Monday, July 29, 2013

The Heidi Anne Cooking Show

Heidi Anne loves to help me cook now. She loves to pretend she's the host of a cooking show. It's the Heidi Anne Cooking Show!  

She loves an audience so she will put her dollies on a kitchen chair, and she'll have her dollies watch us cook. She'll ask me in a whisper, "Momma, what's next?" I whisper the next steps to her. She'll talk in her normal tone saying "Everybody, listen." Then she'll recite what I had just told her.
She's a little disappointed when we put things in the oven. She thinks that a dish should be magically cooked and ready to eat as soon as you put it in the oven. Since I can't magically cook things I can pre-measure the ingredients and have them waiting for her in little containers, just like all the real chefs on TV. 
 But her favorite part is getting to sneak bites of her creations and eating it cooked later. This is also why cooking takes nearly twice as long. But we're making memories and having fun. That's the important part. 

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