Saturday, December 31, 2011

Santa Forgot me!!!

On Christmas Eve we told Heidi Anne to go to sleep so Santa could come. She looked at us with the biggest, saddest puppy dog eyes ever. She then said "Momma, Daddy, Santa forgot about me." We asked why she thought that. She replied "Today was Christmas, we went and saw Grandma Lori, K-Bug, Nana, and we opened presents. Today was Christmas and Santa forgot about me. Tell Santa I sorry. I will be a better girl next year and then I will get my bike." 
Not Forgotten
Can you say heartbreaking? We couldn't convince her that Christmas was the next day. On Christmas morning we tried to get her to go downstairs to the tree. Again she professed "Christmas was the other day, no things for Heidi Anne."  (Insert the saddest pout a three year old can have). We said, "Well, did you want breakfast?" That got her to head down stairs.
Santa Came!
As soon as she saw her bike she squealed "SANTA CAME,  Santa Remembered ME!!!  Momma, Daddy Santa came back and he visited me!" She had asked Santa for a "Big Girl" bike, a pink stroller for her Ana Rose, and an iPad. Santa helped by saying they don't make iPads at his workshop, only toys. 
Three cheers for Santa!
My Bike!!
Ana Rose, We got a Pink Stroller
Back to the Bike!
I must tell you that many of her presents wouldn't have been there if it weren't for those great and caring people who helped to make our little girls' Christmas possible. Due to so many medical bills and cost, we weren't going to be able to afford a bike for her, if much else. 
Since we didn't have much we got her some of her favorite food treats. For example, fun shaped maccaroni, or other such "fun food". We were a little worried we may have the "Jimmy Kimmel' Terriable Presents" incident, which you can see on Youtube. Anyways, she LOVED it.
Yeah! Pasta!
I got Special Pasta!!
In the Morning I'm Making Waffels!
I have this habit of wrapping up presents in fun and sometimes difficult ways. I learned this from Char, who likes to use newspaper and duct tape. On top of that we reuse boxes to make wrapping easier, so a word of warning-whatever the box says it is-doesn't necessarily mean that's what is really in the box.
Daddy Shoes??
(Giggles) Nope-It's a lot of books
Read them to me Now. Please.
We would ask Heidi Anne what she thought the gifts were as she opened them. She would make guesses and then be surprised. My favotite response from her was this little converstation:
Daddy: Heidi Anne, what do you think it is??
Heidi  : Well, I know it's NOT a Bike.....See my bike is over there.
See-Bike Over There
It's Not a Bike.....

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....
Duct Tape-Soo Much Fun!
Oh Ana, Look at your chair!
She adored every gift and wanted to share most of her presents with her Ana Rose.

Ballerina Dolls form Aunt Freda
This year we got her lots of games and puzzles. She's always enjoyed puzzles but she loves to play games now as well. Some of them maybe a little to old for her, when we play those games she gets to be on either Momma or Daddy's team, this way we can teacher the game but still have it move smoothly. We've played a game together everyday since she got them. Her favorite right now is "Guess Who?"
Oh No! Cooties!! Oh, wait-it's the game. That was close!


Happy as a Kid at Christmas