Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crazy Times....

To say the least life has been a "little" hectic the last few weeks. I've started going back to school (for medical billing and coding), Char's parents have left for 18 months on a religious mission, Char is going back to school, and Heidi is just as Heidi Anne as ever.
        Yeah, only a little insane.
Heidi Anne and I just waiting for Char's folks to get on Skype More Webcam fun.
Somehow throughout all of this madness Heidi Anne has managed to still be Heidi Anne. She loves to put on ballet performances for us.
If we're studying she will go get some books to "read" with us. She reminds me of Gus from Cinderella, a huge stack of books overflowing in her arms, with some of them falling down along the way. It's become a common sight to see a trail of books from her room to the office (hence forth known as the study room).
 Studying Anatomy and Physiology with Momma

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