Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heidi Anne's First Big Tree

Its a Tree!!

We've got our tree all up and decorated! This is our first year with a big tree. We bought it last year at the end of Christmas for next to nothing. I didn't think Heidi Anne would know what we were about to do-since normally we have a tiny tree (which it on my desk at work this year). 
Oh MY Christmas
She surprised us when we started to put up the tree she cheered "Christmas!! We're putting up Christmas!! I love Christmas!!"  She couldn't wait to help decorate the tree. 
Decorating the Tree
Being Very Careful
Then we turned on the Christmas lights. Oh my goodness! She LOVED it. She now calls it "Turning on Christmas!" 

Ahhh!! Lights!!

Blue lights, green lights, pink lights
Back to Ornaments! 

It took some time to decorate-but we had a blast! I love that she is Loving the Whole Christmas Season. There isn't a single thing under the tree and she already thinks it's wonderful.

Showing off her Christmas Tree with Daddy!

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