Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Then and Now

Well today is Heidi Anne's 1st birthday. It just amazes me how fast a tiny NICU baby has become this giggly, happy, always on the move charmer. It has been so fun to see her grow up, crawling, signing, "reading", standing, trying to walk, eating, chasing the cats. It is a miracle all a baby can learn and do in 365 days!
Here she is in the NICU 7/7/08
Here she is standing up and playing on 7/7/09Her daycare got her a cute gift for her birthday, it was the Playskool Stack & Nest Barrles, which she loves. We got her the Little People 50th Anniversy Play School, which she seems to like. (Its not quite like the one we had as kids, were the one wall came down and it was a mini chalk board, but it's great for her ;).

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  1. What a sweet little girl. I'm so glad she is doing good now. I couldn't imagine having problems with a brand new baby. You are a very strong person.


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