Friday, February 24, 2012

Kaos in the Kitchen

To say I don't cook much is an understatment. Heidi Anne has proven this time and time again. When she plays house with her friends, she "fires" the boys that play Daddy when they refuse to cook (That's my little Trump!). She is adamant that Daddy cooks and Mommy plays with the babies and helps clean.
I think I scared her to death when I did the cooking a few days ago. As I started to heat the chicken she came running into the kitchen and asked "Momma, does Daddy know you're in HIS kitchen? Does he know you're cooking??"  I said "Yes, he knows, Momma can cook, too." She didn't believe me, she ran up the stairs and told him in a worried voice "Momma's in the kitchen cooking!!" You could almost hear what she really meant "Momma's in the kitchen - STOP her!!"
He told her it was fine and that most mommy's cook and that I can cook as well. She didn't believe him. She came downstairs and watched me like a hawk as I was making dinner. When it was ready Char came down. The first thing she said to him in a very brokenhearted voice with a little pout on her face was "I'm sorry Daddy, Momma made dinner". You would think I had killed the chicken right in front of her with the way she looked.
Needless to say, she was very reluctant to eat what I had made. When she finally did, she loved it. She said, "Oh, I love the rice, and the chicken, and I LOVE the dip." I didn't have the heart to tell her that the beloved dip was store bought ranch. I want her to think I can at least make something she "LOVES".

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