Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Pumpkin Walk, The Carrot Van, and Heidi Anne

15 Kids Waiting to Go on an Adventure
As some may know by now, every October we go to The Pumpkin Walk. The Pumpkin Walk is a tradition here in Logan. The walk is around a park where families, churches, or businesses carve or create a variety of displays. Heidi Anne has gone to the Pumpkin Walk every year since she was born. Really, her first one was when she was 3 months old. 
Thus Begins the Adventure 
So what made this one so special you may wonder? This was my very first school field trip with Heidi Anne. I think this was a very special milestone. My little girl is old enough to go on school field trips now, she's growing up so fast! Just a 2 years ago her Daddad and I had held her while we strolled around the Walk. Now, I can barely keep up with her. 
Everyone Having Fun
Another first for me was I got to be the carpool Mom. While the teachers and moms were planning directions we decided the best way to get there was a caravan.  I couldn't help but laugh when her friend Harley (age 4) asked me "Heidi's Mom, what's a Carrot Van? Why are we going to be Carrots?" So we began our "Carrot Van" with her friends in the back of the car talking, giggling, and making up jokes or stories for each other. 
Zoey, Harley, Heidi Anne
I was reminded as well how honest and to the point kids are. Her friend Harley said "WOW! Your car is Messy, Messy Heidi!! Heidi Anne promptly blamed me for the car-"It's not my job to clean the car, I clean the table." We were the first group to get there, even if I did drive "Like an old lady" (thanks again Harley :-) ). 
Zoey, Harley, Heidi Anne
Our group contained; 13 kids between the ages of 2 to 4, 3 helpers and 2 moms. Roughly 1 adult per 2 or 3 kids. Somehow Heidi Anne, Skylie, and Harley were always 2 displays ahead of everyone else. Can you guess who has ADD?--Squirrel! If anyone is wondering the ADD kids really found--Squirrel!

Heidi Anne made sure everyone we came across knew "That's my Momma. She came to school today to play with me!" She later told her other friends that didn't go on the field trip "Some of the pumpkins were scary, but my Momma was there so they didn't scare me."
Nightmare Before Christmas
I Loved This One
It wasn't all fun times. Heidi Anne learned what most families with 2 or more kids have to deal with; you have to share your Mom. I think that was the biggest shocker. 
Having to leave the Candy Land 
Also, when there are a lot of kids, you can't linger at some of the displays as long as you want.When we finished the trip Heidi started to tear up. When I asked what was wrong she told me, "Daddad missed this and now I miss him!" 
Hungry, Hungry--Oh Look Over There!!
Ahead of the Pack-And Dancing to some Music
I deiced that we can go to the walk again. So the next day we went with Daddad. After that everything was right in the world. 
Wipe Out-On the Daddad Trip
The Pumpkin Walk with Daddad
As I dropped them back off to school I realized how fun it was to be there with her. To see her play with her friends and other kids. I found that there is a thin line between being THAT mom on field trips who always embarrasses her kids, or the mom who is abnormally strict with their kid, or being the mom that lets the kids in her group go hog wild. 
Heidi's Mom-Hurry!! I want to go see the Witch!!
I think I managed to be just a little more strict then the run a muck mom. 

Skylie, Heidi Anne, Harley-Ahead of the Pack-Again

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