been standing on nothing but revele (standing on tippy toes) just like the older girls in the performance did? 
Yeap ME!! Haha, everyone knows it was Heidi Anne. 
I think this will be a yearly tradition. 

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