Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Hero Dinner Adventure

We don't eat out much (due to my weird diet restrictions) but when we do it tends to be at a sandwich place.   Normally for our date night, Char and I go to lunch every few weeks instead. This time we thought it would be fun to bring Heidi Anne with us. 
We picked her up and she wanted to know what's for dinner. We told her we're going out to eat. She replied with "Yeah, I love picnics!" I deiced that's when you know you don't go out to eat very often, much less take Heidi Anne with us.
Our sandwich place of choice was Logan's Heros. Don't let the small size fool you, this joint has some of the BEST subs in the valley. They have got to be one of the yummiest sandwiches you'll ever have!
Heidi Anne was so excited she was jumping up and down when we ordered dinner. She got to choose the booth we sat at. Heidi Anne and I shared a turkey sub - right in half. She almost ate her half of the sub. 
(Char got something with beef or ham-when I can't steal bites of something I tend to not pay attention to what he gets). 
She kept talking to the other people seating around us how good her food was and how much fun she was having at her "Dinner Adventure". I say the trip was a success. Heidi Anne is growing up right before my eyes. One thing I absolutely love is that she still finds adventure in every day to day life. 

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