Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Missing All the Fun

Kayla and her Daddy-Mud Buddies!!
Heidi Anne is starting to realize that we're missing some fun adventures. Heidi Anne keeps asking me when are we moving? She sees all the fun her cousins have down in Salt Lake County (and into Utah county as well), and she wants to join in the fun.
On Saturday, my Brother in Law ran the Spartan Race . He's been training hard for this 12 mile obstacle race which included running uphill and downhill. He's been so excited for this it rubbed off on my niece   Kayla wanted to run too. Lucky for her, there was a Spartan Kiddie Run. She ran the race, got super muddy (any kids dream come true), and earned her first gold metal!Not bad for a 5 year old.

Oakley, Hadley, and Kayla
All of Heidi Anne's cousins were there. Oakley, Hadley, Kayla, and Rykken were there. (Brekker is barely out of the NICU but Heidi Anne LOVES babies). Anyways the girls went on the Max Zipline, which is 1400 feet high and 1/4 of a mile long. BRAVE Little GIRLS!! 

The next day there was a birthday party for my cousin about 3 hours away. We were sooo excited to go. But some things came up and prevented us from going. Heidi Anne was so sad. So now she asks when are we moving, I don't get to play with my friends anymore and I miss Kayla and Rykken. 
Brekker's HOME!!

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